Fields of Blood

My name is Jack. Jack Smith. I lived on a farm in the middle of Georgia. I say lived because I burned the place to the ground. It was the beginning of fall, and the sun was going down. I was getting ready for the night, when I noticed that damn scarecrow. It was big, old, and creepy as hell. It had a pumpkin head, a crimson flannel shirt, black overalls, and an old frayed straw hat. I had tried to take it down many times, but to no avail. I just tried to ignore it. I got into bed and fell asleep quickly I woke up so bright rays of sunshine flowing through my window. I looked at my alarm clock. “10 am? Why didn’t I wake up?!” I thought. I got out of bed and ate breakfast. I went outside and froze. The scarecrow was gone. I started to panic, but then calmed down seeing it in the ground as if it had been knocked off its pole. “Must have been the wind,” I thought. I picked it up and put it back on its pole. I stopped. The face of the pumpkin had changed into a wide frenzied grin. I blinked and it changed back to the cheesy smile that it usually was. “Must have been my imagination.” I thought. A few hours later, I was digging some holes for potatoes, and my shovel hit something hard. It was a book. I removed the book from the ground and looked at the cover.

Di ry of Jo n Fray r 

I opened the book and I read:

Jan. 14 1843

It is growing restless. I can’t keep it out for much longer. If you find this book, you are doomed.

I immediately realized what this meant. I turned around to see that scarecrow thing staring at me with a psychopathic grin. Its mouth and eyes had fire coming from them. Its right hand had turned into a set of 3 sickles and its left hand had turned into a machete stained with blood. It ran at me laughing in a deep voice. I ran into my house and locked the door. I grabbed my mattress and threw it out the window to break my fall. I grabbed all my stuff and threw it out the window onto my mattress. I found my lighter and lit it. I lit my dresser on fire and jumped out the window on my mattress. I saw my house burst into flames. I grabbed my stuff and ran. When I reached the sidewalk, I looked back at my house, and I saw a sight that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I saw my blazing house, with that pumpkin head in the window. Laughing.

  • Mara Blessing

    This felt a little rushed, what did the book have to do with the story? Who was the person who left the book? Why was the pumpkin scarecrow suddenly after him? What in that book turns the scarecrow alive? Too many parts of this story don’t make sense.

    • Max “3xX4flamewood4Xx3” Colonn

      WendigoDemon’s google account here. I am the writer of this story. It was rushed and I am new to this. OK?!?!

    • Max “3xX4flamewood4Xx3” Colonn

      Also read the title of the book. it says diary of John frayer if you fill in the spaces

    • Max “3xX4flamewood4Xx3” Colonn

      And the scarecrow was awakened by the words “You are doomed” on sorry i diddnt explain it

    • Max “3xX4flamewood4Xx3” Colonn

      And the pumpkin scarecrow is evil. That should be obvious.

    • Max “3xX4flamewood4Xx3” Colonn

      And “It” was the scarecrow