Gift to Self

In the year 1865, East London, a famous German doctor by the name of Victor escaped almost a sure death at the hands of his own experiments of reanimating a humanoid. The effects of primal fear on the doctor had some weird effects. Even after marrying and settling down, any moving object scared him to the point of paranoia.

His wife stayed in a separate room and would never disturb Victor any day. The room in which the doctor stayed had a window which opened outwards into a narrow dark passage walled in from all sides. The room had a makeshift toilet and a sluice through which his wife would pass the food he would eat throughout the day.

Over a decade or so, as his paranoia settled his hunger for experiments increased. According to his diary, he would go out into the streets for fresh air between 2 am and 3 am to try find inanimate bodies in graveyards for his experiments. The time when almost nothing moved on the streets apart from rats, insects, stray dogs and occasionally the wind.

On one such strolls, he discovered a lady walking on the road. His paranoia crept back in such a form that he would interpret this woman in the form of a devil spawn. In absolute defense, or what he considered defense from evil beings in the world, he would ‘exorcise’ this woman and tie a silk scarf around her neck. The gratification from cleansing the world of such evil gave him such a good kick of dopamine that he would continue to do the same until the day he mistook himself to be such a creature as he peered into a reflection of himself on a puddle of water during a heavy rainstorm. It just so happened that these women killed were prostitutes and remained to be called the cases related to Jack the ripper.

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