Grisly: A Dark Web Tale Ch.7 Sweet Meat

Authors note: I’m sorry I haven’t added to my older stories, I plan on finishing them all and will try to make time to write them sooner. Thank you to everyone that messages me, comments, and gives feedback. You guys are seriously awesome.

Samantha’s thoughts twirl in a dance of confusion. A singe burns against her chest, her breast hung down pulling down on the stitches that pieced it backed into a whole. Fire surged its way across her mouth, for threading kept her smile together once more. The man with a hook had his way tearing her apart, yet after that was a blur. A blackout. Only now was she coming to her senses, and not all was making sense. Just aching pain, doused in gasoline.

Her feet were shuffling forward, although she didn’t remember why. A dust caked potato sack was over her head, keeping her breathing to a shallow movement. Staring down she notices her feet tied with rope, about a foot apart. Her hands bound tightly with barbwire; Encouragement not to try to get loose. She rotates her wrists in a weak attempt to possibly loosen them, only to have the barbs dig into her skin. She continues to walk, unaware of where her destination was. Slight sounds can be heard around her, unable to distinguish if they’re male or female, just more noise. Her feet stumble forward until a firm voice spouts, “Stop!”

She halts without hesitation, too scared to disobey. The sack is ripped off her head, exposing her matted hair and doughy eyes. Now able to see, she sees another female in front of her, turning her head back she sees a male behind. All three n**e and frightened. To the right was a large table, it stretched out to ends she couldn’t see in the darkness that surrounded her. Silverware and napkins were placed among the wooden top. Small oval shaped lights flickered on the ceiling exposing all the scratch marks and grooves embedded into the surface. Maroon stains seeped in the grain made a dreaded appearance. A heavy white banner was nailed to the wall across from where the three stood. Displayed in what looked like dried blood, it said: SWEET MEAT

A woman steps out from the dark with golden locks resting on her shoulders, her baby blue eyes beam as a smile curves across her lips, a tooth pinches the corner as she walks to towards the center of the table across the other side. She wore a black robe that resembled a cape, draped over her entire body. She stops across from the three prisoners and softly speaks, “Separate them from each other. Put a girl on both ends, and him in the center. And bring in our guests, surely they must be starved by now.”

“What’s going on?” The guy asks. The woman smiles his way and responds, “Dessert with dinner, so-to-speak. My, you’re handsome. I’m gonna enjoy this.”

Samantha is pulled away by a man, his grimy fingers press into her shoulder as she’s drug towards the end of the table. It was much longer than she had thought, plenty of more stains across the wood. People, both men and women, begin to walk past her. Some were partially dressed, others were completely naked. All seemed to have a destination in mind, a small group gather around the end of where she was headed to. One man had his hand near his groin, smiling towards her. A woman next to him throws her hair behind her shoulders exposing her chest, her left breast was missing a partial piece of her n****e. A jagged, pink scar vacated the space where it once was. Now that she got closer, she could see small scars across the man’s body as well. Some fresh looking, some old and faded.

The blonde haired host breaks the tension with an announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Cannibal O**y, or otherwise known as Sweet Meat. Tonight we will indulge in two of life’s greatest pleasures. Food and s*x. Feel, feast, enjoy.” The man in front of her attemps to roll off of the table, but two other men, partially dressed, assist in holding him down. The woman smirks, reaching towards the silverware. Her hand hovers past the knife and leads to a fork. Samantha tries to scream for help, she’s grabbed by her hair and pummeled face first into the table end. Swelling occurs more rapidly than she’d imagine across her top lip, yet again her head is pulled backwards and flung forward once more, then again. Brittle parts of teeth glide out with gooy saliva, unable to move her mouth properly. At the other end of the table the second tied up woman screams, a brunette can be seen between her legs, coming up for a moment her mouth is slathered in blood. She grinds his wrist into the barb wire, desperate to escape. Another man steps up behind the brunette, silent yet prepared. He wraps his arm around her waist and stares ahead, seeming to get off on the pain being inflicted before him.

The man in the center of the table squirms his head left to right, straining with all his might. The blonde haired woman says, “Oh, dear, please stop. I promise I don’t bite.”

“Please, let me go! I swear I won’t tell anyone, I just wanna-” He chokes on his words as the fork dives into his mouth reaching the uvula. Gagging and dry heaving, he’s forced back down. The utensil is dug into the soft tissue and twisted around until a chunk is stuck on it. The woman pulls the fork out, blood speckles painting her fingertips, she lets out sigh of relief and whispers, “Ah, my favorite part. I told you I don’t bite.” The men holding him down bury remaining silverware into him, one burying a fork into his bellybutton until the handle was only exposed. Samantha tries to scream, but can’t. Her face stings like needles pricking her nerves. A hand touches her belly and behind, it feels grainy and unwashed. She’s suddenly picked up and thrown onto the table, being flipped over in the process. She doesn’t have time to think as her swollen lip is stretched and met with the underside of a sharp blade. Partial to her screaming and trying to get away, the cut doesn’t go as smooth, but a good piece is removed. The jelly piece of meat drips over a mouth and is hand fed like grapes from a vine. Samantha screeches, sucking in air through her revealed front teeth.


Jenny limps down the hall, away from the playroom. Nails from the explosion scattered points across the ceiling and floor. Carefully, she maneuvers her way past metal doors. All had names or letters painted among them, near the end she finally comes across a door that spelled SWEET MEAT. A churning mix of fear and naseau forms within her belly as she flings the door open, unaware of what to expect. The room was empty, except for a table with scraps remaining. Partially eaten body parts, some chewed up bits of muscle spit out onto plates, and used condoms were all that remained. Hobbling down to the other end, she balances by leaning onto the egde of the table. “Samantha?” No answer. Getting near the end she starts to panic, a girl’s body was laid out almost as if it was meant to be displayed purposely. Her face was void of any skin, chunks of meat were removed from various areas among her shoulders and neck. She was eaten alive, and looks to have bled out. Jenny’s lip trembles, curling back into an open gape as she drops down to the ground. Screaming louder than she’d ever thought she could, she forces herself to look up at Samantha once more. Through her blurred tears she sees a message carved into her stomach: UR NEXT

  • JaneTheReader

    A very dark, intriguing tale, as promised by the title. Very well written, as usual. Would’ve maybe liked to have seen a survivor, but I’m probably being much too optimistic. My skin crawled when I read their gruesome, painful deaths. Dark, gory. Just how I like it 👍

    • Ray Ramirez

      Hey thank you! I sometimes leave survivors buf I try to keep it random so it’s not too predictable in what will happen next.

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    Love it! Where’s the rest though???

    • Ray Ramirez

      Thanks! I’m still working on it, my mind went blank shortly after finishing this and I stopped writing anything for months. I’m just getting back into it and working on finishing up stories on here.

  • Tyler

    Awesome story. I love the creativity you put into each chapter of each story you write! I cant wait for the next chapter!

    • Ray Ramirez

      Thanks! I’m trying to finish these stories instead of leaving them unfinished. It’s just kinda hard to get my mindset right lately, but I’ll get back to it soon hopefully. I have ideas for more stories and chapters.