Fatal Foot Race (Batim Creepypasta)

Author’s Note: Before you read I just want to clarify that first, this is a creepypasta based on the game bendy and the ink machine, second, that this is the first creepypasta I ever wrote and third, this was heavily inspired by suicide mouse so please don’t be upset if it’s too similar. I hope you like it.

I have recently found an antique copy of one of those Bendy cartoon shorts in my attic. My parents were big fans of these kinda things so I wasn’t very surprised. Although I wondered how they both got their hands on it. In my town at the movie theater there’s a projector that can play the cartoon reels. That’s where I went. I asked if I could put the reel on and watch it. The guys that worked there agreed but they said they would have to watch it with me incase I tried to steal the other reels in the room.

I was fine with that and followed the employes with the reel in my hand. We all entered a dark room with bookshelves side by side with multiple reels scattered like books on the shelves. There were a few chairs in the room. A guy took the reel from my hand and he started to put the reel in the projector. The other employees sat down and I did too.

The reel starts with the countdown from five and then the Bendy head appears like normal for his shorts. The title of the short was “fatal foot race” the name was kinda weird but a title like that wasn’t uncommon. The short starts with Bendy in a city running to the right of the screen. He was running so frantically almost as if someone was chasing him. There was no music.  The other people watching with me looked at each other confused. Bendy ran for about a minute until the sound of footsteps were heard and Bendy stopped running turning his head to the left behind him. He jumped in fear and continued to run for his life.

What was he even running from? He kept running for two more minutes until he was met with a wall in his way. He desperately started to bang on the wall with his hands turning into fits. As he hit the wall he looked over behind him starting to cry. The other people in the room once again looked at each other but this time in fear. I wasn’t phased in the slightest though. Music started to play it was an out of tune cello. The music seemed like it would fit into a death scene in a movie.

A silhouette of someone walking slowly over to Bendy who shook his head repeatedly putting his back against the wall. He got into the fetal position holding his head as the silhouette got closer and closer to him. It cut to black with the sound of a violin playing a high note like a scream.

Thirty seconds later the screen fading into a new scene where Bendy’s buddy Boris was looking around with a worried look on his face in a field. This time there was music but it was upbeat and cheerful. He looked around the field like he was looking for something. He starts to walk to the left for a minute. He stopped once he found a bow tie on the ground.

Bendy’s bow tie! Boris picked it up his expression becoming more worried. He started to speed walk looking side to side as he walked. Three minutes later he froze in place his expression contorting into horror. The music freezes too.  Boris clasped his hands over his mouth dropping the bow tie.

He started to run toward whatever he saw before it cut to black again. The sound of violin high notes played again but there was more than one. I saw as the people in the room with me started to freak out was the violins played in a black background.

They all started screaming and shouting some were crying. There was one guy who vomited in a trash can and ran out of the room. The short ends forty seconds later. What the hell did they see that I didn’t?

  • Arianna Pearson

    That cliffhanger though… Wow

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