Deep Web

Always be safe on the internet. You most likely just rolled your eyes and laughed under your breath but I wish I took that advice to heart.

I’m 18 about to leave the nest as most people do. I only have three months left of school and our friend group gives each other one dare say like tell a teacher that you love them or embarrassed yourself in front of the whole school. I was told to check out this thing called the deep web I’ve never heard of it but it sounds interesting.

I was playing on the classic TF2 or killing floor on my computer when I got my dare by text telling me to adventure the deep web right now I signed then I said ok then I got right on it.

I looked up the traditional deep web and got some links that said deep web chat. I thought to myself screw it, I clicked on the link my computer took a minute to load but eventually loaded but I see a few people online. I said hello the two people both said hello back, then immediately asked me what I have done I sat there confused I asked, “What?” They responded, “Oh come on don’t make us guess,” and then they said, “Have you skinned a man? Have you sold so much drugs to teenagers that they died of overdosed? Have you killed for fun? What have you done?” I imminently left the sight and sat there then I got a text by an unknown number that made me jump. I got a picture of an old woman’s dead body with her wrists slit by a knife. I don’t know what to do, please please¬†tell me what I should do in the comments.