Crimson Jeff – Part 4

“Mr.Rogue!!” yelled my boss. “Y-Yes sir?!” I stuttered. “What you you doing? You have 3 people who need to be served, where have you been?!” then I said. “I was just in the bathroom, you don’t need to shout-” “I can shout whenever I want now get going!” he yelled.

And like that I walked out of the kitchen and out to the diner.

Yes as you can tell this is what i’ve been doing for the last 2 years. After that… incident with the mask. But for a while now I haven’t heard the mask talk to me for a while now, and there hasn’t been a lot of killings. So yeah I had quite the retirement.

Yeah… even though my boss is a loud mouth I still have to put up with him because I need my job. And I was to try and not snap at the guy who could fire me, because of what happened to the other guy before I got here.

“Hey don’t worry I got you mostly covered.”

Said my partner. “Thanks Jill. But I need the money,” I said. “I know but you don’t need to let him push you around,” she said. “How am I supposed to not let him push me around?, I’m basically his freaking punching bag whenever he…” I said.

“Look nothing is your fault, he has his own problems, but you’re not one of them,” she told me. “Well how am I supposed to not get stressed every time?” I asked. “All I can say is just try to ignore him,” she replied. “Ok…whatever. Well anyway. I got to get to it,” I said.

For the rest of the day I served people until closing time. And then said goodnight to Jill and went home. The place I was living was a duplex apartment.

So yeah I had more room than the apartment I used to live in, but unfortunately the water didn’t work that well. Anyway I got up to my room to get ready for bed when I thought I heard a faint voice.

“Cccccccccrimsonnn Jeeefffffff…”

I stood there frozen in confusion, “What the heck was that?” I looked around the room and then shrugged. “Probably my neighbor,” then I continued on my way to the bathroom. Later that night.

I was having a hard time getting to sleep for some reason and I needed to use the bathroom. It all looked like a normal night it was peaceful and I didn’t have any worry but then right before I was about to go back to bed I almost thought I saw someone’s face in the mirror. Then I heard the voice again.


I stopped dead at the sound of that name. “Who’s there?” I said. “Look behind you…” it said. I slowly then turned around. I was string at a mirror; with a reflection of myself, but then my face in the reflection vanished and then black tendrils popped out of my back, then I realized it wasn’t me I was looking at.

Then the reflection jumped out at me pinned me to the floor and said, “You did this to me!! And now you and I are one!!!!” Then I woke up.

“AHH- *huff! huff! huff!*” That was some nightmare; did I just see what I thought I just saw? I then searched around for something trying to see if I still have it.

“Ok still haven’t found, I guess it’s probably a good thing too I don’t think I need to bring back-” “OLD MeMOries?” I stopped dead in my tracks right as i heard that voice.

For right in front of me was the thing I never wanted to see again. The crimson mask.

“NO!!! NO NO NO! not again! go away!!!” I screamed. “That will never happen!! WE will be together forever!!! Ah hahahahaha-” I stared in fear as the mask grew bigger and bigger and bigger and just when it was about to eat me. “AAAHHH!!!!” I said as I woke again up the very next day. I stared straight at the wall for a second while being paralyzed by what I just witnessed.

“No, no please don’t be real I don’t want to go through this again, please-” then I realized what time it was. “Oh crap I’m gonna be late!” then I got my clothes on got my phone and ran to the car honking outside.

On the way over to work I happened to be looking around out the window next to me when I spotted a bunch of cop cars and an ambulance pulled up right next to a house pulling out the body, and just for a sec I got a quick glimpse of the body that they were carrying out.

It didn’t look like much but I noticed that the body looked like it had all the life sucked right out of it. Which really gave me the creeps and we drove by.

Then I asked, “Hey pull over for a sec.”

“No-can-do you’re already gonna be late-” “Just pull the car over there’s something going on over there and I wanna find out what happened.” “BUT- “ “NOW!” And so the driver pulled over. And I got out and walked towards the scene.

I looked as the parents walked out and were hugging each other and crying and then they saw me come over. “Excuse me but what happen here,” thankfully enough they were nice enough to tell me.

“Thank you for being concerned,” said the dad. “Uhm We don’t know, he just played this new game we got him last night and we just found him like th-at-…” he said trying not to cry. “A video game? What kind of video game?” I said because I knew stuff About creepypasta video games. “Well the guy I got it from said it was a zelda game and it was very cheap, and we could barely afford any normal video games let alone the consoles, so we thought we were finally lucky enough to get this… H-He was so happy when we got it for him he went on to play it… I-It’s just not fair!” He cried. Why did he have to take him away from us.

