It was the worst thing I had ever done. Why was I so stupid ? No one believes me, no one understands the all say it’s just a game why do you think it can hurt you.

Well they would never know what happens to my friend James because she won’t let anyone remember.

I was just like any other high school kid. No different than the rest. I did not stick out I didn’t ever make my self known but to a few friends of mine. We all sat down at the same lunch table and we all where talking about the old and the new games. It was like it was an obsession we had nothing else matters.

After school my friend Chris,james and Ian all decided to spend the night at my house. To hang out and buts out some old classic games.

We where all in the room when Chris bought out a big box full of games. Anywhere from Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, etc. Picking through the box feeling like a child again like being reunited with good old friends. James and Ian shared the same response I had. Chris said well which one do you want to play first? We had a look at the games and saw nothing that we haven’t played over a million times. Looking further in the box way at the bottom there was a game with a no cover art. Just a white paper and written on it in bold ink it read FATAL FRAME. I looked at Chris and asked Chris where did you get this game?

He smiled and said this old man insisted that I take that game for free. He said it was his sons and he tried to get rid of it said he will never play this game again.

I felt goosebumps all over my body I shook it off and said well that’s creepy. Chris said I was saving this one for last but I know you would find it easy so let’s play it.

All right I then held out my hand for the game Chris then handed it to me. Then I felt that uneasy feeling again I just took it as I was cold so I put on my jacket. Opening the case it said Xbox I then smiled and said this will be a good game as I put the disk in.

The game started as any other game would a loud sound of the Xbox intro filled the room I looked the Chris, Ian and James and I felt like something was looking over my shoulder but nothing was there.

The total screen came up and I pressed start thing I have played this game before. Something felt different, something did not feel right. The room felt like an ice box was it just me. I looked over at my friend’s and said are you cold are is it just me. No response it was like I was the only one in the room when outside is that still in time. Brushing it off as they want to see the game and didn’t hear me I continued playing.

Getting trough the intro of the game it started me in an abandoned mansion that was the normal part. What I did not understand is when I take a photo of a ghost (that is how you attack in this game) it would show a different person in the picture. I ask myself what the hell is going on? Feeling that someone was breathing down my neck I turn around and say stop it is not… Chris, I an and James where still frozen like they never moved from the same place. I got really creeped out I jumped up and turned off the Xbox. For some reason it would not cut off. I tried unplugging it bit it was like something was not letting it go of the cord. I then shook my friends trying to get them to help me. The still just standing there not blinking moving or breathing it was like they were frozen.

I ran to my door and trying to knock it down but nothing I was trapped.

I turned back to the TV and I was a woman looking back at me smiling very un-human like. She pointed at me and said you can’t escape,you can’t hide and you will DIE. The hell I will lady look I am going to kick your pale white kimono wearing Greek. Let me go I demanded. She then smiled and said there is a price to your freedom but you will give up another. What do you mean another. She then reached out her hand from my TV and took James into the TV and said you will never see him again and I will be back.

Everything was back to normal and I took the game and smashed it.

Chris was looking at me with hate in his eyes. Why did you break my game bro. I looked at him and said it’s better this way trust me

To be continued…