HorrorWolf’s Creepypasta Compilation

“Some monsters are under our beds, well mine, he’s in my head, and his name is HorrorWolf.”


Sippy Cup

There was a family in Belleview, Missouri, near St. Louis that I had to go see after there was a 911 call. The male and female were in a double-suicide, dead in their house. The more horrific part was the fact that they had a child, it was in a cradle drinking out of a sippy cup filled with red liquid. That day I turned in my badge and gun after what I saw next. The liquid was blood from one of the dozens of children corpses in the couple’s basement.

The Closet

I moved back into my parents house after my girlfriend had kicked me out. I wasn’t high, drunk, or intoxicated in any way the night that this event happened. I was back in my old room when I heard a door close, at first I thought nothing of it, I had thought one of my parents had woken up to go piss or something. But out of the darkness I saw that the noise had came from the bedroom closet, and something was looking at me, from the foot of my bed.

Am I Awake?

I am sitting here, reading some creepy unsolved mysteries off an instagram account, until I heard something, sounded like one of my cousin’s pit bulls, let me tell you I babysit my cousins on some week days of the summer. After I heard the footsteps, I slowly look up to see one of the two pit bulls, get up, and walk to the other side of the room, away from one of the sliding doors. Once he started walking, I heard the blinds, of the same glass door flutter, as if someone walked through it, I looked and it was waving, like wind was going through it. Might I remind you I was fully awake and not intoxicated. It was even 11:30 at night. After a bit, I hear my uncle get up from his room to go to the restroom, I take that time of security to get up and go to the area of the couch to sleep, to make sure, I pulled on the glass door to make sure it was locked, then laid down. As my uncle left, the other, more loud and guard-like pit bull got up in a fury, to sit next to my sleeping cousin’s on the couch. Now I’m sitting here, typing this on my phone, wondering, what is it going up my leg.


Does it even happen anymore? Love, I mean, does someone ever truly love someone anymore, or is it a fistfull of lust and want of sexual arousal? That’s what I wonder now, laying here on the steel table, looking up into the blazing lamp above my eyes. I just sit here wondering, if she truly loved me, why am I here, on the autopsy table, ripped open, and my heart is missing from my own body, where no one could find.


We all see them, everywhere, in the streets, in our homes, but there is a darkness in their eyes that still run through their blood. Their instinctive hate, their monstrous rage, when they are hungry, you know, you’re on their menu.


Hope you enjoyed my stories, be ready for more, because you know, there are more monsters, the deeper you search. Hope you were entertained, you and whatever is behind you.

~ HorrorWolf ([email protected])

  • Richard Cutright

    Interesting short story set. Just enough detail to understand, little enough to let the readers imagination (literally your best tool as a writer lol) think of the endless possibilities.

    • HorrorWolf Stories Official

      Thank you, these shorts are easy for me and my company workers to make, but we prefer the deeper stories. They are fun to write though.

  • 123KidZ


  • HorrorWolf Stories Official

    The short, “Am I Awake?”, is actually a true story that happened to me when I was writing it. I was stuck on what to write next but then all that stuff started to happen, so I wrote as it continued to proceed. Even something up my leg, I never found out what it was.