Genocide’s Revenge

Jenna was always sad. She was probably the first in her age range to have feelings the way she did. Jenna was in third grade and had no friends. Everyday she would sit on the swings and wait for someone to come play with her but that didn’t happen. Even her own mother ignored all the signs she was giving her. When Jenna was at breakfast one day she was especially sad so she went to walk outside. As she was walking she started crying while she watched other kids play.

“Why can’t I be like them” she said. “If I’m not wanted here… Why am I even here… I’m going to kill myself when I get home.” She put her head down and started walking away as she cried. After she reached a certain point on the playground a boy asked if she wanted to play. She wiped her tears and agreed. The boy introduced her to another boy as well as himself.

His name was Bonnie and the other boy’s name was Michel. Bonnie, Michel, and Jenna played all morning. When it was time to go inside they promised to meet in the same spot and play again later. Jenna had noticed something though… The boy Michel used language that she didn’t use.

She shrugged it off and moved on. After lunch she waited for the boys for about ten minutes. At this point she began to cry because she knew they were like everyone else. Not long after she started crying the boys came running and found her. She wiped her tears and enjoyed her first friendship. They were friends for almost a year. They are in 6th grade now. Michel and Jenna started dating over the summer and fell in love. Jenna was happy and accomplished.

She now had all she ever wanted… but not for long. On January 26th 2016 Jenna had noticed that her friends where being especially rude and distant. When she sat at the table, they all sat on the other side including Michel. Michel said “Hey Jenna! I’m breaking up with you!” Jenna froze. She looked Michel in the eye as the smile faded off her face. The whole table went quiet until she hung her head. The color from her green eyes faded out onto her face. She started crying. Michel and all his friends laughed at Jenna when she cried. They didn’t show any remorse at all for killing the spirit of young Jenna.

Michel turned all of her friends against her with nasty lies and rumors. After almost two years of Jenna being alone she finally snapped. She walked to school on January 26th in 2017 with a big sick smile on her face. She waited until fourth hour when she went to Michel’s class and lit a match. She said “You killed Jenna… This is Genocide’s revenge.” She dropped the match at the door and walked to the bathroom. She killed everyone in the bathroom and wrote “Genocide’s revenge” on the wall in their blood.

She quickly put the bloody pencil in her pocket and ran outside with a sickening laugh erupting from her mouth. Genocide roams the earth on January 26th looking for heartbreaking pieces of filth so she can continue to get revenge for her past identity, innocent, lonely, little Jenna.

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