Hell Is Just A Game

The last thing I remember. It became all blurry at once. But I can remember little by little. It was thunderous outside. I was chasing my best friend who betrayed me and lead the cops to me.

He tripped over a hole in the ground. I was going to stab him, but the the cops shot me in the left eye and I blacked out. I should probably tell you how this all started. Me and my parents had just moved into a new neighborhood. I had to start a new class.

By next sunrise, It would be a new day of 11th grade. My mother told me in a simple voice to go greet the neighbor and aware them of my arrival. I slowley walked up to the door. It wasnt who I expected to open the door. It wasnt a parent.

It was a minor who appeared my age. He was a blonde and his eye were the most amazing shade of blue. He immediatly shook my hand. “Hey there! Its good to see a new neighbor here! Im Samuel Williams. Just call me Sammy! I smiled at him and told him in a polite voice my identity.

Terrence Parker in which I perfer to be called Terry. I am a 16 year old 9 weeks away from graduation. I had shoulder length light ash brown hair with amber eyes. My wardrobe consisted of navy blue jeans, combat boots, and a black and gray striped turtleneck sweater (whole sweater is black while one large gray stripe goes across). He had told me as I was about to speak once again that we are going to the same school.

I stood there and smiled. “Really? That seems awesome”. He gave me his cell and said good bye by throwing his two fingers off his forehead. Almost in the way of a soldier salute. I went back to my house and suddenly started to feel pain in my chest.

I lay on the floor while holding my chest. I knew it was a heart attack, but I didnt want to startle my mom. If she ever took me to the hospital, I’d kill her one day. It all went sudden. I had backed out.

I woke up but thank god it was a tiny heart attack. Or it was puberty pain and I passed out from lack of sleep last night. It had been a long day and 8:00 PM struck. I had nothing for dinner and just lay in my bed curling my knees and holding them. I shut my eyes allowing the sun to rise up for the next day.

I woke up. But it still felt like the sun hasn’t woken. I risen up from my bed and put on my clothes. I walked outside with nothing to eat and waited for the bus. I looked down at my phone.

8:00 AM. I knew it’d be late. Suddenly I feel someone jump on me. It was Sammy. He was smiling as if he had seen the world’s most famous person.

30 minutes later, the bus came. I sat next to Sammy and he wouldnt let go of my arm. Sammy asked me to go to a abandoned house later on in the day. I agreed. School went great.

I’d say I aced my math. Everyone was nice to me during lunch. Sammy told them to “back off”. He was my best friend. After school, We skipped the bus and walked to the abandoned house.

We walked down the stairs and into the “haunted” room. I felt as if something was going to possess me. I felt my spirit leave as another one took place. I felt nausea kicking in. Everything was blacking out.

I wasn’t going to black out right now. Not like this and not in front of sammy. We walked past the paintings. Their eyes were following twoards me. We saw a picture.

It was a digital picture of a red-headed family. They had “666” on thier forehead. They looked so happy that this must have been drawn on. Everything blacked out. I passed out on the floor.

The only thing I could see was 666. I could hear Sammy’s voice as he picked me up. “Oh god! I knew this was a bad idea!”. I didnt hear him say he was taking me to the infermery. Everything went so sudden as my eyes opened.

I was in a hospital. He must have been too worried after I passed out. My mom… She was right there. I must have… No… It was her. She took me here. I swear I am going to kill her!

The doctor said I was just fine. Sammy yelled in excitement and dragged me outside to get some ice cream. The only thing on my mind was killing my mom. I ran out of Sammys grip and ran straight to my house. I can feel tears in my eyes as I was getting ready to turn this thought into reality.

Midnight struck and I grabbed a knife from the kitchen. Mom was deep in her slumber. I grabbed the knife and beheaded her. “Its gonna be all over son!”. I said in a dramatic voice. I than took her outside and stsrted to dig a hole for burial.

I didnt sleep all night because I was starting to have regrets and suicidal thoughts. The news came on. “Pedestrian Patricia Parker goes missing during midnight. Possible murder.”. S**t. They found out but I wasn’t caught.

I than heard screaming. It was Sammy. His mom was abusing him. I was jawdropped for a good 15 seconds. I knew she was unworthy for life so what else was there to do.

I grabbed the knife and snuck to Sammy’s house. First I knocked out Sammy so he didn’t have to witness what I was about to do. I than immediately stabbed Sammy’s mother in the chest and sliced her abdomen open. I threw her out the window and went back to my house. I started to cry.

Sammy knocked on my door and walked in. He tried to comfort me and notified me about the dead body outside. I thought “F**k, Am I gonna get caught? He is very smart. S**t he’s gonna know!”. I hugged him and told him I was gonna go for a walk. I went outside my door with my back and hands covered in blood.

Sammy’s mind than snapped. He knows. Sammy ran to he nearest police station. I walked by the horizon of the “Slender Woods” as they call it. I heard sirens coming.

Sammy stood there with tears in his eyes. Thunder began to struck. “Why would you do this Terrence? You were my best friend. I put all my trust in you. And now you go off and start going phsychopathic! Why? You traitor!”. “Its the other way around buddy! You said you’d keep me safe no matter what! Now im surrounded by cops for two f*****g murders!”. I started chasing Sammy in the woods with the cops on my a*s.

I ran and finally was able to tackle Sammy. As soon as I beheaded him. I took a bullet through my eye. I stood there with Sammy’s body on the ground with my arms around his deattached neck. I started to tear up as I realized I killed the only person who cared but I passed out.

Before I actullally passed out. I saw a pure white face. No eye, no noes, no mouth. I woke up only seeing from one eye. I realized there was an eyepatch placed over it.

I put on the bandana I saw right next to me. The tall slender man grabbed me with his tentecals and took me to a mansion. I saw three other people. One had a white mask on with pure black eyes and lips with a yellow shirt while the other one was wearing a yellow hoodie with a pure black face. He only frowned as he had a red mouth and red eyes.

The one I really started to like was this one guy. He wasnt dressed like the others. He wore a demin hoodie with a tan over-vest with dark and light brown striped sleeves. He wore goggles and a mouth guard as he carried two hatchets. He just waved at me.

Slenderman, as I called him asked me a few questions. The proxies started calling me Tereyn. That actually doesnt sound as bad as traitor or asswipe. I allowed them to do so. I was happy but also felt mind controlled by Slenderman.

Me along with the others were mind controlled and are pratically slaves to Slenderman. I started tearing up as I saw Sammy’s beheaded body. Up until now, he was my best friend. Toby elbowed me in the arm. “Since your new, I’ll show you what to do!”.

I was trained to kill and bring the bodies to Slenderman. Every once in a while, Me and Toby would sit by the lake and skip rocks. I saw this guy as my best friend besides a 3 year gap. I never had any regrets or thoughts of suicide since I became what we are known as Proxies. New me, New life, New occupation.


That occupation is to kill the innocent