Don’t Lose the Coin

It was a Friday the 13th and Jackie was at the mall with her mom, dad, and brother, Dominique. Her dad was abusive and constantly slamming things and yelling, and not to forget,  he was a drunk. She figured since her brother went to the food court to eat, she’d go buy Jamba juice and say hi to him.

On the way up the escalator, she heard carnival music. She reached into her pocket with food on her mind. She then realized with only one dollar, she needs more to eat.

An Asian man with black glasses and a brief case approaches her. The man was roughly 6 feet tall,  and towered over her 5 foot frame. He stepped back a bit and asked, “Wanna bet?”

Jackie noticed a contest for the strongest person with weights and figured she’d wage her dollar and work her way up the bets for cash to buy food. She knew her brother spent all of his money, so she said, “I only have one dollar, but, yes.” The man fluffed his hair, and with a twinkle in his eye, took the dollar and dropped four dimes, and out came a rolling gold coin.

It spun, and for a moment the only thing that existed was the coin. It stopped by the dimes.

He told her to pick it up, but something didn’t feel right,  the lights felt dim, the carnival music went on louder. “No, I don’t mess with that stuff!” Jackie says. “This coin will follow you forever,  and so will paranormal encounters. It will end when your life does. Don’t lose it!”

He then went to a table and sat down, he disappeared. So did the contest. She then decided she wanted to go talk to her brother about what was going on and asked if she was really okay.

But then she knows the queen rolling down the escalator and she thought of the words, “Don’t lose the coin!” She followed it outside and her friends were there as well. Ashley chase and Lani Cal.

She tried to explain the incident,  but the coin rolled on. “Wait!” She said, “help me!” So, they all went after the coin until it stopped. They then realized it was nowhere to be found. Ashley spotted it in the dirt and dusted it off. As soon as the three girls looked into it, the sky became grey.

Wind blew and crows flew above. It was so cold. Then, the carnival music started again.  But this time, a harlequin or, clown of some sort was peering through a bush about 20 feet away. It had a wicked grin and blood leaking down its chin and on its hand Lani and Jackie could make out 13 carved in blood. It slowly came out of the bush and I instantly felt like I should tell Ashley to drop the coin, that it’d all go away.

“WATCH THE COIN.” The harlequin started carving into the sand floor, “AND YOUR CLOSE ONES TOO.” It concluded. Then the Clown in its red, black, white and gross green outfit ran at us, awkwardly but faster than we can get away. Ashley is way out front,  I’m trailing her, and Lani screeches. She is dragged clear into the ground by her ankles with a bloody face with WATCH THE COIN on her forehead.

Then the Clown appeared in front of Ashley and together we tried to throw rocks at it, but it vanished. Where’s Lani? Then the sky and area goes darker. I hear louder music. “We must keep going,” I say, “But I see the lake pleasent parkway sign, we’re too far.” Ashley looks my way. “We should go back,” she says swiftly. But, the mall isn’t there.

All it was it dust and dirt! Nothing was there and I miss my mom and brother, Lani too, even my idiot father. I break down and cry.

Then, I awake in my Arizona home, my own bed, safe. I cry a thanks but then my arm stings extremely. “Ah!”  The word “COIN” Is carved in me. Out of bed, I see there he coin on the floor. Oh no, how even?

If you ever see a gold coin from now on, never touch it. After writing this,  strange things have happened,  because you read this, you are at risk…