Dark Claws III


This is the part where its only Dark Claws. In this part Dark Claws gets haunted by Joe,the guy Dark Claws killed first. Joe comes as a spirit. 

Dark Claws was still killing of his prey. Joe tries his best to get revenge and DC (Dark Claws) gets to meet his match.

DC was making his den better and then went to sleep. At about 4 A.M, Dark Claws suddenly he heard a moaning sound. DC woke up. He checked around his den.
Nothing was there. Not even a stir. He went back to sleep. He heard the moaning again, but more closely this time. He woke up with a jump and it was morning.
The next night it happened again. This time when he woke up he looked outside and saw something terrifying.

It was a floating head with blood all over it and the eyes removed from their sockets. Dark Claws howled and clawed at the head.
He realized that it was Joe’s head and tried to eat it but he went through it. The head screamed at him so DC ran away.
The next night, Joe came to scare Dark Claws again. This kept Dark Claws awake for 10 nights. Now DC couldn’t take this anymore and swore to murder Joe’s spirit.
But when the time came to kill Joe, he wasn’t there to be seen.

Dark Claws knew Joe was there watching all the time
But no where to be seen.
Suddenly Joe appeared right in front of DC. Dark Claws screamed. Quickly he gathered his courage and squashed Joe down to the ground.
Joe moaned and in a flash, he got torn apart by Dark Claws.

Even after Joe’s spirit was defeated, Dark Claws always heard the moaning sound and a scream rang out in his ears. But he knew it was just paranoia.

Credits to Deviantart

  • Mohamed Musaavee

    New series or continue (I am the author of this BTW)