Crimson Jeff – Part 5 “The End”

Hi again.

My name is Jeffery Rogue and from what happened last time, has really left quite a scar in my mind.

And for a few days I’ve been trying to forget about the experience, but I just really couldn’t. Like a nightmare in my mind, it keep me up all night remembering the look on her face.

Before she was pulled into that void, I really got to forget about it yah know? I mean, I have no more problems to deal with now. Plus now since Jill was gone, my job was doubled. As bad as that sounded, I actually learned how to be more responsible.

Recently I got a promotion and my boss raised my earnings. Strangely though I knew it was too good to be true. One day later, I got in the cab like usual. Then the car started speeding off in the wrong direction. And then it went faster, and faster, and faster, and then I went to look who was driving and it turned out no one was driving, then I looked up just to see the cab hit a wall then-

I blacked out.

“Was it… Jeffery Rogue?”

A voice said to me. Then finally, the bag got removed from my head. A guy wearing a neat looking suit was walking back and forth. There were four guards in the room and I was in the room with no table. Not to mention my mask was out of reach.

“So what have you’ve been doing nowadays? Working at a dinner?” the man asked.

I didn’t answer. I wasn’t interested in anything the guy was saying at all.

“Nothing? You’re not gonna say anything? I guess that fine, especially for being the one who’s had the biggest killing spree in years.”

I then looked down in self pity, I never really wanted to think about my past.

“How you killed was pretty different from most killing we’ve had in years. You’ve probably wondered why there haven’t been any police chases for you. For the most part they haven’t believed in the stories about you. In fact most people just assumed you were another creepypasta some fanboy made up.”

“But after a few days ago, we saw you on the news stealing evidence from the crime scene. We assumed you were another kid. But then we looked at your background and found out you were a kid who was sent to an asylum for the murder of your family.”

Then I swung myself at him headbutting him onto the ground. “Like I said before, it wasn’t me, it was f*****g Jeff the Killer!” I screamed.

“Restrain him!” Then the guards started holding me down in my chair, and pulling my head back.

“I don’t give a damn who f*****g killed your family! You are a danger to society!”

“But I guess you can’t really do anything without your mask, can you?” then he pulled out my mask from his jacket.

“Take him to the isolated cell! Make sure it’s fully guarded.”

Then I was pulled out of the chair and walked out of the room, down the hall and pushed into, a dark and cold room.

I can’t believe this is how this day turned out… But it did.

The only thing in that room was a chair. It turned out it was my only piece of furniture I was gonna get.

I guess this is what’s like to be in prison. I got to say it’s about the same as being put in that asylum. Of course there was a couple things that was not similar too.

For one thing there was barely food, a second thing is no sunlight.

And thirdly there was no leaving my room. But one thing as that is in common just like the asylum is.

I hate it here and I want to die.

This was the moment where I thought the wall was gonna open up and a demon was gonna give me a mask to let me escape and be free.

But I was wrong.

I guess this is how I die.

“Well I know I’ve killed and I’ve lied. I’ve let the only two people I cared about get token away from me… oh plus also let my family get slaughtered. But the least you can do is give me a sign! God… where are you?”

Oh great I’m talking to god, the least I can do is start singing opera-

Then I heard a knock on the door.

“Hey Jeff you still in there?!”

I recognised that voice, but I didn’t know who it was from. Then the door got ripped off the wall revealing the light.

And there stood an eight-foot-tall lizard looking man. “Who are- Joe? Is that you?” I said in surprise.

“Yeah it’s me. Come on! Let’s get you out of here.”

Then I said, “Why did you come for me?! I don’t deserve any help! Not after losing everyone I cared about! Don’t f*****g pity me! I’m a monster! Even without the mask!”

Then he came over to me and gave me a big smack in the face.

“Look here! I don’t give a damn about your emo speech kid! You’re my friend even if you don’t want to be! And I’m gonna help you! You got that?!”

I then looked down and started crying.

“I’m sorry, I let everyone down, even my family!” I shouted with tears rolling down my face.

Then guy kneeled down to my eye level and said, “Hey is this the tough guy Crimson Jeff I know, who killed Slenderman? Or is this a wooise who lived his life in self doubt?” asked the Lizardman.

