Curse with Dreams

There once was a boy he was around 14. He was an unusual boy having not gone to school due to having a weak body. He would have to stay in the hospital ever since he was a child. His parents died 5 years ago when he was having surgery.

Ever since then he would have strange dreams. His dreams would start off fine until he would see a humanoid figure he would wake up when he spots it. He would usually think it’s just his mind playing tricks on him. As time went by he started to hear the humanoid figure talk and start looking more and more human like.

His dreams would start to get weird, not only did he suffer from trauma but he would also feel like someone or something was watching him. As soon as he woke up from his dream he would check around, making sure he wasn’t being watched or he would close the windows. It would never work he still felt like he was being watched. Sooner or later his anxiety got worse due to his nightmares. His older brother would get concerned and would visit him more often to check on him…

When the night time fell he would go to sleep and what he saw petrified him. His dream had a weird figure the appearance of this figure was half-human plus a side of panda. He would approach it, he then would talk to it. It will never answer him he would always wake up confused.

On the month October 15 he left the hospital because he had a healthy big body, it’s been 2 years since his last nightmare, he’s 16 now he has 3 friends 2 brothers, 1 sister the only thing is that he can’t forget the thing he saw in his dream. He would get nightmares from his past dream, he wouldn’t sleep for 2 days.

On the 3rd day he was too tired to stay awake and fell asleep, he then appeared in his dream, he then would look at his arms and stomach… His arms would have several cuts in both arms, his shirt would have a cut across his chest, he also has a small cut in his cheek, holding a small blade in his right hand and in his left he would be missing his arm, in the verge of death the last thing he would see would be a woman with wolf kind ears and with a possum tail, he would only see a glimpse then he would die then wake up terrified.

He would research the thing that appeared in his dream, what he found shocked him with surprise and confusion. He would take hours doing research/connecting clues/making theories, he doesn’t know why but he always feels like something is hunting him, he would say it’s like a curse, he would wake up every night due to having cuts in his chest and back, sometimes he would have cuts to deep that he need to go to the hospital.

His skin would get pale every time he sees the beast girl in his dreams, his eye color would change from brown to grey, he would get a feeling to kill others. When he turned 17 years old he committed suicide…

But something didn’t want him to die, he would wake up in a grave his right eye would have a scar, his right arm would be only bone, he had become a monster himself, with his right arm he would grab his victims and with his left he would stab his victim he hates being the monster people started creating stories about him they called him Curse due to if you heard a crrrrrrr sound you would know that he was around, he would kill others just because he doesn’t feel a single feeling, as time goes on sooner or later he would be forgotten and the only thing that would be in old stories.

The story maybe look like it’s done,
But it is only just begun,

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    That was written pretty bad. It ended with a gargantuan run-on sentence, followed by a statement that ended in a comma, instead of a period… The story was a little confusing. It was underwhelming due to vagueness and lack of depth into the character. I’m not trying to be rude; I’m just suggesting you consider some of this and perhaps implement these changes in future works, for the quality of your own stories.