Crimson Returns

Ok yes I’m back, but what happen next is not going be the same as last time, ok so listen up f*****s, same routine as last time telling you what I’m not in this story:

1. I’m not a depressed p***y.

2. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.

3. Though I’m still not a psychopath I am an “OP hitman”.

4. There will not be any furries in this, if you weren’t paying attention in the story last time, my friends are dead.

(So yeah no Koal the Cat in this or anything.)

5. This series is not based off real life events so no I will not come to your house in real life if you like do a summoning curse ok? I just don’t do that. It’s a lore for shadrok’s series.

So what am I? A creepypasta hybrid? Like I even care.

So let’s make it simple. I have this elemental power I never knew I had called Crimson Magic, which is a big coincidence cause my name’s Crimson, and frankly I’m a master at using this power.

Where I left off was I was spiraling out of control into a dark void in the middle of a dimensional rift. I have frankly lost everything at the moment. Then suddenly I open my eyes too see I’m back on planet earth and it seemed like nothing has happened at all. Not only that but it would have seemed that I was gone for over a million years and I have no idea what year it is.

It’s been years since I’ve seen my world. I assumed everyone was dead. But rumor had it while I was traveling through that void I was in; that someone kicked those demons out of that world, doing my job for me.

That news really frustrated me. Cause I never got the chance to go back there to finish Zalgo off. Oh well, I had a chance to fight sonic.exe again but is that even enough?

Oh yeah I’m not Jeff anymore by the way. Nowadays I go by the name of Shinku which means Crimson in Japanese. Don’t know why I did that, I’m not even Japanese. so no I don’t really want to go back to earth cause I got nothing there. However I’m curious about where Zalgo got sent cause I also heard that the people didn’t really kill him they just sent him to another world. And thankfully I got friends here who are experts on dimension travel so I’m guessing I should go to them for help.

One person I know who should help me out, is a stupid tween who strangely resembles me, just with a different hairstyle, named John Roben.

So I the decided to approach him for his help.

“Hey! John, can we talk?” I said appearing in front of him.

“Oh Jess!! Don’t do that!” he said. “Yes, what about?”

“Uhm, well I know Zalgo’s been kicked out this world a long time ago, so I was wondering if… if you could set up a portal and send me to that world he went to,” I asked.

“Why…?” he said “Uhm… no reason really I just uhm want to check on what he’s do-”

“You want to go find him and finish the job, is that it?” he said.

“…well yeah of course I do as long as he’s alive he could be trying to find a way back to this world!” I said.

Then john gave me an annoyed look. “…oh man Jeff you sure are paranoid, he’s not coming back, you want to know why? He trapped in what ever dimension he’s in and there’s no way he could come back. Relax-”

“How do you know that for sure?!” I shouted.

“I don’t, but we can’t start worrying about something over a theory ok?!” he scolded me.

“Please John… just give me a chance!” I pleaded.

He didn’t look convinced but he said.

“Uhg… look I guess we can take a small look.”

“We…? Oh you’re not coming with me are you?” I said.

“Yeah like I’m gonna let you go in on your own and get yourself killed, oh s**k it up I’m coming with you!” he said.

Later on at John lab, he quickly got everything set up and found out where Zalgo was sent. “Ok it looks like he was sent to another parallel world almost too similar to planet earth,” John said. “Ok awesome I get to kill him and walk around on a planet where no ones heard about me.”

“Yeah sure,” John said sarcastically.

So we took a sec to gear up before jumping in the portal. And after we finished gearing up I said, “Ok, but if we’re doing this together we do things my way, got it?” I said to John. “Uhm… ok whatever. Jeez,” he said, then we walked through the portal into a random room somewhere in London I guess.

“Well that wasn’t too hard,” John said. “Hang on where are we?” I said. “I think… we are in somewhere in England I guess by looking outside, hold on… Hey isn’t that the… Oh this is London,” he said. “Let’s take a look on the news,” he said as he grabbed the remote. The TV open to a video clip of a building burning in London this very day. “Oh no… I’ve seen a movie on that building as a kid, so sad that this happened.”

Then I got annoyed so I smashed the tv with my tendrils.

“Hey…! Dude!” he said. “Sorry, I hate this channel,” I said in a sarcastic tone.

Wait… my powers do work in this world! Huh.

Probably best if I don’t tell John so he doesn’t try using his powers in this world and give us away.

“Hey could we just stay here for the night dude? I mean, maybe some creepy guy will try to kill us in the night and maybe we could, like you know spring a trap on them?” John said. “What have you’ve been watching recently?” I asked. “Eh… Some creepy video game reviews,” he said.

