I’m Not Safe Anymore – Part 1

On July 10th 2016, my life became unsafe and now I’m sitting down blogging about it. Okay I’ll tell you what’s going on. For all you people wandering who I am, my name is Eddie and I live in Colorado. So let’s just start a day before the first time I saw him. First, these nights, I was staying alone at my house because my wife and kids were on vacation and I told them I’d watch the house to make sure nobody stole anything.

12:55 AM 7/9/16

I was woken to the sound of moving outside. Not knowing what to do, I just laid on my couch, but when I started to fall asleep again, my outside security camera alarm went off, which means that something was outside. Scared and knowing that something could be outside, I slowly and quietly made my way through the house. My house is old and creaky, I knew that I wasn’t going to be too quiet. I reached my TV, turned it on and switched to my camera feed. Once I got to the camera that was motion detected, all I saw was a figure in the distance running away. I was terrified and I couldn’t sleep for hours. Finally, I fell asleep at 4:23 am and woke up late in the day. I was wanting to check the auto video it makes when motion is detected, but I told myself that maybe a bad idea. For about most of the day, I sat on my phone looking for any other sightings on my town, but there was nothing. I decided to go out and play some games to calm myself down and for the most part, it worked, but I still couldn’t get that night out of my head. Finally night came and I quickly took a shower before going to my bed on my pajamas (because I still wear them) and then I set up the security camera system in my bedroom. After an hour going by, I take some sleep in pills hoping to sleep like a rock and wake up the next day with full sleep, but as expected, that didn’t happen.

3:21 AM 7/10/16

I woke up in a fright when I heard the security camera alarm goes off once again. Shocked and not knowing what to do, I used my TV remote to see the camera. I saw once again a figure running in the distance. This time, I called 911 and said to come to my house in the morning. I didn’t sleep well once again.

10:38 AM 7/10/16

I woke up in terror because I had a nightmare. It was about a person walking into my room. I couldn’t move. The person was wearing a clown mask and had a knife in their hand. They got close to me, raising the knife above my head, and just when they were stabbing it into me, I awoke. I sat in my bed, calming myself, then to notice that it was almost afternoon. I called 911 again and told them that this person keeps visiting my house. They said they’d check the camera footage, but I said I would be with them. I got out to get my phone and looked for the security app. Finally I found it and tapped on it. We looked through it, but we couldn’t find any videos. I checked and found a virus from a game that my kids installed deleting the footage. My eyes opened wide in disbelief and the men beside me told me that there’s no evidence to support your story so they can’t do anything about it.

4:16 AM

I looked into my mailbox because I get mail at this time and if I miss a month without getting the mail, they take it back. I get an old soggy box with my address labeled on it. I got inside and got my knife to open it. I didn’t know what to expect so I opened it quickly. I gagged in disgust to see a gutted cat and mouse in the box. How did they get to mail this? Who were these people? I found a note in the box covered in blood. It read, “I love your front porch. I thought I’d get some pests out of the ways. See ya later, Mr Jingles.”