Faked to Insanity – Tommy Jamie Sakez

The more she walked, the more she wanted to leave. She made her way up the carpet stairs, to her room, after her drunken father, slashed at her, with a thick, cord. Leaving her in throbbing pain. Her back was scarred and badly bruised, as well as her legs. Although her forearms were her own beating, it was nothing compared to what her father had done. She would often provoke him so he wouldn’t go after her younger brother or mother. School was the same. Being jumped to a pulp, but no-one hit harder than her father… she struggled with this for years. She didn’t tell anyone because she couldn’t bring herself to it. Her mother still loved the man and her little brother, Toby, was just the same. He didn’t understand. He was only eight turning nine…


“Okay Thomas, let’s start easy,” the female officer spoke with a warming smile, “How old are you?”

“…Fifteen,” she replied. Her southern accent rolled off her tongue. Her voice was slightly deep but raspy.

“Okay great! Now, tell me, what’s your full name?”

“Thomas Jamie Sakez,” she replied bluntly.

“Alright. Tell me, why are you here? with me-right now,” the officer spoke once again with the tilt of her head.

Everything went silent. The cold, glare Thomas was giving the officer, known as Emma, was spine-chilling and nerve-racking. Emma shifted in her seat as Thomas’s eyes removed from the girl and to the floor. She too shifted in her seat with a sigh.

“My Daddy used to beat me til’ I was bleedin’ and tremblin’ on the floor in-front of em. I had top surgery when I was thirteen, I saved up my own money for it because of the molest I’d go through… Dad wasn’t happy about it. I’d take the blame for my brother’s mistakes so he could stay home and not fear what father would do to em,” her Southern accent harshly rolled off her tongue as she crossed her arms and leaned back against the cushions of the chair, “I thought you would know,” she scoffed.

“Well, I need to-”

“It doesn’t matter. It ain’t nothin’,” she interrupted with a slight roll of her eyes.

“Alright… So, it tells me here that, you once pulled a crossbow, on your father. Do you think you can tell me why?” she asked as calmly as she could. It once again went quiet. The memory seemed to flash through her head as she closed her eyes and let out a breath.

“I came home from the gym, and my father was hittin’ on my brother with a wire. He was screamin’ and f****d up. I pushed em off my brother and got into a fist fight with em. I had my crossbow next to the TV in which I had grabbed… I aimed it at em… but you guys kicked down the door. Is that good enough?” she snapped.

“Thomas. Please calm down, I understand that what you’ve experienced left you hurt, but I’m only trying to help.”

“Help? Help – man I don’t need help! You wanna help someone, help that F****r in prison! The one that practically r***d my mom! The one that beat the s**t outta my family!” Thomas snapped as she flashed up, out of her seat, just barely on the verge of tears. “You know what kids used to say to me? They used to say that, because I always seemed to have a bruise that almost surrounding my left eye, that I was, some wrong answer that my Mama tried to erase but couldn’t get the job done!” she yelled with tears filling her eyes, dragging her finger from her cheek-bone to the top of her forehead, tracing the bruise she had.

“Thomas please! I didn’t mean to trigger you, we all have our own problems, and I completely understand, just, sit down, and help me help you,” Emma spoke with her hands up, signaling she wasn’t going to call in anybody. “I can tell, you’re like a wild card. Through time alone you learned to fend for yourself and gained a hard-boiled mindset… is that right? Now, we need all the information we can get. Cope with me please.”

Thomas scoffed and sat back down. The way her lean, masculine body was built easily questioned Emma. She had known that Thomas was Non-Binary, but, why take the pain when she could easily fight back?

“Can you tell me… why you didn’t fight back? You’re in good shape. Why take the pain?”

“It was either me or my brother. I wanted it to be me and me only.”

“You love your brother a lot don’t you,” Emma smiled. All she got was a glance from Thomas. She sighed and continued asking questions.

As the days pass, being at rest in a foster home was doing better than she had ever gotten. Toby was now only ten and was often found with Thomas. Them getting into fights was quite rare, for the only time Thomas every really spoke was in school and when alone with her brother.. Yes, school was still hard but being jumped was barely put in the past. No one really messed with her alone, cause she quickly became feared. She became feared because of her ‘bad-a*s’ attitude because she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or what-not. If someone was being bullied or pushed around, she took action and stepped between it. Often getting into fights but never losing… Only once or twice.

