Hold H

On a Monday, about a year ago, I had attempted something. Ever since I had started that wonderful stage in my life known as puberty, I had been miserable. My life was filled with a happy childhood with a great relationship with my parents before life pulled the rug from me. My grades slipped in Middle and High school, my friends diminished from my lack of happiness and overall gloom when I’d wake up to when I’d sleep. I was alone by Sophomore year, I wasn’t a man to be in plays or be some crappy mascot which would be the only way I would ever be on a sports field against my will. I had learned piano at the age of 10 so I cannot say that I haven’t ever played music, I do appreciate some of the arts.

Music, reading, and dreams were my only escape. Music is a beautiful piece of the soul, some people get affected by rock, others by old songs from the early 1900 eras. It can tug at a person and let them be in a different time and place, reading has the same effect. Characters in vast lands, from dreadful black skies over a vast world of death from the plague or the silly thought of a vampire ever existing when they obviously have many flaws that make them difficult to exist. I do think vampires are stupid, but if I ever got the chance to talk to them perhaps I could help them. That reminds me of my dreams.

They had been pleasant up to 14 months ago, mostly consisting of childhood bliss or working in jobs that held joy in my mind. I’d want to work at a bookstore you see, quiet, surrounded by books, and I can talk to people about the enjoyment of reading. Then, I started having nightmares. You may think that it’s strange that I’ve never had one before, but it was a fresh feeling to me as I awoke in a cold sweat! I’m not a strong man, nor a fit one, so the concept of a vampire chasing me, flying above my head getting ready to swoop down like an owl on a mouse, was terrifying. Then there was a cult of vampires using me as a sacrifice! Hell even a wolf man was working with them! I loved old horror movies but those became the subject of making one of my escapes even worse than real life.

I had decided to try something around a year ago after nearly going insane from my mind at night. Science was my best class in high school and in my novels that I read, making potions was something that sounded ridiculous but also tempting. Thus, I had taken many concoctions which all led to no effect. All but one. I had finally changed tides in my dream, I had strength, and I ripped those vampires to shreds. Tearing off limbs and heads had a strange satisfaction out of the shrieks and cries of the damned finally going to hell.

My nights had become glee from destruction and fantasies of destroying those who made me angry. Then my mind started to change. My days would consist of going to my job as an accountant at a cubicle because some unlucky a*****e has to in this world. My thoughts would be memories of my dreams and my heart would race, my hands fidgeting at the need to destroy something. This continued until I destroyed full phone books with my bare hands and punched a hole in the wall of my cube under my desk so no eyes could find it. Then Kenneth came into my office.

He was perplexing. Wore all black, only came in when the days were cloudy or if he absolutely had to and couldn’t get someone else to cover for him for that day, he’d show up carrying an umbrella. He never ate with his co workers, some thought that he had a snobby outlook of not wanting to sit with the peasants, but I knew better. I caught him one day after having a dream about him. I confronted him about his curious behavior but before he could speak, I saw red. Red blood coming out of him to be precise. I had grabbed his neck and smashed his head against a near wall. I kept using his head as a paint can spraying red over the wall like I was da Vinci and I was making a masterpiece. The thing is, it wasn’t my hands that I saw, it was the strengthened gorilla paws that were from my dreams. He even had eyes that were practically bulging out of his skull as I had grabbed him like he saw my transformation, and they had bulged out afterwards too I suppose.

As I had finally gained my control over my hands back, they had turned into my fat simple hands. I looked at Kenneth lying on the floor and examined his teeth. They were fine, no fangs, no signs of any possible change that could make them fangs, and then I had remembered stories of people whose skin was so sensitive that they couldn’t be in the sun. I also remembered my co workers making fun of his attire and how he sat in his chair like the hunchback. I ran at that, I ran to my house.

The weeks went by, I didn’t return to my job, nor did I leave my house except for the occasional run to the store. Kenneth had a wallet that had a large sum of money, I took it because he wouldn’t need it and it wouldn’t be hard to identify him with his clothing and a blood test. I was settled and away from people for a long while. Then your people came. They saw the destruction I had caused to Kenneth, they saw the renovations I had done to the wall, and they knew that I couldn’t have just simple strength. So they took me, they stabbed me with needles and they prodded me with different tools to see just how I got my strength. I had gotten so angry that I had gotten my strength back! I suppose that anger is a bell to ring for dinner, and I murdered them. I tore them to pieces and your janitor can tell you just how much product he had to buy from me.

I like you though, you are kind, considerate, you actually listened to me to ask me questions about my life and how I got here. All of the other guards just stare, or they mock me from the other side of that thick door. So if we ever get out of here, I’ll be sure to make you safe my friend, but unless you give me a name, then you’ll be the only guard to leave here alive. Goodnight Charlie, sweet dreams.

Document for Mr. Hyde

The report I had gained from Mr. Hyde after talking to him about his story, I hope to talk to the others, listen to their stories and gain more information about them. I am not going to share this with my fellow guards, they’d probably let me go. I’m glad I could meet Mr. Hyde, he seems strange but he’s intelligent, I’m glad I’m on his good side.



  • Brooke Williams

    Not really sure what this is about. Maybe try adding more detail and explain everything a bit more.😁