Hairless Yeti: A Bigfoot Horror Story

I was 21 the day it happened. I remember it like it was yesterday when I was hospitalized by him. This how it all happened.

It was late November Me my dad and his friends had seen a post on Facebook to hunt down and kill the creature known as the Hairless Bigfoot. The reward was $15,000, and my dad had a plan all planned out. His friends Ed and Shawn would be in a truck and lure Bigfoot to a trap that is on a cliff side and into a river. Then me my dad and his friend Dano will have guns and shoot him as he falls to his death and floats down to the dam and that will be where we will pick up his dead carcus.

But things didn’t go as planned. Ed and Shawn came flying up Bigfoot right behind them then he saw me, my dad, and Dano and charged at us we ran for the trap to hide behind trees, but as my dad, and Dano got to the trees while I got hit and fell down to the river to my death. Next thing I know SPLASH and then I went unconscious. When I woke up I was in the ER and I could not feel my legs at all. I looked down to see they were gone. All I saw was the bedpost. At the end of the  room I saw my dad looking down at me angry and sad all at the same time. The next day I had gotten prosthetic legs and was out of the hospital. I got in my 71 Dodge Charger and went home. On my way I felt like I was being stalked and when I checked my side view mirror I saw him. The hairless yeti running at me and as soon as he was on my tail I heard a loud crash and a loud yell and saw my dad had hit it and flew out of his truck and then it was too late the hairless yeti had grabbed him and tore him in two. I thought of turning around and ramming it but my dad would have wanted me to stay away and run.

That very night I had a dream of the incident that had just happened. I then as soon as my dad was torn in half I woke up I sat up for about an hour and then I looked at the time 5:59. I then decided to get up and get ready for the day. I went to the kitchen to get my morning coffee I then felt like something was staring at me through my window so I looked out and saw him the hairless yeti staring into my soul liking his lips. I then ran to my room and grabbed my 22 and ran back to see he was closer I then cocked my gun and aimed for his head and yield, ” This is for my dad b***h.” then I shot it right between the eyes. He fell like a pile of rocks I then shot him a few more times just to make sure he was truly dead.

A few hours later Me, Shawn, and Ed  loaded the hairless yeti into the back of my dad’s old blue 2004 Chevy Silverado. We then took it to city hall and we got our money and split it up evenly we each got $5,000 each and we went our separate ways. I went home and went to sleep. That very night I had the same dream, and I had the same one for two years strait. I never knew why, until I had a different one It was just me and I got a letter from my dad saying that he sacrificed his life to save mine, and that the dreams were to tell me that it was not my time to die, it was his so I should be grateful that you are still alive. Then I woke up and realized that I was meant to stay alive longer that I thought…

  • teresa robinson

    I think this story couldve been great if not for you being in a rush and terrible, terrible grammar. Slow down and take your time with the story. Don’t get ahead of yourself in the exciting parts. And when you’re done, read it out loud to yourself to make sure it sounds right. You’ll catch alot of your grammatical errors that way

  • Amanda

    I agree. It has potential! Its a good story line but u need to slow down and put describe more detail, and work on your grammer. “Licking” not liking.