“I don’t think I’ve really was anything better before that. I’ve only known… wait a second. Oh my gosh Jane!” I said.

“Jane? What about Jane?” he asked.

“I think she told me something about this world we never knew before. She was about to tell me then-”

Then I stood there in realization.

“What…? What Jeff?” he asked.

“We need to find a way to escape,” I said.

“Already taken care of-”

“No I mean here! This world!” I yelled.

“What are you talking about,” he asked.

“The life we are living right now isn’t real! We are all test subjects, in a simulated world about the existence of creepypasta,” I said.

“What are you talking about? Is this what Jane told you?”

“Yes,” I said.

Then he said, “How are you certain that it’s true? She could have been crazy or something.”

“I don’t know… but that’s a better reason to go find her. I want to find out.”

Then we start head for the exit but not before getting my mask first which was really easy since he and his two friends already taken care of them all.

Then we jumped into his vehicle with his two friends which turned out to be Red Rush and… Zipper Mouth. Me and him were definitely staring at each other for the whole ride to my house.

“So how are we gonna find Jane by the way?” Joe asked.

“I don’t know really.”

“Well, when was the last time you seen her?”

“She was pulled into a void by Zalgo.”

Then Joe looked at me and said, “Yes and…?”

“And… I don’t really know much after that,” I said.

“Well aren’t you a creepypasta-know-it-all, somehow you’ve must have seen something about where Zalgo goes,” Joe said.

“You’ve got a point but I’ve haven’t really gotten interested in creepypasta ever since I found out it was real because I just don’t want to think about it any more than when I’m with the guy I read about face to face. You know what I mean?” I said.

“That’s understandable. But you’re Crimson Jeff. You don’t mind. It’s just when you’re you, you can’t handle it.”

“Right, that’s what I mean,” I said.

“Well then keep the mask on more often. It makes you more braver.”

“It’s not that simple. I can’t just wear that mask on at all times. It’s unstable most of the time, and it’s starting to possess my mind… So no, out of the question.”

Joe then said, “Well what do we do then?”

I then started looking at the mask and said, “I don’t know. I guess I could try doing some research… But only to find Jill.” So then we got to work checking all over the wiki web and searching through archives but the only thing we found was this thing about who he is and the thing about glass.

But that wasn’t explaining anything.  Then Joe said, “Well I don’t know how we’re supposed to get into the bodies of all people. But that’s all I found.”

Then I said, “Great, just what we need. More unreliable sources. At this rate we aren’t gonna find her.”

Then somehow my mask rolled off the desk and dropped onto the floor. I went over to pick it up then suddenly.


“Koal…? Was that you?” I said to myself. I think I just got a vision that might be the clue I was looking for. “WEAR THE MASK, TOUCH THE GLASS,” I thought to myself.

“What does that mean?” I thought about it for a bit. Then I remembered something I’ve read from a wiki post about Zalgo. It’s said something about how Zalgo lives in a palace of tortured glass and some stuff about undead monsters. Also it said this place is within all mankind, waiting for the thin glass wall within them to crack, so that he may take over.

“So within as in like actually or… dreams! That’s it! Like how we dream, we actually go to another realm, so in other words… LIMBO.”

“Ok so I found out how to get to him but why do I got to put on the mask?”

“So you can touch the glass,” said a familiar voice.

“Who said that?” I shouted.

“Go to your mirror and you’ll find out,” the voice said again.

“OKay whatever you say,” I said nervously. I then walked over my mirror and looked at it for a minute, but nothing interesting happened.

Then suddenly, “Koal?!”

Then Koal appeared on the mirror. “Good to see you too Jeff. You’ve certainly grown.”

“Yeah I guess I have,” I said shyly.

“Jeff put on that mask so you can pass through.”

“What?” I said shockingly.

Then he said, “Yeah.” I then looked at the mask in great fear.

“B-But what if I lose control. And forget what I’m doing?”

Then Koal said, “There’s a thing that mask does that you need to know about. If you have a goal in mind that you desire to accomplish no matter what. It will do everything in its power to help you accomplish it.”