Yes… Soon enough, she was Faked To Insanity. The only friends she thought she had left her for something so stupid. Something so small. The one’s that had known her since preschool… up to eleventh grade.

Because she was different. Every friend she’s ever had, faked her out and used her…

The day everything went to hell was blood thirsty and stress relieving.

The cold, winter air pricked at the black, leather jacket Thomas was wearing, and danced on her skin. Her dark-hazel, male-like hair, was messy and tangled with the wind. Her black turtle neck was warming but tight against her tan skin, and her tight-ish, black, ripped jeans were dirty with a bit of mud. The leaves and twigs snapped and crunched from under the groups feat, as they walked down the dark, nights path, of the so called, “Slender Woods”. They all laughed and made fun of the Faceless Creature as Thomas found it, disrespecting, to the tall, tree-like figure. So she said nothing but rolled her eyes and let out a sigh.

“Tommy! Delirious! Thomas! Whatever you want me to call you! Common smile! Laugh! Something!” Allyssia giggled. She was short for her age and her brown hair dangled down to her knees.

“Yeah it wouldn’t kill ya!” Jessica giggled along. Thomas stayed quiet and emotionless as they continued to walk. Everyone was used to Thomas often being in a furious mood. So they shrugged it off with a sigh and continued to mock the Faceless Creature.

“Why are you always in a furious mood? I mean its kinda cute but can get a bit annoying at times if, I wanna be honest,” spoke Gabriel. He was a play-boy but nice to hang around with. Even if Thomas didn’t show it. Thomas shrugged while continuing to look straight.

“You know Erick still hates you. Why do you still-”

I don’t hang out with him. He hangs out with me. If anything that’s how we all became, ‘friends’… I guess,” Thomas snapped with an arch of her thick-ish, eyebrows.

“True, true. He, calls you Queen of Depression… just though I’d throw that out there,” Gabe spoke slightly disappointed.

“…Erick!” Thomas snapped.

“Oh, s**t,” Gabe sighed under his breath.

As Thomas walked over to where Erick was lacking behind. You could tell in her walk that she was gonna start something. Erick’s smile quickly faded as he looked up from Allyssia. He took a step back as Thomas took a step closer. Without a word, Thomas popped Erick in the face. He stumbled back a little, but attempts to swing back.

His fist was only caught in Thomas’s grip as she pulled him forward and repeatedly punched Erick in the gut. Jessica let out a scream as Allyssia yelled for Thomas to stop. Gabe quickly came up behind Thomas and put her in a head lock, but loosened his grip when he was elbowed in the stomach by her. She took her chance and flung him over her shoulder. The leaves flung in the air, and twigs crunched as well as a sickening snap, of one of his bones; as Gabe’s body hit the floor. He gasped for air, but soon enough went quiet.

She stood straight, and fixed her sweater, while letting out a scoff. Jessica was crying as Allyssia stood in anger.

“What was that for!” Allyssia yelled.

“Shut up!” Thomas Snapped annoyed.

“Make me!”

Thomas immediately snapped her head to look at Allyssia. Her face was uneasy as she took a step towards Thomas. Thomas walked towards her, getting up in her face.

“I will-hold still!” Thomas snapped. Allyssia flinched but muttered words Thomas wished she’d never hear again.

“I wish your father was here,”

Thomas’s face softened at the words, as she froze. Her brows arched with furry once again and her fists clenched tighter. But her eyes started to water at the next words.

“That’s why your brother is going to another home! Cause they don’t want him to be with, YOU! A good for nothing Loser!” Allyssia yelled said as she pushed her.

“Don’t you touch me!” Thomas yelled back while pushing Allyssia to the ground. “Piss off!”

“We brought you here to sacrifice you, b***h! how does it feel to know your ‘friends’ are fake huh!” Allyssia cried with bit of anger.

