Identical Twin

Kine is the younger sister of her older twin brother, Jacob. Kine is the opposite of Jacob; they may look the same, but their personalities are different. Jacob is the oldest, so people are always comparing Kine to her older brother, Jacob. Jacob’s is the popular and most respected twin of out of the both of them; you would expect Jacob to have the pressure of them being compared, but you’re wrong. Since the day of birth, Kine has always been compared to her older and popular brother; every day Kine would be judged for doing something that’s nothing like her brother. Kine is the Dark version of Jacob; she’s the Non-Athletic, not popular, version of Jacob. The Mother and Father of Kine and Jacob were the ones pressuring her of all of the Adults and Teenagers; she’s knows.

“Why aren’t you, like your brother, Kine?”

“Your brother is, so popular and outgoing; why aren’t you Kine?”

“You should be more, like your brother, Kine?”

The stress of her brother would drive her to mental breakdowns, she grew to hate her Brother. She would get crazier, as days go past she would wish death upon her brother, she would stay in her room, by herself and daydream of killing her brother and her parents and think.

“All my pain could go away; if I just kill them All.”

Her parent noticed the changing behavior of their daughter, and decide to take her to a therapist. She would tell the therapist; that her brother and parents were the cause of her disturbing behavior. The therapist would listen, but never do anything about it; he would say “he’ll help her”, but never did anything.

As days went past her parents would still compare and argue with about, how her brother; would act.
She cried herself to sleep wanting someone to come, and save her; until one night Kine just came into her from school; she didn’t feel good, as if she was poisoned or something. The dizziness and the headache were only getting worse, as minutes went by; Kine laid in her bed to take a nap hoping to sleep the pain away. She had dreams of an awfully tall figure, she couldn’t see the face of the figure because it seemed that a white blur would cover the face at least that’s what it seemed looked like to her. She would just see the monster in her sleep but she would start seeing the monster everywhere she would go.

She went to a doctor, telling him that she was getting sicker, as the days went by she would start coughing blood or having random cold sweats; she explained to him her sickness would be as if she was dying the doctor would ask if she knew where she could have been getting sick from, she answered she didn’t know, but she had a good feeling that it would come from the monster following… the one without a face.

Every day was her getting worse, she even sees things that weren’t there, like dark shadows with red eyes in her room or clouds having faces in them and the tall faceless figure. She would tell her parents, and her parents told the therapist, he described they were illusions, but it doesn’t matter what the therapist thought; she dropped her therapist, as she started to like her illusions.

Her brother would notice and even ask if she was okay, but she would yell at him to go away or she’ll kill him. He started to yell at her because he just wanted to help, that argument didn’t last long, but that argument was definitely the last one they had.

That night Kine stayed up, all night because of the headaches, and pain she would cry and yell in her pillow trying to control her pain, but nothing stopped it. She started hearing voices; they would tell her the only to get rid of the pain was to kill the people who cause the pain in the first place. She grabbed the box cutter in her father’s tool drawer; she watched them sleep for a long time until she threw the first stab in her mother and into her father, but the last they heard from their daughter was something they couldn’t make out because of the struggle. Her brother heard the noises coming from his parent’s room when he went to go check he got a surprise of his mother, and father is dead.

He ran to go and get someone but was stopped by his crazy homicidal twin sister; they rustled for a bit, but Kine with her Adrenaline strength was no match for Jacob; she stabbed her twin brother over and over again, but the last thing he heard her sister says was…

“Am I Good Enough Now?”

After that Kine was never seen again.

Kids will still tell the story of Kine to each other. They would call her “Twin killer” or “Psycho Kine”, but her favorite of all of them was “Identical Kine”.

(PS: The punctuation may or may not be good I just like writing stories, Thank you for and bye)

  • Ess.Tennant

    This sucked.

  • JaneTheReader

    This could’ve been a good story, if more time was taken to correct the many grammatical errors and improve the story itself. I know you seem to enjoy writing stories, so just keep practicing.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Okay, like… What was with the writing? The dialogue was just crazy talk. The random placed commas and horribly misused semicolons made everything just sound ridiculous. And there were many verb tense agreement errors as well. Seriously, proofread your work.