He was just a child!!” he said while crying some more. And while hearing that I started to feel some remorse for these people And felt that this whole thing just wasn’t right! Someone needed to do something about this. “Is the game called majora’s mask?” I asked

They looked at me in shock. “Y-Yes how did you know?” said the mother.

I knew it. “That game is a haunted game know as ben drowned, it’s a creepypasta about a kid who drowns himself and has his soul within the game!” I said. They looked in confusion “What are you talking about everyone knows those stories aren’t t-.” “Ma’am I hate to ask you this but can i borrow you sons video game.”

Instantly they said, ”Sure take it. We don’t want to see that game anywhere around here again!” So they showed me inside to the boy’s room and got me the disk. Then later after work I was about to go home when my Co-worker bumped into me.

“Oof! Oh sorry, wait oh hey there you are,” she says, “Oh hey Jill how you doing today,” I asked. “Just the usual hey can I talk to you for a sec,” then I looked at her in a confused way. “Is it about being late I’m-” “No not that… It’s just I know who you are.”

Then I stared at her palely, “What do you m-mean you know who I am?” “I mean-” all of a sudden she floats in mid-air then she starts to glow ,and tendrils of slime start scattering all over here then began to form smooth white skin with dark black hair, and dark purple arms. “I-It’s you, you’re one of Koals friends! Scarlett Jane!” then she smirked while giving me a flirty wink. “What are you doing here?!” I shouted.

“Uhm I work here! This is my hometown. I wasn’t following you here I just so happen to stumbles across you at work.”

“So this whole time you were Scarlet Jane?!” I asked, “Yep she said. “I’m just like you.” “Oh no you’re not like me in fact I don’t even do the killing thing anymore,” I said.

“Who ever said I killed anyone? Just because I was apart of koals group doesn’t mean I was a killer, yah know you can’t just judge someone on how they look you know!” She yelled. “Okay… sorry I just don’t want to think about the past. I retired from all this and I don’t want to have to do it again,” I said.

Then scarlet jane turned back to normal than said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you. I just wanted to get that off my chest because… I really started to like you. And since we were good friend I thought we’d better not have any secrets between us ok?”

“You know what? you’re right. No more secrets,” I said as I pulled a video game case out of my coat pocket. “Is that?-” “The one and only,” I said. “No way it’s just like this other game I got,” she said as she pulled out a cd case saying sonic R with the tails doll on the cover.

“Where did you find that?” I asked. “I saw it one night being chucked out of a window while I heard a lot of screaming,” she said. “Oh… wait in this same town?” I asked, “Yes surprisingly,” she answered. “So wait if I found this in this town like you did, than that means…” “There are others in this town.” she said finishing off what I said. “Well then We got to find them!” I said.

“Uhm “we?” are you saying you want to work together for once?” she asked. ”Yers!” I said through my teeth. I Didn’t like the idea of teamwork because I usually handled stuff better on my own but I haven’t done this in a while so… I guess a little teamwork couldn’t hurt.

We went to my home to work on a plan of action before We did anything hasty first. “Okay what do we do first?” Jill asked. Then I said, “Well first we got to look around town and look on the news for anything happening in this area like anyone being killed mysteriously by seemingly nothing. Those are the places we check out.”

“Well just our luck,” she said as she looked at her phone. “Turn on the news!” Then I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. On the screen was a video of a house being burned down because they said the person tried to kill whatever it was trying to kill them but disappeared when the authorities went to look through the wreckage of the house.

But all they found was a CD saying the very famous words “Sonic.exe!” I said. “That’s the sonic.exe CD; or at least a copy of it.” “Well it’s a start.” Jill said. So we went over to investigate the area. But unfortunately it was totally closed off by the police; so we couldn’t just walk over there and grab it. “Great now what?!” I said in a whisper.

“Why don’t you just use your mask?” Jill asked. “Are you kidding me? No! I don’t even have it with me anymore.” I responded.

“What? Uhg!… fine it’s ok I got you “mostly” covered,” she said. Then she transformed into scarlet jane really quickly then teleported inside the wreaked house, at first she didn’t find anything, then she went upstairs to look around then finally she came across one of the rooms and that’s how she found it.

Then she teleported behind me while saying, “Found it!” which almost made me jump and scream but then I remembered the cops were still there. ”Would you knock it off!” i said in a whisper tone, “Oops sorry! hehehe!…” she giggled.

“Ok let’s get out of here before they get suspicious!” I said. So we left the scene hoping no one saw us, and eventually got back to the apartment.

Then we took the three games and layed all three of them out onto the floor. “Well looks like we got a lot done, but how many more games do we needs to find?” Jill asked. “Well if I’m counting correctly we need to find 4 more, the first 3 being Pokémon games ad the last one… I don’t know I kinda forgot. I’ll have to look it up tonight,” I said. Then the next day we got looking all over town for the next 3 games. It’s seemed for a while we were on a goose chase but then finally we came across a yard sale were they were selling a bunch of house items when I saw the game cartridge “pokemon black”. Then I said, “How much you selling for that game?”

