Crimson Rose

In 1994 at the London bridge, where the kingdom’s city, town, schools as well as the Big Ben clock tower were. I always wondered how tall it when I was little. But never mind that, let’s continue the story. My father was named Alexander Greacia. He was a businessman working at the company called the Darracq. It was a motor company, which meant he made cars, trucks and other vehicles. My father was an engineer from Paris, France. Ah, the city of love and light.

Anyways my father was struggling to gets his own work. He had a phone call from his own father, telling him that, “we have a bride for you”. Once my father heard about this, he started smiling and chuckling. He went to his father’s house to see his family. They got together to sit down and drink tea. As soon as I walked in, they stopped talking. I am so happy for you and proud of me as well my father and mother as they show me my bride to be.

As I take a one good look at her she had pretty blue eyes and beautiful light brown hair and her lips looks so soft and kissable too and she wearing a classic yellow dress with white bows and white shoes why as myself with yellow hair and blues eyes wearing a dirty clothes from my work. I smiled at her and ask her name and she said, “My name is Kisa Roberts.” She told me she was an artist working at the gallery at paris. That when I knew I have to marry her right away so get on my knees and pulls out my tiny box and said, “Will you marry me?” and she said yes.

Few months later, we move to London. We rented a big house nearby the a forest for some reason. And we living a good life but one day I was working at my new job and one of my workers saying I have a phone call so I took the phone as my wife saying that she having a baby. I was happy and glad am gonna be a great father. I ask her, “How many months you give birth?” she told in 3 mouth she will give birth so I nod finally.

Three months has come, I was born early. I was not a crying baby but only a quiet one. So my mother knew what to name me. She call me Mari and that my name to this day. My full name is Marilina Greacia. Right now am 13 years old am in my 3th year in high school. I am always a good students to teacher and others I enjoy reading stories. I don’t get bully that much it more a meh to bully me. So I am good for now.

Ever since my mother died from sickness god knows what. It hard for me a little bit and I got use to it but one day one normal day walking back home my father told me he got married with a German woman named Adalie la Vani who is a fashion designer. But every when in the wrong turn between me and my father he not talking to me anymore like I don’t existed at all. Even Adalie was acting like a devil to her. She doesn’t see me how am turning to be nice to you but she didn’t like me back like a true mother would do. When I knew she only like my father so I went up to my room and locks the door crying so much while laying on my bed. Until I smell something like a body rotting or something. I don’t mind at first until the smell gotten worst. So I search around my room and it coming from my bed.

As I go under my bed I see a huge bag so I pulled out as slowly open the bag it has my dead mother body. I was so shocked and I feel like I am gonna throw up. I put it back under my bed. I go tell my father but as I told him that he smile and evilly. It all was blank as I couldn’t see anything. I blackout the floor from the smell of my dead mother corpse. I finally woken up I was laying on the floor and my eyes were covered even my face so I slowly crawls a little bit be careful not and try to hurt myself but I accidentally hurt myself from the glass on the floor as I try getting up. I fell a big stick and I grab it and helps me up to walk carefully. Once I start walking I remove the cover of my face but I closed my eyes then open my eyes and I see a table with a candle and mask. I walk up to the table as look at the mask it was white and has rose on it left eye.

As I slowly touched it, it shocked my finger. It hurt a little. Once I try on the mask I felt different somehow plus I don’t knew I was naked so I didn’t notice it. So I went out and trying find my home as I was walking by I saw a dirty red coat on in the ground nearby shop. I put on as walk away into the woods nearby the fields of flower. I was feeling a little tired as look at my hands covered in my own blood as slowly lay down and rest for a while but that a story for another time.

Well, this what her father did to her. He placed her down on her bed as he ties her hands and legs so she won’t start to struggle, then the doctor injected a medicine into her arm as she slowly start to get very sleepy. Then they started their test her DNA shot as they injected her neck, shoulders, legs, and chest, now they waited for a good amount of minutes and then they turn around to see Mari already woken up. They were scared as hell wondering what the hell just happen to her. Just then realized blood on her legs was burning a little bit as she screamed in pain and crying and begging make it stop, but then she slowly saw her reflection on a broken mirror as she panic heavily saying, “This not me isn’t me!”

Once she looked at her father one last time she fainted from the cause of blood lost. They couldn’t do anything about it so they buried her body in the depths of the mansion where she was left to die and rot but turns out, as they left she tries to break of the floor boards but she was so weak from her blood loss. She started to punch the floor boards until her knuckles were red and bleeding. She finally came out of the wooden floors and panted heavily slowly, but takes her time to get out of the wooden floors and sits down for a moment. She then slowly holds on to the bed pole but kept on falling down on her knees, again, she cried a little. Then she slowly gets up again this time slowly but gentle. She gets on the bed, it felt she was stepping on a bed of knifes or glass, it felt so painful inside of her legs, she noticed a red coat jacket and white mask with a red rose on the side and it also has a note on the back of it said, “Take it with care,” she was shaking for a while but she slowly tries to put the jacket on and pants and the boots but sometime ended up crying a little. After that she puts on the mask as the sun light shines through her window she was standing still and mumbling her words, “You’re dead to me.”

This what Mari Rose do to her victim’s.

She stalked her victim to which her surprise was an easy catch. When her victim was alone she went straight to attack and knocked them out making them unconscious. When they woke up they were tied down with chains, they tried to speak but the only thing came out were muffled words. Their mouth had tape over it, next thing they knew there was someone else in the room. A woman with Purple hair and yellow golden eyes. The women took out tools/weapons as the victim started to try and scream, but they couldn’t. The woman took out a knife and cut open her victims chest, blood starting to ooze out of the chest, she made more cuts into the person making them cry with muffled screams. She jabbed a knife into one of the eyes and ripped off their fingers, blood squirted out onto the woman. She walked over to a lever and pulled it, the chains started to pull on the person stretching them out inhumane like. Bones started to break and skin departing. It kept going until all their limbs were ripped off and blood squirted out like a hydrant you see in the streets when they explode, the blood went all over the woman. The victim started to slowly die, the women known as Mari smiled from behind her mask knowing her plan was an excellent piece of work.