You want to know why I am the way I am? Why all of us are, the way we are? It’s because of you. Because of society.

You run from us, fear us, call us monsters. But what are you? A victim? Ha! No. You are, all of you, vermin. A plague tearing this pitiful planet apart. You break us down, beat on us until we have no faith in the world, no emotion. It’s Your fault!

It’s funny, they say blood is thicker than water. But you can’t even trust family. I know by example. My parents met in a bar. That could already sum it up. I was an only child, as my siblings were all adopted. Mom chose the bottle over us. She left before my first birthday.

Dear old dad was always working. Only logical choice he had was to always drop me off at my cousins, we played all sorts of games. “Force Larry into a dog cage and roll him down the stairs,” or “Shoot at him with a BB gun for amusement,” and my personal favorite “Turn Larry into a pit dog and make him fight the other kids,” winner gets fed. They abused me for eight f*****g years! But the youngest of them, Kolbe, was the worst. He jumped at every opportunity to break me down emotionally.

It wasn’t until the 5th grade that I finally snapped. He cornered me in the lounge area, held a knife to my neck. I felt something then. The fear was gone. With it, went all emotion. You know what I did? I ripped that goddamn knife out of his hand and grabbed him by the trachea. Not the whole throat. Just the trachea.

The look of fear that filled him was perfect. I threw him to the ground. I told him to try that again. And you know what? He f*****g did! He got up to his feet and went to charge me into the wall. Without thinking I broke his father’s favorite pool stick off of his back. He staggered with every ounce of strength I had left, I tackled him into the glass pane door. It shattered leaving us both tumbling onto the porch, glass everywhere.

He tried running to his parents auto shop to get them. So I simply threw a chunk of cement. It flew 20 feet and hit him in the back of the neck. He dropped immediately. He lived, and I wasn’t allowed there anymore. I haven’t gotten those urges until high school, I was the kid that got beaten up alot in school. I was smaller and weaker than the other kids, and that made me an easy target.

It didn’t stop until I chased a bully down the street with a katana. After that was by far the worst experience of my (human) life. I got engaged. She was pregnant. She was killed by a demonic cult, based on anarchy, and they made it personal. I tracked them down. One by one.

Each of them. Less dignity than the last. Until I got to the leader. He killed me. And that was his mistake. You see, when that son of a butch carved out my still beating heart and offered it to that demon, Zalgo. He didn’t make an offering of a sacrifice, he made an offering of a proxy… me.

That horned a*****e gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

“Die and go to hell where I’ll never get to be reunited with my fiancée and spent an eternity in suffering,” or “Take souls and bring discord to the world in honor of my master.”

I think I made the right choice. Don’t you? I know you do. I can can feel it. You get it now don’t you? You felt the urges? Deep down. Go ahead. Act on em, because all it takes is one thread to be pulled, and the world unravels into chaos. Glorious chaos.


  • Larry Roberts

    That moment when you submit your life story and they accept it as a legitimate Creepypasta. Damn

    • piamette

      Thank god someone else feels this. I was like “this some angsty journal ****” immediately 🙁

  • To the readers reading these comments. I want you to know that discord is more than just an oc. He is in us all. The urges. The beast knocking at the door. The rage we feel for no reason, wanting to create anarchy. He is my second personality. My evil flippy. He is extremely personal to me. And he has shown several times before. This story is true. This stuff happened. I am I guess technically a real Creepypasta. If anyone has questions feel free to hit me up. Light stalking only 😜.

    Kik: Eyelessjack1080
    Snapchat: Larry_Roberts12
    Quotev: Discord (emberfalcon)

  • piamette

    Bad grammar and yet another “I got bullied and turned random psychopath” story except with jarringly abrupt cult sacrifice referencing things that have no relevance to the previous story? OK. I mean, if you’re going for a narrator readers will feel 0 sympathy for, good job. Was wondering if this was a troll the whole time. I’m really sad it’s not. Oh well, we all had an edgy phase. I laughed at the word katana though. Helped me understand why he got bullied… At least it has a happy ending.

    • TheOneWhoRates

      It could have been rewritten

      • piamette

        Yeah, it should be.

  • Gangi

    This is one of the worst things I have ever read. More of a poorly written edgefag fantasy than a creepypasta. I thought it was a joke until I saw edgemaster here in the comments

  • With all seriousness I rewrote his story several tim. This is from back when I was trying to make him a self insert character. This story above was real except for that last part I threw together his new story gives him depth and reason and actually makes sense but also I would like to hear feedback and ideas as my excuse you can probably notice but you just read the first thing I’ve ever written. You can get an idea of what discord is about minus the buckshot but he was completely taken apart in a government facility that malfunctioned trying to turn him into a super soldier sleeper agent in project mannequin and wants revenge so he goes out of his way to break down society as he can. I would love to hear your feedback sorry you had to read that load of crap but hey you gotta start somewhere right?