Then I looked at the mask and said, “So I really have nothing to worry about?”

Then Koal said, “Yes. Now put it on and come on! We don’t got all day.” Everyone was looking at me like I lost my mind for a sec then they realized what was happening.

And so I placed the mask on and transformed into the monster.

“Crimson Jeff!”

Everyone was startled watching my transformation.

“Woah I forgot how creepy it was watching you transform. You act like you’re possessed then you fall on the floor and start raving around like you have a seizure then all that happens,” Joe said.

“YESS!!! I’m back!!! AH HA HA HA HA!-”

“Crimson!” Koal snapped.

“Oh right, sorry, I got carried away for a second,” I said. And like that I touched the mirror and then my hand magically phased through the mirror with the rest of my body following. And all of a sudden, I was there In Zalgo’s realm.

“Wow it was that easy? Why couldn’t I have thought of that before,”

Then Koal interrupted again, “Because you didn’t. Now, let’s g-”

“Hold on a sec. How did you know how this mask worked?”

“This might be surprising to say but I heard it from Zalgo himself. He seems to know a lot about the mask than you know. In fact, I think he might actually be the one who created it.”

Then I asked, “So you learned all that about this mask, huh? So what else did you learn?”

Then Koal said, “Uhm… I think something about you being a Creepypasta hybrid.”

I then looked at him in shock, “Creepypasta what?”

Then koal said, “I know, right? If that’s true, you could probably be a really strong guy.”

“If that was true, then he should have been able to kill me,” said a voice I was hoping not to remember.

“Yeah, this is why I called you here unfortunately,” said Koal. Then we both turned around to see a white hooded figure with a carven smile.

“You!” I snarled.

“Yes me. How funny we run into each other again after so many years,” snickered Jeff.

“I should have done more than cut off your head. I should have done to you what I’ve done with my other victims recently!” I shouted.

“Yeah and what would that be?” Jeff asked.

“Wanna find out?” I smiled. For the first time, I scared to Jeff the Killer. Then what I did, I didn’t even hesitate to do. I vanish and teleported right behind him, then the rest… was too much to describe.

It all ended with blood all over the place and me trying out his bloodied white hoodie.

“Wow uh… that was way more than you needed to do Jeff.”

Then I said, “Doesn’t matter. He’s dead isn’t he?”

Then Koal looked at me nervously and said, “Ok… Just uh… keep it to a minimum.”

Then I looked at him in disapproval and said, “Oh get over yourself Koal! You used to enjoy doing that too, right? Don’t you remember the old days?”

Then Koal said, “Yeah… I guess you’re right… sorry I just… I never knew you could do that.”

Then I said, “Oh yeah I can totally do that now, and more. Check this out.” Then as example of what I said, I made two dark portals appeared and made copies of myself appear. “Cool right? Plus I got Slenderman’s power so now-” and as example again, I showed Koal I can do the Slenderman kill stair by killing his two clones with it.

“And another-”

Then Koal says, “Ok Jeff, I get it, you can stop now!” then I looked at him with disapproval again.

“Ugh! Don’t you get it? I’m more stronger than everybody now! We don’t have to worry anymore, you don’t have to worry anymore.”

Then he looked at me and said, “Ok! I know but Jeff I hate to say this, I think this power is getting to your head a little too much.” Then I started to get angry.

“Oh go f**k yourself Koal! Be glad that I even came here looking for you! I got this thing under control and if you think you can stop me from using my power then your dead wrong!” Then Koal started to get scared and started to back up.

“Jeff stop! I’m not trying to fight with you! Calm down!”

Then I popped my claws out and said, ”Too bad Koal!”

Then I flew at Koal and attacked him. As far as that being said, I didn’t remember anything else, because at this point the mask has completely taken control of my mind.


The rest of the story from this point is from Koal’s point of view.

“Jeff stop! Listen to me! I thought we were going to go rescue Jane!”

Then Jeff said, “SHUT UP YOU B*****D!! DIE!!” And after he jumped at me, I knew I stood no chance of defeating him. So I decided to get the hell out of there as fast as I can.