“We’ll I hate to say this but that might work, and I said ‘might’. To be honest that doesn’t sound realistic at all,” I said.

“Yeah but think about it, we’re in a random location where no one could hear us scream, wouldn’t that give off some red flags?” he asked.

“Ok. Now you’re just being paranoid,” I said. Then suddenly johns face went white. “Uhm… Jeff…” he said. “What?” I said then I turned around to see a knife almost plunge into my neck. “F**k!!!” I shouted as I dodged his knife swinging. Then I caught him by his arms with my tendril and then rapidly shook him till he dropped the knife.

“Ok you backstabber! Who are you and why are you here!” I shouted. “AH!! Ok! ok! I’m sorry just put me down, it was just a prank ok!” the stranger said. “Oh you’re just a regular person sorry I thought you where one of Slenderman’s proxies.” “Slender man’s what? dude! get off the internet!” the stranger said again.

Then john said, “Uh hold on just a minute Jeff. Isn’t it convenient that he came to this exact apartment to prank us like this? Also who’s pranks some one by carrying a real knife?” John asked.

“Uhm. What? No way this is a fake knife really! Here I’ll stab Jeff just-” the stranger said trying to stab Jeff again but then the knife flew out of his hand and began floating mid-air.

“Yeah sure it’s fake otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do this, also nice try Jeff but I noticed how you smashed the TV a second ago,” John said.

“Oh shut up,” I said.

“Ok then let me ask again!” I said as I transformed into my crimson demon form, followed by me strangling the guy in mid-air with my tendril. “Who are you? And, why are you here?” I asked aggressively.

“Uhg- Who are you!” he said.

“Do you really want to die!? if not then answer the question!?” I yelled. “Uhg- ok!!! OK!!! yes I am a Slenderman proxy!! My name is Daniel! I had to do it cause I don’t want the rest of his proxies to kill me!” he said. “It’s not them you need to worry about, now what else do you know!?” I shouted intimidatingly.

“Uh… Slenderman knows who you are because Zalgo warned him about you coming here. Zalgo knew about you coming here before you even got here…! Ok stop that’s all I know…!! Uhg…! I swear!!” he said choking on his words.

“Jeff!!! Put him down! He’s had enough,” John said. Even though I know this freak needed to die, John was only looking out for me, so I listen to him and put the killer down. “Ok, and if you do tell slender man about us, that’ll be fine because you’re all on my hit list; so I don’t freaking care,” I said.

A couple days later (I can’t believe it’s taking us so long to find anyone), just as we began getting our minds off the main reason we came here, fate decided to pop its face out at a very bad time. “Jeff!! Look!” John shouted as he pointed to a bunch of dead corpse in an alley, all in their late teens, and on the wall was a message wrote in blood. After reading it I said.

“Do they think this will scare me?” I said while mocking the dumb cliché message.

“‘Run while you still can hybrid?’, hmm… well they like to get fancy don’t they?” John said.

“I’ll show them fancy!” I said as I went over to the wall with some spray paint I conveniently had on me. After I finished writing it now had the bloody message scratched out and a new message from me written over it, saying, “I killed you all before so I’ll do it again.”

Then John stared at me and said, “Uhm don’t you think that’ll make ’em more angry at us?” Then I said, “Like I even give a damn, what’s the worse they can do?” Later on that day we were eating at a restaurant, when a guy came up to us to offer us a job. “Hey there young folks, how would you like to get some easy cash?” he said.

This sounded suspicious. “Well that depends, what kinda easy money is this?” John asked. “We’ll I’m…” he was about to say but then he began looking around him to see if anyone was spying on him, then he got closer to do a whisper. “I’m talking a job as a hitman,” he said. “Deal!” I said. “Wait what? Jeff no!” John said. “Well I wasn’t finished anyway, I need to take down these people, I’m paying about 10 grand for each,” he said.

We looked at the photos, two were monsters, one was a familiar face, and as for the last one…

“That man, I’ve seen him before!” John said.

“Hey… me too… hey who is that man?” I asked.

But he just shrugged. “Sorry I… guess it’s… weird I don’t know,” he said.

Later on that week we went out hunting for our targets.

The first one looked similar to Slenderman, the other one took like a man that looked like he dressed in an old fashion attire. But something about him was familiar somehow. Since I searched for slender man before I had no problem finding out how to set a trap.

He really seems to care a lot about his proxies, so we decided to try to kidnap some of them to lure him out of hiding.

Surprisingly it didn’t take long to catch some proxies, and within one week I caught myself four of Slenderman’s proxies, with the help of John of course.

