Happy Story

Hi, my name is Garry, Garry Harver. I’m a 17-year-old young teenager from a small town in Queensland, Australia. I feel like if I tell you exactly where I am then creepos will try to take me.

But none all of that, I’m here to tell you about myself and what I’m up to, I feel like I can tell my life’s story on this nice lovely website about pasta, what fun! 🙂

Well I was born to a nice family on the 1st of September 2001, and might I just say right off the bat I was a chubby child, I don’t know exactly how much I weighed because we lost the certificate and dad can’t remember. I bet my mum would know, but when I was old enough my dad told me she went away after I was born, I’m still curious what he meant about that.

When I first went to primary school I was making lots of friends, I was more of like the popular kid. After primary school I went to high school (still going) and I made so many friends the first day.

That very first day of high school was definitely different to primary school, like for one thing my dad gave me these very delicious gummy bears but I try not to eat them because they make my eyes feel weird and I start to dream during the day, it was weird. Even the other kids at school were paying me lots of money for them, which seemed weird because I would’ve thought that they sold them at the shops, but ah well, who knows.

During year 9 I got my first girlfriend and she was awesome. She showed me to her friends at a house in the forest. That day was very fun, we even got to dissect a pig, which at first I found was a bit wrong but they told me it was for a science project.

Unfortunately she broke up with me after things were getting a little bit too… what’s the word… dangerous for my ears and eyes apparently, after that I didn’t see her again but she gave me her finger as a reminder, I keep it up on my wall right next to the head of my dad I put up on the wall after I helped him cut wood.

And that leads to where I am now, things are going great for me, a few weeks ago I had a sleep over and my friends have been giving me so much company, although they are causing flies to appear everywhere, luckily I eat them before anymore come and buzz up the place.

My friends even gave me permission to take their arm and use it as an arm rest for my chair, which is very nice of them, oh what good times. 🙂

That’s my life’s story, it’s pretty short but it’s been filled full of adventures. Tomorrow I’m going on a date with my new girlfriend, I’m hoping to propose to her and put a ring around her neck, and after the neck turns purple then that means that’s a yes.

I was going to propose to my girlfriend from a week ago but we were playing a game of tag and tried to get the upper hand from her friends wearing police uniforms, but luckily we all came back to my house and I had dinner, they were delicious.

Would you like to come over, we can play pin the hand on the dinner plate, the loser gets their balls chopped off and served to the closest girl.

Goodbye, talk soon. 🙂

  • John Stipe

    The grammar in this is awful and really I don’t see a point to this

  • Guest

    What a happy story! If it’s all the same to you though, I won’t be playing pin the hand on the dinning plate, although I’ll happily play find your toes!

  • CSGO

    Story kind of change quick, still a good story though. A little different than expected, but then again that’s what this app is all about.