I knEw It

Not long ago, a rather average woman resolved to change, so she left her family to reside in a small town, somewhere north of Brooksdale. She rented a tiny, ancient house, which looked out onto Eerie Lake. One day, she asked the owners if she could fish, as it was a fairly nice day for it, with a bundle of ominous, black clouds threatening a storm. They immediatly rejected her request, explaining that nothing worth catching would be occupying the water. She decided, even if she couldn’t fish, she could at least spend some time resting by the lake. She made her way to the bank, and peered into the fog suspended above the lake. She somehow felt- relief ? Ripples covered the surface of the water, and they showed pictures and outlines of all kinds of mysterious creatures and objects unknown to this world. As interested as she was in the beauty of those images, she was more curious about what was creating them. She felt a need to reach in and grab the creature moving so fluently throughout the water.

She couldn’t see past the ripples. She couldn’t comprehend the pictures it showed her, either, and she longed to know why they slowly grew increasingly morbid. It sensed she was starting to grow fond of its work, so it made a plan to take shape. One day, as she made her way towards the water with one of her small snacks, she saw a tall, dark figure lurking on her rock. At first she believed it was just a regular person, with a hoodie and a backpack overflowing with various items. But as she grew closer, she suddenly saw it too clearly, and she shrieked in disgust. It had three heads, each with faces which were contantly changing. Their expressions were never the same, and the creature seemed to be in continual motion, with eight, thin, spindly legs growing out of a deformed lump on its back. She watched each horrid face turn towards her with a dry, cracking sound, and for once, they made the same, overjoyed expression. She didn’t know what to do, so she stood perfectly still as she felt her skin grow cold and her stomach lurch forward. The thing waved its legs around, as if it were trying to tell her goodbye, and crawled back into the water, each shuddering step producing a sound like breaking bones.

She stood in shock, and after a while her shock turned to awe. She’d heard stories about the lake being filled with dead spirits of those unfortunate enough to have died amist its waters, that’s why she came to this boring, lonely town. The owners weren’t much fun, they didn’t fight back when she pulled out her knives, they just cried. Although she cooked them perfectly, they weren’t as appetizing as she hoped, but she didn’t have many options. She wanted something exciting, so she waded in the water, and the thing realized, she was just p l a y i n g with it. It reached out and pulled her under the surface, where dozens of corpses laid. She cackled, gulping water into her burning lungs, as she felt herself fuse into the fourth face. She felt thrilled. For the first time she could see it. The pictures, her family, everyone and anything. She could see everything. She saw what the water saw, and after a few years, she watched a new family move into her house. She observed two of the young kids as they played outside, on the edge of the lake, and she was hungry.

  • ShYgUy

    A bit confused by this story.. Not sure of the ending as well. I feel you were heading in a direction, but then couldn’t quite pull off what you were going for.

    • MissMe123

      Agreed… I feel as if we were left hanging…

  • Would make a great horror movie

    • MissMe123

      If done correctly, then yes

  • Maxwellkc

    I liked it and I get the ending! Good job!

  • MadisonAshley

    I’m confused on the ending? Is she turning into a monster or something? Is she gonna eat the kids😂 idk