Hide and Seek?


I just wanted to play a game. I didn’t know at the time that it would lead to creating a new Pokemon species. And a deadly one at that.

I heard this game from some friends who heard it from some unknown man. It was a fun way to get a usually multiplayer game to be successfully played by your self. What was requiered was a doll of your choosing, a sharp instrument of some sort, and absolutly no other living things around. There were other rules, but I don’t want to bore you with those details. When I heard about it, I thought it sounded fun. While walking back I decided that instead of using a sharp untensel, I’d just make my own doll and put needles or something into it’s hand.

That was a bad idea.

I waited until the weekend, when my parents and Poochyena weren’t home, before I even got started on the doll. I didn’t work too hard on it or do anything serious. After all, it was just for a game of hide and seek. I used mostly grey fabric as I couldn’t find anything else and wanted a bit of a challenge. Before I went to stuff it, I put extra needles my family had into it’s fingers for claws.

I felt pretty good as i stuffed the thing. I had sucessfully made my own doll for this. It’s arms were long and ended in the claws that I gave it. The head was mostly round with three spike-like points. I chose to not stuff the extra fabric that came with mismeasuring that was on the back of it’s head. I used the only other fabric I could find, a red, to make it’s cartoon flower shaped eyes. Finding it creepy without them, I drew in pupils. How I stuffed it was through the mouth area, which I closed with a zipper. While examining it, I noticed a hole coming out of the rear end. To fill the hole (this was temporary, after all) I shoved some straw into it, giving the doll a yellow tail. I might’ve kept it if things didn’t go wrong like they did.

But, my creation was ready. I did what was instructed for the set-up, making salt barriers to mark out-of-bound zones, the outside of my house, and then ‘drowned’ the toy, telling it how I won and it was now it’s turn. I then ran to my perfect hiding place to wait.

I waited in there for about 15 minutes or so when I heard movement. I heard footsteps. They were small, unnatural footsteps. This was just a game, I knew it was just a game. It was just for fun. Even with me trying to convince myself this, I still could feel my pulse start to race from fear. I had to use quite a bit of focus to keep my breathing from getting to loud. When it stepped on a creaky board, I accedently let out a whine.

The footsteps stopped. My breathing stopped entirely for a split-second. I could hear its zipper-mouth open and a chuckle escape it. An evil, terrifying chuckle.

The door then opened.

The doll I created had an evil aura around it. It then shouted at me. It didn’t say any words, but instead, shouted a strange phrase.


It then stabbed me in my shoulder with its claws. It wasn’t anything deadly, but they didn’t feel like small sewing needles. It felt almost as if it had full sized senbon in it’s fingers. Mustering my strength and running off of addrenaline, I pushed the demented doll down and ran out of my closet hiding spot. But it didn’t matter.

No matter where I tried to go, the doll was right behind me, clawing at my legs and succeeding in scratching me a few times. It scratching me wasn’t as terrifying as the fact that it’s icy breath was pratically insta-freeezing the wounds back closed. I decided to not care about the out-of-bounds and leave my house. I hid in a nearby bush to catch my breath. The doll was now the most terrifying thing ever.

This is over now, though, right?


I must’ve ruined the salt barrier when I ran out because once I felt safe, needles dug through my back and almost hit my lung. I turned around to see the doll smirking in the way a zipper-mouthed thing could. Again, it spoke.

“Banette.” It said again. I thought I could hear I win mixed with it somehow. It amost sighed onto my face, Its icy breath paralyzing me.

Its smirk increased in evil intent.

It once again said, what I could only assume was its name of choice, Banette, again.

It readied its claws as tears filled my eyes. Its whole hand started getting covered with pure darkness.

Shadow Claw.

This was the end. It had to be. There was no escape. I closed my eyes and prepaired for my end.

For whatever reason, it screeched and then I heard it run away. Confused, I opened my eyes. Sunrise had started. It didn’t like the sun.

The next day I had a talk with my friends. Most of them said that their attempts ended in failure, one said that he didn’t want to talk about it, and one said “We are never to do that again.” The one that first proposed it, who first heard about it, was no where to be found that day.

When she was found, she was dead. The cops said that there was one thing on her.

On one side, it was her reference scetch of the doll she made, which looked similar to mine. On the the other side was a note written in her blood. It was written by something not used to writing by how badly done it was. The note had only two words on it.


I hear these pokemon are still being made all the time.

Some more purposal than others.

All just as dangerous as the two in my story.

Watch your back.


Written by Dark Brichan
Content is available under CC BY-SA
Source Spinpasta Wikia

  • Horror Gamer

    This is based of another Creepypasta Named
    One Man Hide And Seek

  • Hey that’s pretty good

    Hi thought your version of one man hide and seek was amazing i really enjoyed reading it and i hope you maybe make another one in the future. My only thing is you should have not made it so it is extremely obvious it is pokemon i think you should have dropped hints but never properly said what it was but still a great read 🙂

  • Lazerishome126

    Wow! This was amazing!