“JOE!! ZIPPER MOUTH!! RED RUSH!! HURRY UP AND GET THE HELL DOWN HERE!!” I yelled. And speak of the devil, a black vortex opens up above me and all three of them drop down in front of me.

“Uhg… Koal?!” said Joe.

“No time for questions! I need your help. Crimson Jeff has lost control of himself and is trying to kill me!”

Then Joe and his friends got up and in their fighting positions.

”We got you brah!” Joe said. Then Jeff came charging right at us with his tendrils scattered all over the place. Then without hesitation we did the same.

We all fought Crimson Jeff. I came at him from behind to stab him in the back. But somehow he saw it coming and did that to me. Then I fell down, paralyzed by that strike. Meanwhile Joe ran at him about to kick him right in the face. But then Crimson Jeff caught his leg and tore it off and then chucked him a mile away. “AHHHH!!!” yelled Joe.

Then all that was left was the other two: Zipper Mouth and Red Rush.

Zipper Mouth slid down underneath him and tried to punch him in the crouch then Jeff saw that and jumped and then slammed down to try to stop him into the ground.

I expected that he would get him but he didn’t! Zipper Mouth was just as fast as Crimson Jeff. And was able to knock him onto the ground. But then Jeff teleported behind him and took his tendrils and shoved it all through Zipper Mouth’s body.

Just when he was about to tear him-up to tiny pieces, Red Rush teleported behind jeff and touched him on the shoulder. Then all of a sudden Jeff let go of Zipper Mouth and started vibrating. Then the mask started blobbing and unattaching itself from Jeff. Then Jeff turned back to normal then fell down on the ground.


And this is where Jeff continues the story.

“UH…“ I moan as I wake up. Then I see rope tied around me. “What happened?”

“What do you think happened?” Joe said.

“What?… Why am I tied up?”

“Cause you’re dangerous,” Zipper Mouth said.

“What?!” I said in shock.

Then I look at the ground in front of me. The mask was lying there on the ground.

“Wait… what? No no no! It… it wasn’t me. I swear.”

“Yes it was! How could it be anything else!?” Joe yelled.

“No I told you about this before. I swear! That mask-”

“Has a mind of its own? I know!” Joe said.

“Ok then why did you tie me up?” I yelled.

“Just in case you decide to grab the mask,” Joe said.

“Why would I do that?” I yelled.

“Because you hate us!” yelled Koal. Then Jane appeared. “All of us!” Then everyone that was killed in the past appeared and all surrounded me and repeated. “All of us! All of us! All of us! All of us!” it keep going and then the world around me started to turn black. Everyone’s eyes turned black and started crying blood.

Then everyone melted. I knew something was not right. All of a sudden the mask started talking with the mouth actually moving.

“Look at what you’ve done… You’ve harmed your friends! They’re the only family you got, and now they won’t ever forgive you… Ever! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!”

The laughing drowned on and on until I passed out.

I start to hear someone calling my name, “Jeff… Jeff? Jeff!!! WAKE UP!!”

My eyes open to see everyone covered in bandages except for Red Rush.

“AH!!” I yelled as I woke up. In shock.

I looked at the mask and said, “Get that thing away from me!” then joe whacked the thing away in agreement.

“Jeff are you ok? Red Rush did something to you and then you started rolling around like you were possessed by a demon.”

“Oh… uhm… I’m fine…” I said. I looked at the mask that was kicked a mile away.

“Please tell me I don’t have to wear that thing again.”

They all looked down and then Koal said, “Sorry Jeff. Even though we don’t want you to either, you have to.”

I then started crying. “I can’t do this! Why do I have to put up with this b******t?!”

I said with tears in my eyes.

“Hey don’t worry. How about the next person we come across that you have to kill, we’ll make sure you only have to wear it for a few minutes, ok?” Joe said trying to comfort him.

“And if that doesn’t work, Red Rush can always do what he did last time… by the way Red Rush, how did you do that?” Koal asked.

“Red Rush has many abilities. Many I can’t say,” said Red Rush.

“Cool. I bet we can use that for everyone we find in this dimension.”

I looked up and asked, “Wait, we’re all in limbo?!”

Then Koal said, “Mmm hmm! Yep, the land in between life and death.”

