Dark Claws II


This is the second part of Danny’s mutated life. Danny is still killing people like he always did. Danny had mutated enough so now he didn’t need the Claw Beast liquid.

On a weird night, Danny is seen. The night is weird because there was a claw mark on the moon. Danny and his parents had moved to another town to get away from Dark Claws. But his parents didn’t know that they were taking Dark Claws with them. Danny was hunting for new victims. While Dark Claws was running through the neighborhood he saw a huge mansion. He planned to bust in and kill the owner of the mansion. He killed the owner and everyone else. The next day the police had found the deaths. At night when there was a claw mark on the moon, somebody from the army searching for Dark Claws saw Danny and the army started chasing him.

Danny was chased out of the town and then he hid behind a bush. The next day Danny went to get revenge on the army, he murdered them all. This news spread like wildfire and people got terrified. Danny’s parents were shocked to find out that the Dark Claws had come to this new town.

When Danny had woken up in the morning his parents were looking at him in an odd way. His parents were looking at his shirt. Danny checked his shirt and saw stains of blood and bullet holes. His parents had a terrified expression because they had seen the steel tooth hanging from his neck.

The man who saw Dark Claws had said that it had a steel tooth hanging from its neck and Danny’s parents knew that Danny was Dark Claws. Danny suddenly realized this and mutated quickly to escape. But again he couldn’t control himself and sliced of his parents’ heads off. Danny screamed inside “NOOO!”

Danny had nowhere to live now and he ran off into the the woods. The next day the headless bodies of his parents were found and disposed. Danny could never turn into his old form anymore. He was stuck like this and the boy Danny was dead and now there was only Dark Claws.

And every night Dark Claws comes and slashes off peoples’ heads.

Credits to Deviantart and Super Panda123

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