Her Eyes

She watching me.

Her brown eyes are shining with some cruelty, it’s like she’s having some fun with my hard work. The ground is harder than I have though, I need my feet and my weigh to make the shovel go deep into the dark. Pieces of the brown stuff looks like stones while I dig the cave. I hear her laugher burning my ears, sounds dark, sick, she shouldn’t be like that. She shouldn’t sound like a psychopath.

I still feeling her nails digging my arms, I still seeing the life going away, I still with the sensation of her neck breaking under my hands.

I’m diggin her cave  into the dark earth of my background, with the bats flying randomly upon us. It’s not a hot night, but I’m sweating like in a summer afternoon. Burns my eyes and makes me stink.

She’s dead and she still watching me.

Her eyes are mocking me, she saying low and slow, her voices sounds like a whisper coming from hell, my girlfriend killed me with her bare hands, she murdered me so nobody would have me.

I pull her body and she looking at me. She’s not breathing, her heart is not beating, but her eyes moves and stare at everything that I’m doing. She’s inside a red blanket, covering her pretty face and great looking body, but she’s watching me.

I said I’m sorry, I apologized.

I promised I would take care of you, her voices comes from six feet under, I don’t break promises.

  • Emre

    This one is cool

    • CharlieFGrosskopf

      Thank you

  • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

    I’m sure it’s a good story but I became immediately uninterested with all the spelling errors please fix it…

    • CharlieFGrosskopf

      Can you tell me the errors? English isn’t my native language and I use to read and not to write.

      • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

        Dude im sorry if i would have known that i wouldn’t have said it that way i just thought you were in a rush and decided to get lazy on your writing…before you post something always read what you have wrote out loud and ask if it sounds right if it doesn’t change it…

      • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

        I mean having some misspelled words and forgetting some punctuation is ok but not wording your thoughts correctly is not ok because it becomes hard for some people to understand…

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Dude, I literally CAN’T read this. An error in the first sentence? Come on. -_-

    • CharlieFGrosskopf

      Lamento informar que é difícil não errar quando não é sua língua-mãe e se inglês não for sua língua nativa e for completamente diferente, você VAI errar. E não me dei ao trabalho de te responder em inglês para não te irritar com erros naturais de aprendizes da língua.

      • Sarita Tinsley King

        I’m sorry, I can only understand bits and pieces of your comment thanks to my history with Spanish. So allow me to apologize, I had no idea that you were using translation equipment, that would definitely butcher anything. I appreciate the story, if you’d like help revising it I’d be happy to.

  • Rose Morrison

    Unfortunately your translation equipment has rendered the story almost unreadable. It is so much better to have a human being do this job. Your premise is good, but if you are going to keep your medium as English, the translation needs to be much improved. I look forward to reading more from you.