It Takes Us All

There once was a young child. A cute innocent one at that. It wandered into the dark woods to find their friend while playing hide and seek.

The child felt chills down its spine something felt off in that dark place.

It wandered around for hours looking for its friend, it was now nightfall. However the child continued to wander.

It grew colder… as it continued on… still no sign of his friend. While searching the child felt a strong stench wash upon it senses.

The child followed the smell, it led to a sticky moist trail. It followed the metallic smelling trail. The smell alone made the child puke in its mouth a bit.

The trail led to a horrifying sight. The child’s friend was torn to shreds. Blood oozed and dripped from every crack and crevice of the forest floor.

The child immediately puked up the meal it had eaten earlier. It stared mortified. He took in every small detail of the bloody mass of what once was its friend.

The head severed and thrown aside. The lungs ripped out and what seems to have been thrown near a rock. Not to mention the intestines were strewn across the forest floor in clumps and circles.

Of what body parts were recognizable, the arms and legs were covered in scratches which actually what seemed more like gashes.

What was once eyes were ripped from the sockets and mutated to a clump of gel and veins.

But the strangest thing was how the heart seemed to continue beating, his friend was long gone by now but some how the heart continued to pump blood.

Blood seaped and gushed from the body.

The strong stench of metallic and death filled the air.

The child vomited  everywhere.

The child started to sob uncontrollably. It stared down at its friend in shock and puked more.

Crack! A branch cracked.

There were footsteps from behind. The child stopped crying and went dead silent. It froze.
The footsteps got closer and then ceased. The child started to breath heavily and uncontrollably as it looked into the gaping darkness which had eyes in the darkness, glowing red and yellow eyes.

“Awww… it’s scared!” a distorted demonic voice exclaimed.

The looming figure emerged from the darkness revealing to be a distorted wolf a very large one at that.

“Would you by any chance have any snacks with you?” the creature asked cackling sadistically.

The child remained silent with fear. The child shivered.

“Because your friend… made a wonderful meal by the way!”

It laughed hysterically in an echo-y way. It feeling was crazed and ominous.

“…little red… little red… tsk… tsk… You should never leave your home without others, perhaps older than you… tsk… tsk…”

The wolf moved toward the child. The child was in a frozen shocked state. It couldn’t even attempt to flee if it tried.

“Why so… SCARED!” The wolf boomed. The child jumped and began to sob again.

The wolf laughed even harder and in a sadistic manner.

“Little red shouldn’t set off alone you know! Remember surely you know the story!” The wolf cackled.

The child couldn’t stop crying, at this point it didn’t even know how much it had cried.

By the time it had realized it soon figured out that there were no tears left to shed. Every regret, every horrible memory, all of the emptiness inside.

All the oppressed anger all of it. All of it was shed from the tears and sadness. There were no more tears left, yet all of those terrible feelings.

Still remained…

There was a midst of silence. The wolf looked madly at the child never taking an eye off of it.
Eventually the wolf pounced on the child and torched it to the fullest of extents.

First it cut the childs skin. Claws sinking deep into the soft sensitive flesh of a child. Cutting marks into the soft sweet flesh of the innocent.

The child screamed in pain. The wolf however continued.

The small cute child’s hair was pulled out until the scalp was ripped off the child’s head.

Blood had gotten even more everywhere. Then the wolf went for the eyes.

He slowly sunk his claws into its eyeballs and tore them out.

“As you can see I just love playing with my food!”

“Oh wait you can’t! Can you?!” The wolf exclaimed as he pooped the eyes into his mouth.

“AHHAHAHHHAH!” The child screamed bloody murder.

The wolf them moved on and cut off the child’s fingers and toes.

When he finished with that he moved on by tearing off the limbs one by one.

And progressing after that strewing the intestines like that of the previous child before.

The child on the brink of death screamed loudly, an ear-piercing scream.

“That’s right you SHOULD BE SCARED OF ME!” the wolf said in an insane voice.

Clearly the child is long gone by the point of the limbs being ripped off.

The wolf continued to rip out the child’s guts anyways. Like the other child the heart was still beating, meaning it’s dead but can still the feel pain.

The wolf made its way to the heart. He grasped it but not hard enough to crush it.

“Little red… red… little red… will leave red everywhere… a little trail of red…” the wolf snickered as it crushed the heart in its hand.

The red crimson painted everywhere, across the trees, strewn across the ground. The moonlight night glistened upon the blood stained leaves.