“Welp. We aren’t getting anywhere standing around. So let’s get going,” I said. And like that we were off. The world we were in looked super strange because of the floating islands we were walking on and everything else had a tint of red on it.

“Huh so is everything else in this world themed with red? How not interesting. The only thing that would be interesting is if the silence broke and we had to fight all of a sudden.” Everyone then stopped and looked around.

I turned around in curiosity. “Guys what are you doing?” I asked. They kept looking for a sec, then finally they stopped and continued walking.

“Just making sure you didn’t jinx us,” Koal said.

But then as Koal said it the uncanny happened.

“Surprise surprise young children!” said a voice.

“You sure had the nerve of coming here!” said another voice.

“We can’t let you go any further so you all must die!” said the last voice.

We all started in front of us for what we were dealing with.

One of them in front was the famous Laughing Jack. And his acquintances were Ticci Toby and Clockwork. This seemed easy.

“Ok Koal and Joe. You take the clock themed freaks. Zipper Mouth and Red Rush, you handle Laughing Jack. And I’ll support as backup,” I said.

And the battle began. Koal made the first strike since he was the fastest. He made his move on Ticci Toby. Then Joe came at Clockwork and she dodged him like a pro. Then Red Rush jumped behind Laughing Jack and kicked him on the ground.

Then Zipper Mouth picked him up and punch him in the face five times, nearly damaging his nose. Then he got pissed and began fighting back. As for me, I was left standing there not knowing what to do. Suddenly I heard a growl behind me. I turned around to see The Rake charging up to attack me. Then in fear, I ran as fast as I could but a little too fast cause I ended up falling off the edge of the floating cliff. I didn’t know what to do, I was falling very fast.

Then suddenly, my arm shot up and black tendrils scattered all over my hand turning into a black claw, then a jagged arrow appeared on my wrist and then it shot up and hit right through the cliffs ground pulling me back up on the floating land.

“What…? No I shouldn’t be able to do this! I’m not wearing the mask.”

Then I heard the mask speak from my pocket, “Do you honestly think it matters Jeff? As long as I’m touching you, you have access to my powers.”

Then i said, “You mean I don’t have to put you on in order to fight with your powers?”

“No, but in order to have my full power, you have to wear me. Right now you’re using about around 30% of my power,” he said. I then shot the arrow head tendril through The Rake’s head. And killed it.

“Seems enough for me. I don’t even want to wear you anyways,” I said.

“True but it’s better my way,” Crimson said.

“Well guess what!? I’m doing this my way! You’re never taking control of me ever again!” I proclaimed. Then I ran over to help out my friends. I turned my hand into a blade and ran at Ticci Toby and stabbed him.

Then I helped out with Clockwork as well. Then finally it was all of us against Laughing Jack.

“Ha you are all fools! What can you do against me!?” then I stepped forward.

Black tendrils, a little skinnier than usual, popped out of my back. I shoot them at Laughing Jack impaling him all over his body then I tried pulling back but my tendrils seemed more weaker than usual.

”Guys, I can’t hold him. Get ‘em now!” they all proceed and all attacked him at once leaving so many cuts all over his body.

Then Koal made the finishing blow and stabbed him in the heart. After seeing this I began to feel bad. Watching Laughing Jack moan in pain for a few minutes. Then tripped over the cliff and died.

We then continued on our way. I was a little shaken over what happened. This is the first time I helped out with killing.

It’s ok right? I was doing the world a favor and getting rid of those guys no big deal. Yet I still felt a surge of guilt for doing that. Then again we got attacked by more people from the creepypasta series. And we  killed them again. Then it happened again and again. ‘Till finally we made it. To the castle which I’m sure is where Zalgo was waiting.

And we were almost there. Then suddenly an image flashed in my head. Of something really bad that was about to happen. I hope I was crazy whatever it was, heck i just killed some people while being normal. Not even using the mask. I must be losing it. But I promised myself when this is over. I’ll go back to being normal. And I’m gonna ditch this mask as well.

A few minutes in we finally made it to the doors of the castle. It seemed like an ancient place not really earthly and all black. Then Zipper Mouth said, “Ok everyone stand back.”

