Don’t Wake Up

The frantic knocking at the door woke the boy up in a panic. In pure instinct he hide under the covers, embracing the warmth and comfort it brought him. He mustered up all his strength to call for his mother. However the confident voice he fell asleep with was replaced by the poor whimper of a child in need of his mother’s love. The silence that followed his plea caused tears to form in his dark green orbs.

A slight creaking sound was heard to his left as a figure waltzed into the room. Knowing he was not alone he froze and went silent. Gently,a hand stroke his head through the covers; the familiar action caused his fear to melt away to nothing ,as the stranger repeated the action over and over again.He quickly emerged from the covers and hugged the dark figure. He squeezed the stranger tighter as they stroked his long hair to the side.

He looked up at the black silhouette with his eyes full of joy. The figure had yet to say a word to him “Mama,” he said.  The stranger lunged at him. The boy let out a high pitch scream. However this fell on deaf ears. The man wrapped his hand around the boy’s mouth and nose. The boy struggled in his torture, desperate to break free and find his mother. Gradually, the life and curiosity was drained out of him. Soon he lay limp in the man’s arm.

The man softly cried into the boy shoulder: ashamed of what he had just done. Lazily he made his way up from the bed; with the boy safely secured in his arms. He marched out of the room; his tears now invisible to the eye. Down the narrow corridor he went, getting closer and closer to the master bedroom; where the boy’s mother slept. He grasped the metal handle and softly pulled the door open. When inside the man set the boy down next to his mother; where they both rested in peace.

  • Tate’yana Knight

    On deaf** ears, many grammatical errors, and you should change “green orbs” it doesn’t read smooth

    • AliceTucker

      You did not use a full stop.

  • Alexis Saunders

    Confused about the ending

  • Moe

    I believe the dad murdered them.