HorrorWolf’s Creepypasta Compilation Vol. 2


There was a knock at his door, a constant thumping, echoing through his house. As he looked through the peephole on the rough, carved wooden door, he noticed three young boys outside his door, with wide crooked smiles on their faces, he opened the door and greeted them.

“Hello,” One says, the smell of blood and burnt hair was all that the man could smell, it was the odor coming from this boy. “We are looking for our mother.” As the confused man gets a sour taste in his mouth, the boy proclaims that their mother, is under his backyard.


Anxiety in history was something that was not understood. From the early 1800’s to the end of the 19th century, people who had ‘mad’ amount of anxiety, would be forced into mental institutions. 1808, when the British Asylum Act was enforced, to the 1980’s people with mental illnesses were mistreated and in institutions, there were cold floors and pungent food. If you were to look, some members were forced into straight jackets. You could hear the echos of their screams down the halls. But now, those people with those levels of anxiety, are the same levels in high school students.


I woke up on Christmas morning, I watched the snow covered the grassy ground, glistening, I ran downstairs to the glowing tree, I can see that the sweet sugar cookies we left for Santa were eaten. I woke my parents to tell them to come downstairs, I will never forget my last Christmas. I got down on the rough hardwood floor. I grabbed a present and shook it, it had a rancid, rotting smell. As I opened it, I heard my mother scream in terror as my father forgot to poke holes in the present, for the puppy to breathe.


He didn’t think it was weird when he found that amulet in the pine-scented forest, although he thought it was beautiful, the amethyst glimmered along with the golden outline. He touched a red tint of a liquid on the gold, he tasted it to find a metallic taste. Then, his saliva cleaned off a part of a scribe, carved into the back of the amulet. He read aloud “In gemma perfer euntis”, a loud pounding ran in his head until he was sucked into the amethyst gem as another being was sucked out of it, persevered to destroy the amulet.