Then suddenly he punched the door super hard that it burst open very fast. Then I said, “Wow! You are really strong Zipper Mouth.”

Zipper mouth replied, “For the last time my name’s not Zipper Mouth!”

“Then tell me your name. And I’ll stop calling you that!” He became silent after I said that.

“…O’brian Scotty Dog.”

I then felt like giggling.

“Hey that’s my name don’t laugh!”

“Hey sorry Brian, I never knew you had a normal name… Hey also sorry for before. For calling you Zipper Mouth.” Then he began to calm down.

“No problem Jeff. You know what? I’m sorry too, I think Zipper Mouth’s a good name for me too,” he said.

Then Koal said, “Oh alright you guys are finally getting along!” then Zipper Mouth flustered.

“Anyway we gotta keep going,” and with that said, we continued into the castle. Checking the place out we found it was very themed to match Zalgo’s personality. And speaking of which…

“Well well well well…” said a booming voice. Then he appeared like the first time I met him. Appearing out of the ground.

“ZALGO! Where is she!?” I snapped.

“Watch that tone of yours, boy!” he said. “She’s safely with me.”

But enough about her, where’s your mask?” Zalgo asked.

“It’s here. With me!” I said.

“Good. I got some info about this mask and this world,” he said. Then I continued listening.

“Tell me then. I always wanted to know. And since we’re all here, we all need to know the truth!”

“Indeed and you shall. You see, only thing real about this world is you, your friends, the mask, and surprisingly… me.” Hearing that made me freak out.

“What?! Y-Your real?” I asked really terrified.

“Yes… did you honestly think those fools could simulate me into this world?! Pathetic. No one can replicate me. There is only one Zalgo! Now with that aside, I’m gonna need you to put on your mask.”

“Oh I’ll put it on alright!” I yelled as I slapped the thing on my face without thinking. Thing is Koal figured out what Zalgo was about to do.

“Jeff! NO!” he shouted. But it was too late.

I transformed. (Oh did you want me to tell you what it looks like in story form by the way? It’s like this.)

The mask liquified on my face. The parts meeting off started moving around my body. Then it covered my hands and then went all way to my feet. Then my face reappeared with hair flowing out of my head.

“Let’s do this!” I said as I ran towards Zalgo. Then my friends ran after me to try to stop me.

“Fell right into my trap,” Zalgo said.

Then suddenly Zalgo shot me with a weird hypnosis, then I started seeing weird things.

“No… What’s happening!” I said. A force of power came over me. Then I got lifted into the air.

“Listen now hybrid! You shall obey me! Your freewill shall be striped until your dead is done!” commanded Zalgo.

“No stop!! Ugh… ahh!!!” I said as I tried to struggle.

“You will return to the real world, take the real mask, along with my power and… kill them all! No mercy!!! Leave no one left!! But first kill the rest of your foolish friends.”

“No!! Don’t do this!! I don’t want to hurt them!! Ugh! Guys run!! I can’t control myself!!! Anymore…!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

I shouted before everything ended. My last words. That they’ll remember. And now the full power of Crimson Jeff has been unleashed. And I couldn’t stop it.

Everything else said from my mouth, from this point on, is Zalgo in control of a monster of destruction. What was worse than that was that I was conscious and I witness everything.

“Hello friends!! Let’s play!!” I said.

Then I shot them all at once with my tendrils.

Pulled back and tore out all their hearts. Except for one, Red Rush.

“Oh you must be hiding something if you don’t die from that! Then red rush spoke for the first time.”

“Nah… I just love sticking around,” he said.

“You won’t be sticking around after this, smart a*s!” then I grabbed him with my new power given to me by Zalgo. Pulled him towards me then I signatured my hands in a squeezing form. Which caused the guy to crumple up, while breaking his bones.

“Cool! You squash me up! But you gotta do better than that!” he said. Then in a hurry, my claws got longer and sharper, then I jumped on him and cut him up- no I diced him up! Then I ate the remains.

“Congratulations my puppet! You have the ability to corrupt now.”

Then I said, “You shut the hell up you b*****d!!” He flung me at the wall.

“I will not hear that again, right my puppet?!”

