Human is a Fascinating Creatures

I used to believe that all humans were created equally. I was alone one night watching TV, after switching channels for the millionth time I decided to turn my laptop on and browse the wonders of the Web.

You see, this was my first mistake.

I’m a huge fan of creepypasta’s and anything scary, on that same night I came across a video telling true stories about the deep Web. Being a huge fan of horror I obviously already knew about the infamous deeper part of the Internet, where you can witness child p*********y and learn how to cook the perfect human. I wasn’t into anything like this, but the sheer mystery of the deep Web intrigued me so I decided to look up YouTube videos and websites on how to visit it.

This sadly was my 2nd mistake of the night.

After finally finding a video that turned out to be real I was in, I had cracked the deep Web and no surprise the stories were all true. There were websites that had black market sales, racist chat sites, child p**n, but out of all of these there was one website that got me intrigued ‘snuff.jpg’. I entered the website and was greeted by a message board, I still can remember some of the things I read that night I mean I had seen films like Saw and Hostel but the stuff these people were talking about was on a whole other level.

A message popped up it read Hey Newbie, I immediately thought he was talking to me but how did he know I was here. Would you like to see something neat? He asked, my curiosity got the better of me and after a moment of thinking I replied Sure thinking what could he post that was that bad like I’ve said I’m used to seeing torture scenes in horror movies. I couldn’t prepare myself for what I was about to see, it was a picture of a women lying on the floor, her face was covered in red, her hair had been pulled out and her skin pulled off.

It took me a moment to realize, this women was staring right at me I understood it was just a picture but.. I paused to catch my breath. Oh God this women somehow was still alive, her body was mutilated beyond recognition, grotesque, I could see in her eyes that she was still very much alive. My first thought should have been to dial 911 and call the police, except I replied. How could you, you monster I screamed to myself. Within seconds he replied, do you want me to finish her? I suddenly wrote NO please don’t and clicked send. Your wish is my command he replied, out of nowhere a video came on my screen it was of the women, I could hear her breathing she was definitely still alive.

A hammer came thrusting to the side of the video splitting the women’s legs open, I’ll never forget the screaming she made through my laptop speakers. You b*****d!!!! I quickly replied you said you wouldn’t hurt her, No I didn’t he replied I simply gave you a choice and you chose to keep her alive and I thank you for that. Are you enjoying the show he said to the camera, it took me a few minutes to realise but there people watching this the viewer count was in the top right corner and every second it was rising, I couldn’t believe people were watching this. But then again so was I, I thought. It had been 20 minutes since the video started and not once did I attempt to stop watching and turn my laptop off, maybe I was as bad as all the others I asked myself.

I was stood in a gaze asking myself this question for over ten minutes, I didn’t even realize that the broadcast had ended. Was the women dead or perhaps she made it out alive, these were questions at the time I didn’t even consider asking myself. Except, all I kept thinking about was how much I enjoyed it

From this day my views on mankind changed, I started to believe everyone was evil in their own way, some would disobey laws others would cause fights, me? All I needed was a webcam.

  • ∆_R.H_∆

    Gotta say this story is good.

  • Purple Guy

    It really suns uo the human condition and why the deep web is called the freakin DEEP WEB

  • Purple Guy

    Sums up sorry autocorrect

  • Sammantha Ellyn Soto

    So basically he is going to make snuff. Good story

  • Điabolic

    Pretty bad tbh. It goes from “lets get on my laptop” to “I CRACKED THE DEEP WEB” honestly to write stories like this you need a lot of background info and knowledge. Which you have none about the internet even it seems.

    To be a good writer. Do a lot of homework. I wont dare write a story without something J can actually put into it that interesting. And that takes some research. This story? Its petty boring tbh.

  • Trisha

    It was a pretty good story but I was expecting a lot more.

  • Simon

    Yeah, that’s definitely how it works…

  • Brandon Barrett

    Just to throw this out there the name really bothers me I think it would be more grammatically correct to be humans are fascinating creatures. But other than that the story it’s self was horrible.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    This is basically just a copy of “Why I Quit Hacking” except you have bad grammar and no knowledge of the Deep Web. First, proofread your stories, man. You often put commas in the place of periods and vice versa. You don’t use quotations for dialogue, and there are many run-on sentences. Try to be a little more original, and edit your work, man.