Deep Web

Always be safe on the internet. You most likely just rolled your eyes and laughed under your breath but I wish I took that advice to heart.

I’m 18 about to leave the nest as most people do. I only have three months left of school and our friend group gives each other one dare say like tell a teacher that you love them or embarrassed yourself in front of the whole school. I was told to check out this thing called the deep web I’ve never heard of it but it sounds interesting.

I was playing on the classic TF2 or killing floor on my computer when I got my dare by text telling me to adventure the deep web right now I signed then I said ok then I got right on it.

I looked up the traditional deep web and got some links that said deep web chat. I thought to myself screw it, I clicked on the link my computer took a minute to load but eventually loaded but I see a few people online. I said hello the two people both said hello back, then immediately asked me what I have done I sat there confused I asked, “What?” They responded, “Oh come on don’t make us guess,” and then they said, “Have you skinned a man? Have you sold so much drugs to teenagers that they died of overdosed? Have you killed for fun? What have you done?” I imminently left the sight and sat there then I got a text by an unknown number that made me jump. I got a picture of an old woman’s dead body with her wrists slit by a knife. I don’t know what to do, please please¬†tell me what I should do in the comments.

  • Jocce Lyrsten

    Dafuq… good creepypasta but too short

  • Theresa

    Spell check?

  • Creeper

    It was good but a bit rushed at the end.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Tell her to get stitches.

  • Matthew Higley

    The grammar and spelling need to be cleaned up. I’m not usually one to harp on grammar but there’s a line.

    The story was really rushed. I feel like equal attention was given to the juvenile dares detailed in the beginning, TF2, and the entire deep web ordeal, and that’s a problem. You need to spend more time building suspense, dread, intrigue.

    Also, having the narrator immediately bombarded with questions like, “Have you sold so many drugs to a teenager that they overdosed?” makes it sound like he stumbled on a chat for edgy teenage poseurs. Most Deep Web pastas are about the mystery, peeling away layers of intrigue before something apparently innocuous proves to have something sinister hidden beneath the surface.

    The whole point of the Deep Web subgenre is the fear of the unknown. The Deep Web is a huge frontier where the user is basically wandering in the dark. Searching “Deep Web Chat” and getting results is highly implausible and, from a storytelling standpoint, way too easy.