I love Halloween. I mean, who doesn’t? Free candy, horror movies, and scary decorations.

The best part is the costume. Call me immature, but I find it cool. Everywhere you look, there are freaky monsters from vampires to ghouls.

The best part about costumes is that I don’t have to hide what I really look like on Halloween. It makes it easier to kill when you look like someone dressed up.

On the 31st of October, every year I roam the streets looking for susceptible people. It doesn’t take long to find a costume party. Perfect.

Entering the house, I hear loud music and smell cheap beer. Teenage party.

I scan the area, listening for teens who will believe anything.

“It’s Halloween, we need to use an Ouija board,” begged a girl with blonde hair and fake blood on her and her torn clothes. A zombie.

“No Aria,” answered a tall brunette guy, who is dressed as someone from the 60s.

“Why, are you afraid?” asked a girl with purple hair.

This is my time, “If you guys want, I’ll take you a haunted house, and we can use my spirit board, which is better than an Ouija board.”

They turn around and the purple haired girl says, “Who the hell are you?”

“Jaimne!” Exclaims Aria, the blonde.

“I’m Lucy, and you guys seem like you want a fun night,” I answer, using Lucy since it’s close to Lucifer, the devil, my boss.

“Sounds fun! What do you guys think?” Aria asks. ¬†Jaimne shrugs and the guy grunts.

“Aria, we don’t know her-”

“I think she’s cool! Look at her costume!”

The guy doesn’t answer, “Well I’m going, good-bye Nathan,” Aria storms out, Jaimne on her heels. I follow and see Nathan come behind us.

“Follow me,” I say, leading them toward my house.

“So, are we going to summon a demon?” Aria asked once inside my house.

I turn the lock and smile wide.

“I have a feeling that a demon is here.”

With that I killed them, blood soaking the wood and surrounding the forest in screams. Then I ran into the night, leaving three teens to be found mysteriously dead.

  • 123KidZ

    This is why you dont follow strangers on the night of Halloween… Because the killer will always be one step ahead and will never be found…

    • Rebecca