It Felt So Real

Have you ever felt like someone was chasing you but you couldn’t run or walk?

I was walking down the street from my school and it felt like someone was running after me. I couldn’t move or breathe. I was trying to run but my body wouldn’t move. I slowly turned around and a tall dark figure was approaching me as I was slowly walking but trying to run. Everything went black and all I could hear was screams.

A light turned on and I woke up in the middle of an all white room. I saw all of my friends and family dead in a circle around me. I’m in shock, not realising what I am looking at. I was paralysed with fear. A voice started to mumble, “This is your fault.” The voice was altered so it was unrecognizable. I screamed, “What do you want with me?” as I’m crying. I screams, “You’re a monster!”

It goes dark again. I hear the voice say, “It’s your turn.” The lights turn on. I’m in the middle of the street screaming, “Help! Help me!” and trying to run. No one could hear me or see me and it was hard to run. The tall shadowy figure appeared behind me. His knife ran along my spine. I’m crying gasping for air begging him not to do it. He stabs my spine.

I woke up screaming and crying. It was a nightmare. I didn’t tell anyone about what I dreamed about because I know they would just said I was making it up. It all happened. The pain I felt, I was feeling the blade going along my back.

Do you have these nightmares?


    Nope,bad pasta.