“How come we’re not killing them?” John asked.

“They’re bait, that’s why,” I answered.

“Do you really think this is gonna get him to show up?” John asked.

“What? It worked before,” I said.

“Well that was before in that simulated world, this is the real world. I pretty sure Slenderman’s not that stupid,” John said.

“Ok then how about this, we’ll ask them where Slenderman is and maybe. We’ll get some answers,” I said.

And then we both entered the room where we had them caged up, to keep them from escaping.

“Alright we need answers, and we want no resistance at all, and if I find out someones lied, you’ll all be in trouble ok?” I said.

They all nodded in agreement.

“Ok, first of all where’s Slenderman?” I asked.

No one answered. “Come on, don’t play this game with me, I just want some answers,” I said.

Still no answer.

“Ok, I warned yah,” I said. Then I shot some tentacles at one of them and began choking that guy against the bars of the cage. “Let’s try this again. Where is Slenderman?” I asked calmly.

The others seamed to not flinch at first but as I began squeezing tighter on the bars, I can see the worry look in their eyes.

“Come on. I can wait all day, but your friend’s neck can’t, if you want him to live, then talk,” I said sternly. then the guy I was choking started begging them not to tell. But then finally, “Ok!! stop!! Please!!! We’ll tell you!” said one of them.

Then I said, “I’m listening. Talk fast. You got a couple seconds before my grip tightens again, so talk.”

“He’s… He’s… He’s in the northern woods of France,” the guy said while hesitating.

“Oh good. Looks like we’re paying him a visit tonight John, you ready to play some slender?” I said.

“Uhm… ok sure,” John said nervously.

A few minutes later and we arrived at the northern woods to find that Slenderman.

“G******n it! I bet those proxies lied to us to throw us off his trail. Wait ’till I find them again,” I said

Then I noticed John was missing.

“John?” I said.

Then I turned around to see John standing there staring at me, while behind him was, you guessed it, Slenderman.

“You b*****d! Let go of John!” I shouted.

“Why? You afraid to be alone? Too bad, you’re all alone now,” he said.

“Nah, I just like having some one to be my saddle donkey, I have no need of friends,” I said.

Suddenly. “I heard that!” said a familiar voice.

“Who’s there?” I said.

“Your old pal!” suddenly a speeding creature popped out of the woods and slashed Slenderman without me seeing it.

“He moved so fast, that voice, no way… is it?” suddenly Slenderman teleported at me while I was distracted, but got stabbed through the back with a long sharp object. “This… is… payback… a*****e!” said…

“Koal!” I shouted. There he stood still as his cat form somehow.

“You’re… alive…”I said. Starting to tear up.

“Hey Jeff. You sure have changed,” he said. Then without thinking I flew at him and hugged him and started crying (I know kinda weird).

“I thought you died!! I’m sorry for letting you die before. I’m sorry for everything!!” I said.

Then he was silent and then said, “Oh… I almost forgot about that. Hey hey, it’s alright, I’m here today, ain’t I?” he said.

“Yeah, I know,” I said. Then he turned to the idiot passed out on the ground.

“So who’s this?” he asked.

“Uhm, unfortunately, he’s my current partner in crime, and he’s not much of a killer,” I said.

“You’re working with a normie? Why don’t you ditch him and work together with me?” he said.

“Hey, I never said he was a normie, if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have been able to get here,” I said.

Suddenly John woke up. “Uhm… who’s the furry?” he asked.

Later back at our place we explained what was going on to Koal, after the run down, Koal obviously wanted in, so looks like our killer group expanded to three.

“So what’s the next target?” asked Koal.

“sonic.exe,” I said.

“Uhm how are we gonna get this guy? He’s a cyber being, that warps reality, you’re asking for the impossible if you ask me,” John said.

Then I smiled and said, “Last I remembered you can control cyberspace as well, right?”

Then he looked at me and said, “No way! I’m not gonna risk it! The last guy was dangerous, this guys no different,” he said.

“Ok, I guess we’ll leave you here by yourself while we find a way to do it ourselves, we can stay here for another week and you can never get home,” I said.

Then he gave me an annoyed look and then zapped the computer screen causing a wormhole to open on it.

“Thanks John, you’re the best,” I said sarcastically.

“Oh shut up!” he said.

Then we all walked into the portal right into sonic.exe’s realm.

“Alright so where is he?” John asked. “Why the rush? you scared?” I mocked.

“No way, what am I to be afraid of?” he said.

