Heralds Passing


Herald was a person everyone liked. He was helpful, nice, all the good virtues. And when he was mad at someone, he didn’t swear ar them nor did he hurt them. He would usually say something like “I don’t like your additude.” One quiet night though, he was in his living room, sitting in the chair. The chair rocked. Back and forth. Back and forth. Then, he heard a loud buzz. He got out of his chair. He fell. He struggled to get up. Something seemed to be pulling him down. Then, his neck snapped. His head turned around like an owl. He wouldn’t die though… He got up. He was still walking. He opened the front door and walked out of the house. Something strange was going on with him. He went into his neighbors house. The baby was asleep. He walked over to it. He grabbed the baby by the neck. The baby was awake now. His grip was getting more hard. The baby started to cry before it wasn’t able to cry anymore. He was choking the baby. Finally, the baby’s head poped off. Herald grabbed the baby’s head and poked it’s eyes out. He then threw the baby’s head at the wall hard enough that it splattered on the wall. He was inhuman, he went feral and his only instinct was to brutally kill people. He went upstairs and found a fire axe, which he grabbed. He went into the parent’s bedroom. It just sat there, staring at the parents. It then chopped the ground. It was now crawling sort of in a strange way. It crawled onto the bed before chopping the mom in the guts once. “Herald” made some weird smile. He continued untill she was cut in half and blood covered the bed. It moved onto the dad and in one bloody chop the dad’s head flew. Then the baby’s older brother shouted “Mom? Dad?! I’m scared!” The kid sounded like he was crying. The older brother was in the other room. “Herald” made his head straight and walked almost perfectly normal. He went into the other room. “Herald!” The kid shouted in joy. The kid hugged “Herald”. Then, “Herald” got up and chopped the kids forehead. Then the front door was kicked down and the police came in. The police shot down “Herald” as he chopped one of the officers legs. “Herald” couldn’t move anymore. So, it left his body.

  • Paige

    That was really really really good. Nice job

  • Amber Izer

    The story line was pretty good. However, you kept going back and forth between referring to him as “Herald” and ” it”. This made it a bit difficult to understand that it was the same person. Using “he” instead of “it” would have made the story flow much more smooth. Great job. Keep writing.