Don’t Let It Hit You

When I was a kid I was always wanted to explore the unknown. And I could do that since I was older now. I was 16 when it happened… It was like yesterday and now I’m 25! It happened when I had started driving after a few days of getting my license. I had just got my car and decided to take it for a nice drive through my neighborhood. My mother as always told me, that if I drive after night (which I shouldn’t ) to never drive through unknown areas.

I thought to myself for a second, “What?? I know where I’m going and plus, I’ve been through most of this entire town.” I sighed and nodded.

She wished me farewell and before I left, she said, “Jamem be a good boy and be back home before sunset.”

I sighed and smiled trying not to show I was up to no good. I put the car in drive and my Mom waved bye to me and I drove off and out of the neighborhood. I think I drove pretty far away from home because it was already past sunset and I didn’t really recognize where I was.

I knew my mom tried calling me because she always does that if I’m out late. I tried to see if I could call her to tell her I’m fine,  but there was no service where I was. I was driving down a road with just street lights and beyond that was the woods and a small gas station that looked to still be opened. It looked like it would take me 5 or more minutes to get past the woods and to the gas station.

I looked at my phone and it was currently 8:23 P.M. I guess I have been driving for a while and my mom was probably worried sick and ready to call the police, if not had already called them. I sighed and started to drive through the forest. About half way, a car just came speeding out of the woods! I slammed on my brakes as the car in front of me was rocking a little from it slamming on the breaks. My heart was in full motion. I was breathing hard and shocked.

I stepped out of my car and went to the other car and looked inside the car. There was no one inside the car. Nothing. I got scared and looked around trying to find someone. Then all of a sudden, something grabbed my leg and started pulling me into forest at a fast rate. I started screaming as it was hard since I kept getting whacks to the face and arms by trees, rocks and few frighten animals.

I looked back to see nothing, but I still being dragged into the woods.  I kicked with all my might only to hear a  ear-piercing screech. That was my chance. I ran as fast as I could. I looked back only to see a morphed figure with several limbs and heads. It had so many eyes as if it could see all. It had teeth, but no lips. With my legs hurting, my knees and elbows oozing blood, and my face all battered up.  I hoped in my car and started the engine as fast as I could. I put the car in drive and speed the other way I came from. The thing was following me and I pressed my foot against the gas petal  until I was completely out of the woods. I slowed down and looked back only to see nothing. I drove until I came across a police station.

The man looked at me with wide eyes and asked me what happen. I lied and told him that I was just attacked by some animal, but I didn’t know what it was since it was pretty dark. They asked me my parents phone number and called them. I told them that I only had a mom and that my dad was who knows where. My mom came as soon as she got the called and hugged. She wasn’t mad. She was happy in fact to see that I was safe with minor injuries. We drove back home and she cleaned me up. Whatever was in that woods needs to be left there. Never go through the unknown.

  • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

    The story was ok just make sure the next time you write a story that you have better spelling. There were times when it was hard to understand what you were trying to say.

  • Very nice!

  • Brandon Barrett

    Story was mediocre and contained a multitude of errors