Fear Feaster: My Dark Thoughts

Fear Feaster: My Dark thoughts

Within the abyss I look into I followed the shadows of darkness causing a maddening impact into my twisting mind of spinning thoughts.

6 years ago I’ve always loved killing, my first time of killing a human being felt so good as if you’re more than human, although doing it again and again can’t be an addiction for me anymore for it its bloodthirst for murder is futile. Because you see, KILLING is natural for me now, it felt good at first until when you’re doing it again and again makes you realize that it isn’t as fun as your first time.

It’s like a craving for death. Craving for death not suicide, but homicide. The blooming trees of spring as I bloom too back to a better self from the dead after I died inside. I went to the forest wearing my white hoodie with my karambit knife in hand to find a victim, or perhaps a wandering lost soul. As I have killed someone by stabbing his lower back and slashed it way up to his head as blood splatter on my face, I smiled and felt bloodthrist again.

I saw a witness that screamed for help and ran away. What I did not know is that I can shift into someone’s shadow and follow them as their shadow then back to my normal form. So this means there is no escaping from me now. As he calls the cops I was never found, until he went to bed and then morphed back to my normal form from his back in bed I slit his throat over and over again until I cut off his damn head.

Now I have to be creative rather than just using toys such as a knife. Since I have powers I don’t need them anymore. I am death incarnate and death harbinger and death bringer.

I focused into the mind of my alive victim and then saw his fears, I meditated my mind and then I morphed into his greatest nightmare, a human sized spider. I crawled to him and devoured its flesh from head to toe. Then once he died I morphed back to my normal form.

Everyone has fears and I bring it to them!