Everything Was Okay, Until She Broke Into My Cabin

It was getting late, so I decided to go to sleep. People have been warning me about serial killers in the woods. They warned me about Raphael Jones Miller. But I never took those seriously, those are just stories meant to scare us. Well, I’m not scared so no matter what they say I’m going to get some sleep tonight. Let’s just hope she doesn’t do anything cause I’m a really deep sleeper. As I walked to my room I heard knocking on the walls… I wondered who it was but just took it as my imagination and went to my room. Finally some rest. I opened my eyes and sat up in bed it was morning… already? It seemed like a couple of seconds. A powerful scream broke the silence and almost made me jump. I got out of bed and ran out of the cabin to see who it was.

I was horrified. A tall girl with brown skin, a black turtleneck, and white jeans was stabbing some boy. She suddenly stopped and turned to me. Her face, her jaw. It was broken, just hanging open, blood was all over her turtleneck and her jeans were dirty, stained, and ripped. I couldn’t believe my eyes… Was this Raphael? But it can’t be! I never saw her in my whole life! She stood up and faced me then darted at me. Right when was gonna hurt me, I woke up. This time it was night, I heard someone running around, so I put the blanket over my head and held my breath every twenty seconds until the running got louder and louder then stopped. I got out of bed and slowly walked, opened my door. After a couple of steps forward, I heard the door slam behind me. I whipped around. What I saw scared me to my wits. The girl from my nightmare was standing right in front of my door. I turned and ran as fast as I could. I felt her catching up.

I managed to run into a room and slam the door in her face. She screamed an ear-piercing scream as I locked the door. I spotted a drawer and knocked it down. As I was pushing it to the door, it swung open hitting the wall. I fell back and scooted backward. She came closer and stepped over the drawer, raised her dagger. Luckily she was close enough so I kicked her leg. She kneeled and screamed in pain as I stood up and ran out of the room, out of my cabin. I ran deep into the forest. At this point, I started to believe what they said about the killers in the forest. It was very dark… anything could jump at me at any moment. Suddenly the girl popped back into my mind, she could be lurking right now! I stayed as quiet as I could. Taking light footsteps. I heard her shout I turned, she was running straight towards me. Now there was nothing I could do… but rest in peace.

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    … That physically hurt. But, uh, alright spelling and grammar. Nice gore tho.

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    Wow lol i made some pretty deep mistakes…sorry guys!