Glitched memories

Lucas woke up at six o’clock monday morning. Which, compared to his summer schedule, was extremely early. He rose out of bed, with his dog, Kota, dancing and whimpering at his feet. He pulled on his slippers and made the short walk to his bathroom, pissed, combed his hair, brushed his teeth, rubbed on deodorant nd spritzed himself with body spray and shuffled to his closet. He took a black shirt, black jeans, and his black Sturgis vest. He walked back into his bathroom to fix his hair a bit and checked the clock. Six-thirty. He went downstairs, where him and his brother, Joseph, groggely greeted each other. Lucas grabbed his shoulder-bag, and threw his Converse shoes in it. He grabbed his black boots and pulled them on, pulling the strings tight. He poured the dogs more food and fresh water. Joe watched Lucas as he did so.
“Grandma’s gonna kill you.” he muttered. Lucas smiled and carried on with Kota’s food and water. Lucas had turned sixteen that winter and his parents had gotten him and joe a birthday gift. Each got their very own drivers licence. Lucas had gotten a motorcycle, while Joe was rewarded for his hard work on fixing a truck at their grandparents.
“Willing to give me a ride today?” Lucas asked Joe. He shrugged and replied with,
“Whats the occasion?”
Lucas shrugged and said
“I dunno, we never do anymore.”
Joe raised his eyebrows in agreement, but ultimately declined.
Lucas pulled his keys out of his shoulder-bag and held them for a while. Their parents had left at six-fourty-five. Lucas glanced at the clock. It was six-fifty-nine. He put a potty pad in the corner for the dogs and the duo walked out at seven-o’five. The brothers Grimm, everyone called them. The reason was two years back, Joe was ganged-up on, and Lucas was walking with Joe after lunch. The two fought three people. They got their a*s’ whupped, but the act was mutual. They got instant respect from the other kids. They never really left each-other in the halls ever since. Lucas followed Joe’s truck to the school.

Lucas was drawing a picture of himself with a mask on for his art class. White with a red smile. Mrs. Finch was praising his friends drawing and stopped when she got to Lucas’.
“What is that?” she asked. Lucas simply shrugged.
“Give him a name.” Mrs. Finch suggested before moving on.
Lucas sat at his table. Thinking for a while, he thought about the news this morning, his schools website glitched with a p**n site and vise versa. Lucas smiled and looked at the drawing. He jotted down one word. It was simple, but Lucas felt it was right. Glitch. He made the proxy insignia over the I. The kid next to him looked at it and chuckled.
Lucas didn’t mind him. He was always a bit of a wallflower. Didn’t say much, didn’t do much. Kinda like an extra in a movie. He flipped his sketchbook shut and got his things together. Two minutes left of class. Lunch was next. Lucas’ friend, Gabe glanced up at the clock, and Lucas got a peek at what Gabe drew. It was himself,sleeping, in class. Lucas smiled. The bell rang and Lucas and Gabe bolted out the door.

Lucas was in the bathroom, redoing his hair for his next class. He heard whooping down the hall. The bathroom door slammed open and the whooping filled the room.
“Well, well, well!” one exclaimed, “If it isn’t the youngest of the brothers Grimm!”
Lucas felt the biggest one slap his back. Lucas brushed his hand away, and pushed past them, grabbing his books on the way out.
“Not so tough without big brubber!” they taunted.
“Spell ‘tough.'” Lucas said.
He chuckled as they attempted to spell it. He walked into class and took his seat when the thugs barged in.
“Hello boys!” the teacher called
“Shut your trap!” the biggest one yelled. “You think you can just taunt us like that?” he asked
“Seems like you do.” Lucas replied
They grabbed him by his vest and hauled him into the hall. Lucas was scared, but didn’t show it. They started to yell at Lucas, but when the pulled him into the corridor, they threw him against the wall. His head had slammed against it. His vision was fuzzy. The bullies voices were muffled. But Lucas heard three words clear as day.
“You wanna fight?”
Lucas’ head pulsed with pain. Then he felt out-of-body, he couldn’t control what he did. His vision cleared and he got up, grabbed the biggest ones shirt, and slammed his forehead into his nose. The bully recoiled, cursing.
“Sure,” Lucas said “I’m here now. And I wanna play!”
His pupils went small and his iris turned blood-red.
Lucas blacked-out. When he woke again, he was soaked in blood, but it wasn’t his. The thugs were at his feet, all choking on their own blood. Lucas started to laugh. Quiet at first. But soon tears were streaming down his face. Thunder crashed outside Glitchs tent. He gasped and shot into a sitting position. Glitch breathed heavy for a minute or two. The wind blew his tent flaps open. Slender stood in the thunder and rain. The thunder crashed once more, and Slenderman disappeared. Glitch laid back down. He wondered when slender would just accept him. He was getting bored. Then he drifted back to sleep, with the rains, now gentle pattering, lulled him to sleep again. He dreamt about his friends. Thunder clapped and they all had tentacles sprouting from their mouthes, eyes, nostrils, and ears.
“Lucas, my child,” a voice echoed in his mind “be patient, your time draws near.”
Glitch woke to birds singing their soothing song. Glitch packed up his tent and kicked his motorcycle to life. He made his way back to Denver. He had gotten a tip for an abusive animal owner that needed to be put down. Glitch hadn’t killed anyone in a while. And his machete was itching to be exercised.

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  • Kony√©

    That was nice and it kept me interested, keep writing them.

  • Amber Izer

    Your Glitch stories are getting better and better. More please!


    I think it needs a stronger plot. Also I think it needs a cleaner story line because I got confused near the end and I didn’t quite understand if it was Glitch or Lucas. But in all it was a pok story and the characters were very interesting.

    • The Malicious Glitch

      Glitchs real name is Lucas. Like Hoodys real name is Brian, Ticci Tobys real name is Toby, and so on. Glitch s story is meant to be confusing at times because the story reflects how he is feeling. Thanks for the feedback!