He has 4 wives, the family is quite happy.

And he is also an alcoholic, every day from morning.

He drank until late at night, every time he was drunk.

Not knowing where heaven and earth are and after a night wake up.

He does not see his wife where, Look around the house see his wife sleep on the table
And today he took another wife, because of the fun day.

He drank a lot of drunk wine, as well.

Early in the morning he woke up, did not see his wife where,

Looking at the table… but one thing he found himself sitting on the table!


Oath of Friendship

I and my bff before the twin had vowed to heaven and earth, although birth on the same day. Although not born on the same day, month, year. But vow died the same day the same month, year, never betray each other…

We were arrested, and my captors gave us three options, 1. my life, 2. my friend living, 3. both dead, and each people one a knife.

It stabbed me… Before dying I saw it smile very happy

That day! his house has a funeral


Today is the end of the year, I was good student, my mother promised to reward me a gift, and I said I want to eat the best barbecue by my mother.

When I came back to dinner, I smelled the smell of barbecue, I rushed to the table, and found on the table was a lot of barbecue, just fat color is attractive, but its shape is strange: with fingers, eyes on the grill, and a long foot on the plate. I asked my mother:

“Barbecue have strange shape.”

My mother said softly,

“Suỵt , father must ‘sacrifice’ to have this celebration it!”



My sister is a hot girl, has good academic achievements, she is always loved by everyone, her parents pampered her ink.

I wanted to be like her, I tried hard to be beautiful, tried to spend a lot of time to learn, but as a result, she win me in beauty and learning.

I chatted my sister very much, and I wanted her to die, and today was a good opportunity, parents not home.

I used the knife to kill her.

Know why I killed her, not because I detest her… but

Revenge! Because she has done that with me.



I was invited to the party, there are many strange and attractive dishes, I try to eat one by one, to the smallest plate, which contains only a little meat, but the most beautiful and attractive, I eat and realize its human flesh…

  • Theresa

    I have no idea what this story is about. Seems like several random journal entries thrown together. Im assuming the author is not a native English speaker which would explain the grammar and sentence structure. I would recommend going back and organizing the topic and details and having someone proofread and help with editing. Good luck 🙂

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    What is happening here! I can’t grasp any firm details in this story. It’s so jumbly. ;-;

  • JustARandomPastaReader