Darkness beneath the Red Hood

A long time ago, there was a young teenage girl named Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood has just turned 17 and she wanted to celebrate her birthday by visiting her grandmother’s house. So, she gathered up her things, made a lunch, and put on her Red Cloak and headed out the door. She took a quick look at the map and she noticed the road to her grandmother’s house was very long and very tiresome. It would take her hours to get there. So, she looked on the map and noticed a shortcut. And, with that, she cut through the Dark Forest so that she would be at her grandmother’s house in no time.

The forest seemed unwelcoming and creepy, but there was little other option for her to get to her grandmother’s house in time. So, she said “F**k it,” and started to proceed into the dark and creepy Forest. Unaware to her, there was something watching her, something ominous, something evil, unclean even. The shadow of this thing grew closer, smelling her sweet honeysuckle perfume that she wore. As the entity got closer, she felt a disturbing presence behind her. And as she turned around, she was greeted by a foul creature standing right behind her. She stared at the thing. It stood 6 ft tall and in length with pointed ears and a long bushy tail and had fangs as long as spikes. The creature startled Little Red Riding Hood as it began to speak to her

“Hello there little girl. Where are you headed today?”

Little Red Riding Hood said “I’m headed to my grandmother’s house to celebrate my birthday. I turned 17 today.”

The wolf grinned a twisted smile and said “17 such a wonderful age for a beautiful young girl to turn into a sensual young woman.”

After hearing this, Little Red Riding Hood got a disturbing vibe and made an excuse to get as far away from this creature. “Thank you, but I really have to get going now. It was nice meeting you though!” She quickly rushed off, putting distance between her and the creature

But the nefarious Beast wasn’t giving up that easily. He wanted to make an excuse to keep her a little longer. “If you want, little girl, I can show you an easier way to get to your grandmother’s house if you want.” She shrugged her head and kindly refused the offer. “No thank you! I’m fine. But I appreciate it in though.” So Little Red Riding Hood kept on walking and keep putting distance between her and that monster of an animal.

As she got farther away, the creature began devising a devious plan. He would get to Grandma’s house before her, deal with Grandma, and take her place, all while having a little fun with the 17 year old girl. So, he shuffled off in the opposite direction, getting to her grandmother’s house before she did. As he made it to the old woman’s house, he knocked on the door. An old woman’s voice answered. “Who is it?”

The Beast replied in his best little girl voice “It’s me grandmother! Little Red Riding Hood! I came to celebrate my birthday with you and I brought some goodies and your favorite snacks as well!” The old woman open the door and was greeted by a pair of sharp fangs. The creature forced its way in and pinned the old woman to the wall and began to smell her neck.

As he licked his jaws, he started to slowly rip off the old woman’s nightgown and started to defile her. As he rubbed his claws down her chest to her stomach with a sensual but perverted touch.

The old woman whimpered, cried, and begged please for her safety. “Please! Don’t hurt me.”

The Wiley Beast grew a perverted smile across his face and said “Oh, I just want to play with my food before I eat it.” As he ran his claws down her old thighs, he lifted up his paw, and with the forceful swing he slashed at the old woman’s throat. As blood poured down her neck, her body went limp and lifeless. The heartless monster was pleased with what he had done, so he quickly cleaned up his mess and started to gut and clean the old woman’s body and put it in a cooking pot. He cleaned up the bloody mess, cleaned himself up, and put on the old woman’s garments that she had spares of laying around.

As the beast laid in the old woman’s bed, waiting patiently for his victim to arrive, Little Red Riding Hood finally made it out of the Dark Forest and stood in front of her grandmother’s house. As she walked up to the front porch of the house, she had a sense of feeling of dread in her heart. Something felt off. But, she immediately shrugged it off, thinking it was nothing. She knocked on her grandmother’s door and was greeted by a raspy voice that sounded like her grandmother but wasn’t.

“Come in!” The voice said as she proceeded inside.

