First Time I Saw It

I was around 8-9 years old when I first encountered what turned out to be my follower. Everywhere I moved. House to house. It seemed to follow me. I was walking up to my room to get some sleep after hanging out with my family. Halfway up the stairs, I looked in my room. No lights were on.

That’s when I saw a shadow-like figure walking towards my closet. I decided to stay downstairs and sleep on the couch. Shrugging it off as a trick of the mind.

That morning, I went to my room to play on my Gamecube. Had a very uneasy feeling. Like I was being watched. Funny enough, everybody was still asleep. Everytime I went to my room, it always felt like I wasn’t alone. I started to sleep on the couch.

A couple years passed. I recently moved to a different house. I saw it again. But at the end of the couch where I slept. Pointed my phones flashlight at it. After that, I talked to my friend about it. He said it was a guardian of some sort. I believed him since he was a paranormal investigator.

Figured he knew more about it than I did. Till he told me that trying to scare it off with lights or any sort of object would irritate it and result in it attacking. Then I got worried. I’ve been flashing my light at it constantly. Is that why it’s still following me? Kinda got used to seeing it in the corner of my room now.

  • Lucas Myers

    1/5 One word best summarize this telling. Boring.