Ghost From a Cult

This is just a quick story told in the view of a 11-year-old me. This has a bit of back story so, now let’s begin.

It was a quiet night it my tiny house, or should I say morning. It was about 5 A.M. in the summer me and my sister had been staying up until 10 in the morning and waking up at 10 at night. We were sitting on floor watching TV until a commercial break came.

I got up and quietly said, “I gotta go to the bathroom,” but with the way my house was set up I had to walk across the house to get to the bathroom.

I walked through the living room, then the kitchen. I finally got to the laundry room, which led to the bathroom. I heard a scratching at the door. I knew it was my cat, Sketchers, wanting in so I opened the back door, to see as I expected my cat. I picked him and he began to purr.

I looked up and saw something. It was a solid white color and it looked like a human in a white cloak (with the place I lived we had very deep woods in the back yard and lived in a country like area). I thought maybe it was someone in a cult, they are always looking for the young and smart (and of course is HAD to be the youngest in the house hold and nearly had the intellectual ability of 20-year-old, or at least that’s what my mum always told me) a couple of seconds had passed and was walking back and forth. I could hear the crunching of the leaves as it did. Luckily it hadn’t spotted me.

Even if it did want me, how would it know I’m the youngest and quite smart (that’s when the fear REALLY kicked in). What if it had been watching us. I put my cat down on the washing machine and whispered, “Stay back, Sketchers.” That’s when it turned to face me. I couldn’t see its face. That’s when I slammed the door. It ran to the side of my house, right where my window had been.

I ran back to my room and told my sister what happened. She listened out the window and said, “I hear someone walking around outside.” She told me to sleep on the floor seeing how my bed was right by the window. We both left the room with our flash lights to lock all the doors and windows in the house. From then on out, I would always hear walking in the woods after dark.

  • Jessica Bond

    Wow that’s scary!!🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Samson Horne

    Alright, this story was too short, not descriptive enough, and had a weird ending. If you are going to tell a story from your childhood, which I believe maybe from your childhood, you should still add more descriptive words and maybe a small white lie to make it better to read