“I don’t need friends! I never asked for you! I never wanted any of you in my life! They always left me! All of em…!” Thomas looked around as her eyes watered. Her Southern accent made her sound even more intimidating. All of them where looking at her like she was some, monster. But… It wasn’t, her, they where looking at.

It was him.

Thomas didn’t even bother to turn around. For she knew that He was already there due to the ear pain of the, what seemed like, static. The only thing Thomas did was give an icy, glare to all of them while standing her ground. She ignored the sharp, painful noise; even if it did hurt she pulled it off… Til everything went black.


Thomas awoke in the bed of her foster home. Her head was pounding as she stood up. Holding her temples with her cut wrists, she walked down stairs to be greeted with Amber, the care-taker of the house. Amber smiled warmingly and continued to clean the dirty dishes. Thomas made her way to the cabinet that held the medication(s) and took an ibuprofen or two.

She turned around and fell back onto the floor as a tall, faceless creature towered over her. Her heart was beating fast and her breathing was increasing. At first she was scared, but now she was intrigued. Her breathing slowed down as she tilted her head. And with the blink of an eye the creature was gone. She automatically became confused and stood up. Looking around she saw Amber staring at her in shock.

“Thomas… are you okay?” she asked.

Thomas shook her head and swiftly made her way to her room. She locked the door and tried to figure out what she just saw. She’s heard storied of the faceless man, but never really believed in them. She sighed and made her way to her laptop and decided to do some research.

About thirty minuets into researching, the figure called, “Slenderman”, she ran into the bathroom and vomited a little bit. She rubbed her eyes and doubted everything she just read. Then the TV turned on. The static from the TV quickly annoyed Thomas. So she picked up the remote and tried to turn it off. But it wouldn’t work. The lights on the remote were going off, signaling that the batteries weren’t dead. She banged the remote against her hand and tried it again, but still nothing. Getting frustrated she threw her fist into the flat-screen TV. Her fist went straight through the TV as it still powered through.

She pulled out her now, cut, hand, from the TV and looked at it. It turned off of a quick minuet. But turned back on.

“What…?” Thomas whispered to herself.

The static seemed to get louder as she backed away. So she stopped and took a couple steps forward. But it got even louder. Confused, she took no hesitation but to turn around. Nothing. She looked back at the TV expecting something again, but still, nothing. She closed her eyes and shook her head and looked back at the TV.

“Erin are you seeing this?” a female voice spoke from the TV. “What is this?”

Thomas’s eyebrows ached in confusion. But her eyes widened as the TV fixed itself. Her heart beating faster once again, as a video was now playing.

“It looks like… ketchup or something,” Erin spoke. He pointed the camera at the “ketchup” on a tree.

“No… this is… is this, blood?” the girl asked, obviously tense.

The TV flashed and the setting changed to last night.

It showed Thomas… she was breaking something… The sickening cracks and pops were heard before the screaming of pain echoed through-out the quiet night of the woods. Cries were heard as one of the bodies attempted to crawl away. Before they could get anywhere, Thomas had grabbed them by their legs. They begged for mercy as Thomas snapped their leg bone in two. The sickening crack and pop was heard once again and was quickly followed by a scream of agony. Then everything went silent and the video ended.

…Thomas stood still for a moment til everything rushed back to her. Those people that were slowly being killed by herself… they were Allyssia, Gabriel, Jessica, and Erick. Thomas slowly formed a smirk onto her lips while letting out a deep, dark chuckle of approval.

“Faked To Insanity,” she spoke with a chuckle.”Who’s next, Sir?”

Thomas Jamie Sakez.
Credit by Tommy Ashley Marquez -me- (Instagram- @mxedmoon)


~Height- 5’4 ~Crossbow ~Smirnoff ~Skittles ~Non-Binary ~Pan-sexual (but hates relationships) ~Often in a Furious mood but will make wry jokes/comments here and there ~Has a major sweet-tooth ~Depressed ~Extremely smart (nerd) ~Does have a sensitive side for animals (dogs) and little brother (those she/he cares about) ~Bipolar ~Is often found alone ~Jeff often fights with her for fun (but soon enough gets outta hand) ~Doesn’t mind getting dirty ~Normally surrounds herself with work ~Barely sleeps