I Told You So

Kuro woke up early in the morning. He yawned and stretched his limbs, as he got up from his bed. He checked the time, sighing through his nose as he walked to his bathroom.

Today is a school day, he thought as he brushed his teeth. You may be asking, what’s so wrong with him? Well, if you looked closely, the young male had bruises all over his pale skin. His eyes were dull and his mouth was stitched shut… yeah, you heard me right.

This young teen wasn’t born in the best family. His parents ignored him, and his older sister always came home drunk and beat the poor thing. What did he do to deserve this, you may ask. Well, nothing. No one did anything, not his parents, not his sister, but him. This young boy has Physchological Mental Disorder, and he sees… other things. He is mute, so his mind made him see stitches. The bruises he caused himself but always thinks it’s his sister doing it.

The only thing real is his dull eyes. They weren’t always dull though, no no no… but after his nana died, all hell rained upon him. You see, he was very close to his nana, since she was really the only one that took care on him. He started seeing things through the corners of his eyes, weird monsters of sorts. He is your typical crazy person. He sees illusions which his mind has made… and he didn’t just wake up, no. He just walked out of a house with a blood all over his clothing and hands, as well as his teeth.

Better watch out kids, wherever you are, he can get you.