She yelled out “It’s me, grandmother! It’s Little Red Riding Hood! I brought some goodies for you so we can celebrate my birthday.”

The voice cried back out to her “I’m in here my dear in the bedroom.” Little Red Riding Hood proceeded into the bedroom where her grandmother was supposed to be, and they’re laying in bed was supposed to be her grandmother, but instead was a figure covered in shadows. Little Red Riding Hood was unable to tell that it was her grandmother or not. The Beast said in a soft old voice “Well, hello my dear! Come closer to your grandma’s bed and let me take a look at my growing grandchild!”

Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t ignore the request of her elderly grandmother, so she got closer and started to ask. “Grandmother why are you in bed? Is something wrong?”

The creature answered back “Oh, I’m just a little bit under the weather today sweetheart! I think I’m coming down with a cold so forgive me if I’m not a little lively today. As Little Red Riding Hood got a little bit closer, she noticed something was off about her grandmother.

As she began to speak, she found herself slightly trembling with every word. “What big eyes you!”

“All the better to see you with, my sweetie!”

Little Red Riding Hood responded again, “Grandmother, what big ears you have!”

“All the better to hear you with, my lovely child. Little Red Riding Hood then proceeded to say, “Grandmother, what a big nose you have!”

“Better to smell you with!”

Then she said, “Grandma what big teeth you have!”

The beast grinned and said “All the better to eat you with, my dear.”

After that was said, he jumped up and grabbed her and proceeded to pin her down on the bed as he ripped her dress off.  He started to defile her body.  He slowly licked every inch of her and she started to cry and whimper and moan, begging for him to stop.

“Please, stop! Don’t—”

But the Beast ignored her and started to laugh. He spoke with pride and filled Little Red Riding Hood with horror. “Hahaha! You’re mine, little b***h! You taste so good, I’m going to take your innocence and after that, I’m going to take your life, just like I did your old hag of a grandmother!” She struggled and kicked at the beast, but he kept on groping her and touching her with such a perverted manner and force. As he started to go down on her, one of her arms were free and she reached for a sharp object by her late grandmother’s bed.

As she grabbed the sharp tool, the beast looked up from defiling her with his wicked tongue. She plunged the sharp object into his eye socket. The creature let out a violent, ear piercing screech as she got away. With the beast wincing in pain, she grabbed the nearest object to her, which was a hunting knife. As the Beast’s back was turned, his head throbbing with pain due to the object lodged in his eye, she took the opportunity to stab him in the back with a blade. He let out more horrible cries of pain as she kept on plunging the blade deeper into his back as he bled out.

As she kept stabbing him, she started to scream and yell at him as tears ran down her face. “This is for my grandmother, you sick m**********r! Die and go back to hell where you came from, you piece of s**t!” As she took the knife out of the Beast’s back, she gripped it one more time and lunged it in the back of his neck, the blade peeking out through the front of his throat. As he gasped for air, his body fell to the bed, cascading down along with a pool of blood that formed a puddle around the corpse of the Beast. Little Red Riding Hood was drenched and covered in the Beast’s blood. She fell to her knees and begin to cry even more, mourning the loss of her grandmother yet was thankful to be alive.

As she made sure the thing was dead she started to skin the dead creature, taking his fur and harvesting the meat. She could live off of it for a while. Now, Little Red Riding Hood had a new fur coat, one with a hood and fresh meat for the winter months. And even though her grandmother and those dreadful acts went down at her grandmother’s house, she inherited the old woman’s home, where she proceeded to live there and have a family of her own. And right around the anniversary of the incident, she would tell her children the story how she got attacked by a horrible monster that she called the Big Bad Wolf and how she got the best of it in the end… I hope you learned a valuable lesson my children. Always be weary of people who radiate of danger, as looks are sometimes a lot more dangerous than they seem.,

  • Love2Bscared

    Gee, very original…

    • hillbilly creeper

      Well I wouldn’t say that it’s more of a darker take on it if not anything else