Grand Theft Auto 5, Scary Easter Egg Tutorial

Many players that play GTA 5 like me probably know the UFO Easter eggs, or even the mine in Blaine County where you can find a dead body from the 1950s. But this Easter egg is one of the weirdest, probably the scariest Easter egg in the entire gaming industry.

First off you need the PS3 version of GTA 5 and have it fully completed. The reason it has to be the PS3 version is because this version was completed before the Xbox 360 version during development, which means that there are still some certain files that weren’t deleted before the initial release. This also means that you mustn’t update the game to it’s latest version since the files were deleted after the first update for the game.

When you start GTA 5 you have to complete the game fully with a hundred percent completion and also have Trevor killed instead of Michael, or the death wish option. Once you’ve done all of this, you need to switch to Franklin (unless you’ve already done it.) and go to the top of Mount Chiliad at 3:00 AM on a stormy night.

Many player know that when you go to the top of Mount Chiliad at this time and setting will make the UFO appear and of course you can’t touch it because it will disappear when you get too close to it or too far. however if you get to the UFO using a teleportation mod of some sort, it will not disappear and instead you will spawn inside it. (sorry i didn’t mention this before.)

Inside the UFO it will show just the textures of the outside of the UFO but reversed, as if the creators didn’t make an interior for it. Now because you’re in the UFO, you have to wait till the time reaches 4:00 AM this is when it disappears. (Or the weather changes.)

If done just right you will travel with the UFO and go into the sky, which makes the ground almost invisible to see. Anyway still in the UFO, you must spawn a Sanchez motorbike using cheats and get on it, then drive out of the UFO. (because the UFO is invincible.) If you drive the bike far enough at just the right angle you will reach an invisible platform of some sort and you can drive around it.

If you look around you can find a white dot, it’s only just barely visible but you can find it around the North / North West. Drive your bike towards it and touch it, this will make the screen go black and suddenly you will hear a loud scream, as if someone was sitting next to you and screaming directly into your ear.

The scary s**t doesn’t stop there because if you press the Y button you will hope off your bike and return to normal game play of you falling, but the thing is is that you won’t have a parachute equipped, all you’re doing is just falling in the skydiving animation without a parachute, kinda like the end of the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga where you go through a hallucination after taking drugs and begin skydiving.

Once you hit the ground the screen will turn black, no wasted screen or even a sound effect telling you that you died, it will just show a black screen. It will then cut to a picture of a deformed child’s face starring at you with the screen flashing black and white. The child will begin to scream and if you’re wearing headphones then chances are you’re probably deaf because the scream is really loud.

After a short 10 seconds the screen will return back to black and remain like that for about 5 more seconds, in which then you will hear a loud screeching sound like as if you were clawing a black board. The black screen will then spell out a text written in what looks to be blood smeared on the screen: YOU ARE DEAD. It looks like the YOU ARE DEAD screen from the original Resident Evil game on PS1 but the letters written on the screen will begin to drip down the side of the television like as if blood was actually smeared on there.

When i looked at it i touched the screen and it actually was blood dripping down the side of the television and it was still wet, i was really scared as well so i looked around my room for anything but there wasn’t anything. I looked down at my stomach to see my t-shirt was all wet and moist, so i pulled it up and i saw a large hole on my stomach with blood dripping out of it violently.

According to my doctor i was clawed open by what she said was an animal of some kind. she told me i lost about 30 percent of my blood, but she said i should be fine. I don’t remember anything else after that but i believe i passed out from shock from the massive hole in my stomach, but i she said i was lucky to survive.

This morning my family came to see how i was going and they were relieved that i was still alive, but something odd happened. A child came in and gave me flowers for good luck… wait hold on the little child looked familiar… HOLY S**T!! the child is from the game, from the screen. S**T don’t do this Easter egg warn everybody to not do this, GO NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.


Hello people of planet earth, it seems that the man that has been writing this has been telling you about my existence. It’s true you know, if you want to see me in person, just follow the steps above. Just be warned that once you meet me, i won’t be that friendly.

Have Fun 😉

  • Konner

    Wow… That, surprisingly, wasn’t that bad… Until you started spamming random letters and mentioned the alien. Also I find it weird that you said “Y” button instead of triangle or whatever since you were speaking about PS.

  • Oouf

    How is this not a trollpasta?

    • Aidan Perrin

      Yeah, how is it so bad and not one. I will be emailing this to Mutahar.

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    That was beyond lame kys