Glory Killer

She lived in a family, where nobody appreciated her. Not one person, she didn’t go to school. She couldn’t. It just wasn’t for her.

Sitting at home, she’d wait, and wait, and wait, for something—no someone to happen. Nope. Nothing.

She watched her little baby sister babble on, she twitched as she looked away in disgust.

“God… filthy pigs…” she’d say to no one in particular. She got up and walked to her bathroom. She looked herself in her brown eyes, pushing her brown hair to the side.

“I don’t know how much I can take this… they’re killing my joy…” she said as she teared up. She walked out and looked at her mom.

“Did you clean your room?” her mom asked.

“Yes,” she’d answer plainly.

“Doesn’t look clean to me,” she said eyeballing her room.

“I know I did, because you asked me to do it EARLIER!” she said staring to snap.

“Go clean your room, NOW!” she said raising her voice. She walked to her room and started to clean it.

“Stupid… ugh…” Once she was done, she sat on the couch.

She got up and looked in the mirror again. Her hair was slowly turning black. She noticed she started getting bags under her eyes. She smiled weakly and said to herself, “Still… picture perfect…” she walked out of the bathroom again, to find a huge mess.

“Huh… what the hell?” she whispered.

“Clean it up!” she heard her mom yell.

“I didn’t do it!” she yelled back.

“Do it!” she yelled louder.

She sighed and cleaned it up, getting sick of their dirty work.

As the day went by, it was the same;eat, clean, eat, clean, sleep.

In the middle of the night, she looked at herself and saw someone she didn’t want to be. She was slowly looking older, and wasn’t gonna ACCEPT that fate.

She grabbed a knife and went to her mom’s room. She slowly crawled in the bed with her mom.

“Mom!” She yelled.

“Hn… what? Get out! Weird…”

She raised the knife, to start stabbing her.

“You look a little messy… you’ve gotta be picture perfect!” she yelled as she slowly lost every good bone in her body.

“I’m no longer Nina Lissa… I am, Glory Killer…” she whispered as she started to gain her looks, back as a teenage girl.

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    1/5 Unexplained, and suffers from edgy symptoms.

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    Cliché much? There’s a website called Trollpasta for a reason.