Dr. Rose’s Backstory

Rose was just a teenage girl. She was bullied because she wanted to be a surgeon. She used to talk about that she would watch videos of people, cutting open their stomachs and pull out their intestines. People grew scared and angry at her. They start calling her “Dr. Rose,” and say she used Roses to attract people and wrap them in black thorn bushes. She told her parents but they never listened and just locked her back in her room until school tomorrow.

She started hearing a whisper, saying, “No one loves you… They use you..” She started freaking out and look around and then at her reflection in the mirror and saw a tall, slender man, with long, like twig hands and long legs, and no face… She also saw in her reflection that was supposed to be her, had intestines with black thorn bushes, hanging out of her cut open stomach. Her face was stitched on the cheek, that had pulled her mouth all the way to her cheek, with an evil, devilish smile. Her eyes red and pierced. Her hair short in the back and two long strands in the front and bangs. Her hair blood red. She had horns that looked like wolf ears.

She also saw that her reflection had a lab coat on and holding a needle with black fluid in it. She screamed and woke up in her bed, looking around, wondering what happened.

She had went to school and everyone, still, called her names and made fun of her. She started smirking, and laughing hysterically. The other students grew scared, her face started forming the same way her face was in the mirror reflection in her dream. Her clothes under a lab coat that had appeared with blood stains. Her hair falling off the size of the reflection she saw, and she grabbed a knife from her pocket and stabbed herself multiple times and laid backward on the floor. Dead. But that’s what the students thought. Her stomach started moving and spidery, black thorn legs came out of her stomach and shot toward of the students. The thorns stabbing into them and the blood draining into the little holes in her thorns.

The students screamed and she laughed some more and the spidery, black thorny legs moved toward her back and stabbing into the floor, holding her up. Her mouth widening and yelling. “YOU WILL NOT MAKE FUN OF ME NO MORE ONCE I KILL ALL OF YOU!” She said. Students started running but she blocked the doors everywhere and thorn bushes started growing on the walls, “You will never escape, once you are all dead!” she yelled again.

Dark grew nearer, blood stained walls, her lab coat covered in blood, intestines and roses everywhere. Her smile going back to normal and her spidery legs disappearing. A cold hand touched her shoulder, she looked up to see the slender man.

He spoke, “Come with me, young one, I will take good care of you…”

The End

  • Advice from a pizza

    “Rose was just a teenage girl. She was bullied…”

    *Sighs, rubbing temples* Jokes aside, I guess we’re supposed to sympathize for Rose because she openly states how she enjoys watching videos of people self-mutilating themselves, while removing their intestines, resulting in her fellow peers to shun her?

    • Daniel Di Benedetto

      Absolutely true. Could not have said it better myself. And the Slender Man trope needs to die.

  • EricDraven

    Sorry, but this was terrible. Rushed, no real character development and tbh Rose was freak.

  • IronMosquito

    I agree with all the other comments. Just the same old Slenderman garbage.

  • Puddin Tane

    Reading the comments… I know, I should give it a chance. Hi, hum, YAWN! I don’t think I will. The star rating speaks for itself. Saves me the trouble. Thanks, guys. Sorry you all had to suffer through that drivel.