Dear Reader

I can see the way you read this over. I enjoy your every fear. Read this in the dark. turn off your lights and lock the doors. Make sure it’s dark. Good… Now your ready to see what I have in store for you.

Look to your left. Are you alone? Look to your right. Are you alone? If so I’ll be here to keep you as much company as I can… But It won’t be comfortable for long. After you read and do as this text says, you will be okay.

Now that you should be alone, breathe in. Cold, isn’t it? Sharply breathe out. Do you feel the coldness on your skin? Does it give you goosebumps? Now that you have completed this, let’s bring it to another level.

Stand up. Look down at this and then look forward for a few quick seconds. Ha, you thought I would be there… let’s continue. Remain standing. Now cover your left eye. You don’t need it at all anymore. Now sit down. Turn around. Are you alone? Good. Now I want you to read carefully.

You were never alone.


  • Aly Greg

    This is creepy but I don’t quite understand the ending