I said with my mouth moving on it’s own, “Yes master.” The world around us started to disintegrate. Everything went white then black.

Then I opened my eyes. I though for a second it was over. I tried moving but I was paralyzed.

I still couldn’t move! I was in a glass tube with a hospital gown on. With everyone as normal humans in the real world. But there laid across the room from me was the mask. The real mask.

“You remember what to do,” said Zalgo in my head.

He was in my head now! I didn’t know what to do. My hands moved on their own. I punched the glass and broke it. The people outside saw me. Suddenly the guy who I talked to when I came to the asylum, walked up to me and said:

“Jeffree what are you doing out of your pod. We haven’t safely let you out yet, how did you-” then he saw the heartmeters on the other kids behind me. ”Oh my gosh!!! Some on get help! Code blue-”

Then he turned around just for me to stab him in the neck with a tool I found on the table. He fell down on the ground and choked on his blood till he died. Then I walked up to the mask and picked it up and put it on for real this time.

I  did the normal transformation, but this time I transformed into a dangerously over-powered version of Crimson Jeff. Then I held my arms up. Red energy waves flowed into me. Gathered up into me then I let it all go and demolished the whole building and everyone in it. Then I hovered in midair and flew off across the world. I went on a massacre unlike any other.

I flew to New York. Everyone saw me and they called me an alien but I told them this.

”I’m your end,” then I did the craziest tendrils frenzy I’ve ever done. I killed and cut up everyone I could find. They couldn’t hide anymore. No matter where they went I found them.

Blood was spilt everywhere. I painted the city red and then moved on to the next area and then did the same there. For the next 2 weeks, I flew over earth and destroyed everything. Finally when I came down to the last person on earth. It was who I didn’t expect.

“Jill… what a surprise!” I said.

“Jeff… please stop this… This isn’t you. You’re not a monster. Come back to me please!”

“I love this, you think you can make me stop!? I’m unstoppable!” I shouted.

Then she walked up to me a smacked me across the face.

This pissed me off so much I let her have it.

“Take this you stupid b***h!” I shouted. After I pulled back, she fell down on her knees. In one piece at first, then blood bursted out of her sides. She fell forward onto me.

“Jeff… I love-…” She died. Somehow though. This broke me free. “Ha ha-”

Suddenly, I woke up.

“…no! No more!!! Screw this b******t!!”

I yelled as I threw my hands to the back of my head, then I forcefully yanked the mask off.

“Get out- of… MY… HEAD!!!”

Finally I ripped the mask off and I turned back to normal (not to mention b**t naked). Then conveniently a fire pit was close in view to me. I picked up the mask and chucked the damn thing in the fiery pit with all my might!


And I answered.

“Screw You!! GO TO HELL!!!” I said as I started tearing up.

“NOOOOOOoooooo…” the mask said as it disintegrated into nothing…

Now for real it was over. But not in the way I wanted. Everyone is gone. Because of me.

Suddenly the earth started shaking then the earth cracked and then opened up.

Zalgo arose from the ground. And landed without effort.

“Mmm… well done on your part Jeffery Rogue, now with everyone gone I can finally take over the earth. with, Cthulhu, and Baphomet at my side.”

“You! You used me!!! And now everyone I loved and cared about is dead!!” I shouted.

“Aw so sad, oh wait I have no remorse! Ah Ha ha ha ha ha!!!” Zalgo laughed.

”You!!” I said as I got mad. Then suddenly I felt Crimson Energy from the mask flowing in me. “Will pay for this!!!”

Then in a flash of lighting I transformed again without the mask!

“What?!” Zalgo shouted in shock.

Then I transformed into… True Berserk Crimson Jeff! More stronger than the last time.

And so there I was, in my last moments in this world, fighting against the evil Zalgo.

We clashed and clashed till suddenly. Somehow our clashing broke reality in half. I sent myself spinning into a spiraling vortex; never knowing to where it goes.

But where it leads me to…

I don’t care… Not really…

I’ve got nothing left here…

Everyone’s gone…

My mom…

My sisters…

My brothers…

MY father…

My friends…


And the first one to love me for who I am…


I might as well be dead…

  • trixie

    this was amazing