Deep Mind

Have you ever felt like you’re not wanted? Just imagine what it would feel like to be gone. You feel like no one would even care if you’d disappear from the face of the earth. Wishing that there was a reset button but there’s no way you can fix any of this.

Holding the gun to your head, thinking “Is this really it? Is this really the end of everything I’ve done?” Everything becomes slow motion from that point on. Your memories become vivid and remember every single detail of important things. Even the faces of people you loved even hated.

Then you realize you hear a high siren sound but can’t tell what it even is. Finally you hear what it is and it’s police cars and an ambulance coming. All you hear are your parents screaming for help and the cops and the paramedics coming to try and “save” you. There’s no point, you’re gone. You’re gone from the face of the earth. You come to realize you’re in class and you’ve finally though it all out. Welcome to your Deep Mind.