“Alright stop talking… -I can sense his presence…” I said. We all stood still looking around to see were he was. It seamed like we were just waltzing into a trap, but I didn’t see that blue hedgehog anywhere, but I didn’t let my guard down for a second.

I signaled john and Koal to hide behind the corner behind me and wait as backup. Then I cautiously with a sword in my hand walked into the wide spaced room.

“Why did you come here?” said a demonic voice.

Suddenly he appeared directly in front of me without me suspecting him to appear, making me jumped a couple feet back.

“It’s been a long time hasn’t it EXE?” I said.

“Yes it certainly has been, but this time we’re not in some simulation, which means you’re in my world now,” he said in a snearing voice.

“Doesn’t matter, I’ve gotten a lot stronger since we last met, much… much stronger,” I said.

Then we both dashed at each other and fought.

We both did a lot of teleporting and dodging, like a DBZ battle except cooler. I didn’t expect him to be as fast as he was but I found myself being flinged everywhere in the game. Then I got flung into a wall with spikes in it, then I managed to get off, but with lethal injuries. I then tried to regain my focus and tried looking around for him.

But my brain felt so queazy I couldn’t focus. Suddenly he appeared in front of me and punch me into the wall again. But I managed to teleport behind him and shot a tentacle shot at him, but then I missed and he grabbed me by the tentacle teleported into the sky and flung me into the ground again. I crashed into the ground and got knocked out for a bit.

When I came too I was in an underground area where I could barely see anything because it was super foggy, then suddenly Slenderman appeared out of the fog. I was shocked.

“What?! How!?” I said.

Then he laughed. “Oh Crimson… you are such a fool.”

Then I said, “What do you mean by that?”

“Where’s Koal?” he asked.

“He’s waiting for me to call him, which is now.”

Then I began calling him.

“Now Koal!!” I said.

I waited but no one came.

“Koal?! Stop messing around get over here!” I said.

Then sonic.exe showed up.

“So there you are!” I said.

Then sonic.exe said, “Look behind you.”

I looked and saw Koal walking out of the fog.

“Oh there you are Koal, what took you-”

Then I saw he was holding John as a hostage with a knife at his throat.

“What… what are you doing Koal?” I said.

“Doing my job,” he said.

“We got ’em,” said Slenderman.

“Wh- why Koal?” I said.

“Cause you left me… to die,” he said.

Then I said. “What no that’s not what happened, you know what happened!” I said.

“Oh I know, you were my puppet!” said Koal suddenly with a demonic voice. I realised whose voice that was and speak of the devil he appeared.

“Zalgo!” I shouted. “So nice to see you again, old friend,” he said to me. “Not for me!, I was flugging into a wormhole, I guess if anything I should thank you for that, because now I’ve gotten stronger,” I said.

“Really, then why haven’t you killed sonic.exe yet?” he said.

“We- I…” I stuttered. “Just as I thought, since you destroyed your mask, you’ve lacked the intuition to fully take the kill nowadays. You’ve become… weak!” he said in a mocking manner.

“Screw you guys!!” said John.

“What did you say!” Zalgo said.

Then John knocked out Koal and took his knife and said.

“Jeff is stronger than all of you a******s!” John said. “Jeff, don’t let these’s nut job powerhouses push you around! Let’s take them out,” he said to me.

“Aw… and what’s a goody two shoes like you gonna do?” sonic.exe said. “Who said I was good?” John said in a sinister tone.

Then he lifted into the air, and his eyes glowed pure white, and then he began transforming into an alien being, of dark power,


“I was wondering when you were gonna use that form, what took you so long?!” I complained.

“Just needed a reason to use it, and looks like I found it,” he said.

“Alright then, let’s get them!” I said.

Then we flew at them and started kicking their a*s.

We began playing pingpong with sonic.exe, then Hawkie with Slenderman, and finally volley ball with Zalgo.

They were a joke against us together.

And it wasn’t long before we knocked them all out.

(If you’re wondering the reason for godmoding, it’s because obviously, they’re all jokes.]

Finally we killed them all, properly this time.

We got out of the game with me holding Koal on my shoulder.

“Hey- Jeff?” he said.

“It’s Shinku, not Jeff,” I said.

“Sorry, and also, I’m sorry for everything that happened,” he said.

“Don’t sweat it you were under Zalgo’s mind control, I’m just glad it’s… over,” I said.

Then. John opened up a portal and brought us all home.

And I never got myself involved in killing ever again.



Crossing my figures on that.

The end.

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    yes unfoutunitly this is the legit last chapter of the crimson jeff series. hes’s however all apart of another series that doesn’t have anything to do with creepypasta called SoulXBlade.