Dark Claws

One day, a boy named Danny went on a field trip with his school to the safari zone. There they saw a lot of animals. The teacher said to be careful and stick with the group. Now, Danny was a very adventurous boy and curiosity always got the better of him. So without listening to he teacher, he we into the forest and kept on walking in. He saw a rocky den so he went in there, unaware of the danger awaiting in there. Suddenly, a pack of wolves leaped out at him. One of them, the biggest wolf bit his arm and ripped it off completely. Danny screamed so loud that the wolves howled and ran off. Then he saw his best friend Ivan and shouted for him to come. Ivan saw Danny’s arm gone and he froze but after a second he carried him carefully and hurried over to the school medical van. The doctor set of to work and bandaged Danny.

After some days, his parents noticed that Danny had a weird urge to slash at things. Danny was taken to the psychiatrist to be checked but they found no problems in his brain. After a week of slashing ….on a full moon night, Danny went to the wolf den and saw a glowing liquid on the ground. He went and drank up all of it, he couldn’t control his body.

Danny ran out and howled at a steel tooth he took from the den. Suddenly he started to feel his muscles tense. His arm began to grow back but …. it wasn’t a normal arm. It was an arm with long, sharp claws that glowed a deadly purple and black. Danny’s eyes became into evil, bloodthirsty eyes.

Danny ran into the city and broke into a home and stared at the victim until the man woke up and saw two red eyes staring at him. The man, named Joe froze and then got ripped into pieces and eaten by the clawed killer. The next morning  he found blood on his shirt and got freaked out.He looked at his arm and saw that there was some brown hair. Danny rushed out and threw the shirt away into the garbage truck. Danny now liked to eat meat although he hated it before. Once again, at night he went to the den, drank some more liquid, mutated and went to kill more innocent people. Danny kept killing people for 2 months.

At the end of the second month when Danny went out to hunt, a night guard saw him and ran off. Danny got very angry and chased him but the guard had hidden somewhere. The next morning, the news had spread in the town. The guard said that the beast was huge and had long claws. So the name Dark Claws was created. Dark Claws always went at night and scared people, then he just ripped the victim apart.

The liquid was an ancient creature’s saliva and when Danny drank it, the DNA in the saliva went into Danny’s DNA and it started to mutate. The police have warned everyone to keep all their doors and windows safely blocked at night.

BEWARE The Claws are coming for everyone………..

  • SkylerHatesYou

    Well that f*****g sucked.. I feel stupider just for reading that.. I don’t tink u shod right story’s any morh. See… Stupider.

    • SkylerHatesYou

      Dude same

  • Gangi

    The repetitive sentence structure, uninteresting plot, and overall childish writing style make this unbearable.

  • Gr1mReaper

    Rather clichéd ending

  • Mason Heimsoth

    Dude we need more of this

  • Caden Wiley

    Needs more details and a slower pace but otherwise a good read