Then the man said to me, “Oh that thing? Oh you can just take it, in fact I don’t even want to see it again!!” after he shouted at me I just gave him a shocked look and slowly grabbed the game and walked away.

Then meanwhile Jill is out looking for a copy of the lost silver game cartridge and it just so turned out it was right across the street from me. She was looking at this old man street vendor’s bootleg cart when she came across that lost silver game. When she saw it she asked, “Hey where’d you get that game?”

Then the man said “Oh this, I got it from one of the gamestop stores they weren’t making any sales on it for some reason so I took it off the shelf and went to try it out.” Then Jill asked, “Howed that work out?” Then he just looked at her and was about to say something but then changed the subject. “How about you just take it.”

Then she said, “Ok why?” then he said, “Just take it!”

“Okay Jeess!!” she responded. Then later we got the other games home finally which made 5 games so far. “Well what is the last game that we have to look for? “The one with Pokémon known as BRVR, from the Pokémon dead channel,” I answered.

“Ok, but how are we gonna find that game?” Jill asked. “Well even though it might seemed like the game was just a one time thing, according to the story. I have to differ. I can just download it from offline from this website I found on it.” With that I pulled up a computer to show her the website.

“According to my friend online, he has found the actual game data of this corrupted game on an old gamecube console he found in an abandoned house in New Hampshire,” I said then I clicked the download button. “So all you gotta do is downloaded it onto your desktop and then…”

“Just watch and observe,” I said. As explained I took all the games we have found and put them all into each of their own game systems, and yes I also took the time to go out and buy the consols and extra computers for each game we got including mini console for the cartridges we got.

I placed all of them in a star like circle and inserted all the game disks and cartridges in all at once. Then we both watched to see what would happen.

So far though nothing seemed to be happening. “Uhm… Is there supposed to be like a certain purpose for why you just did that?”

Jill asked. Then I flustered. “No no no no no! Something is wrong… But what?” It seemed to be hopeless.

But then. “Hey is that your phone buzzing?” Jill asked. Then I looked down to see my phone telling me I got an email from “Anonymous”.

I then opened the email to see right before my eyes… It. “Smile dog… oh… s**t.” I said. The words below the message said. “You Were A Fool To Bring Them All Together,” I looked at the message in shock.

“What does it say-”Jill was about to say. Then all the consoles before them started flickering, then the lights did too, and then weird light energies started forming in the center of the console circle. “Where’s my mask.” I said as it got silent for a sec.

“Go find it!” Jill ordered me.

Then I ran out of the room and into the basement to go look for it. This left Jill to watch as the horrors took place in that room. Blood started spewing out of the consols along with each of the creatures of the games appearing on each screen.

She knew this meant business.

She then transformed into her creature form “Scarlet Jane”.

And as this happened all of the creatures started coming out of the screens, along with a loud noise of eerie screams coming from each console.

And finally when all of them were standing in a circle around her. They all gave an eerie laugh. After hearing that I knew I had to hurry up, this mask hasn’t been in my sight for years, so I wouldn’t know if I could find it anywhere.

But then all of a sudden my phone started buzzing again with the same email from the same guy but this time the email open by itself showing the smile dog jpg again but then this time it’s started buzzing faster.

then faster than all of a sudden blood started spewing out of the phone’s screen and rising out of the phone was a demonic huskies head, at this rate I knew I had to hurry and stop screwing around or else I will get Jill and me hurt.

so I started throwing things around and tearing thing of the shelf aggressively as fast as I can because I knew I needed to stop screwing around. But before smile dog got his first paw out of the phone, I found it.

“Stay back!! I got the mask, if I put this on your screwed!” I said with confidence.

Then suddenly the mask started moving in my hand, then white tendrils started flickering on it then it latched onto my face without me even having to put it on.

It forced me to transform to my creature form. And before I knew it I was holding smile dogs decapitated head in my hand. “Huh, that was pathetic,” I said. “Now to finish off the rest of them.”

I then teleported in front of jane and said, “It feels so good to be back!” Then me and jane stood together with our claws out ready to kick there asses. We observed all the monsters standing around us; there was 6 in total vs the 2 of us.

“So is this the first time you’ve all been summoned all at once?” Jane asked.

Then they all looked at each other than laughed. “Ha ha ha, you two must be very desperate if you were trying to summon us all at once, why did you do it?, did you want to get mutilated a trillion times over? Is that it?” said X.

“Actually it’s the other way around. We want to mutilate you,” then all of them had a blank look on their faces. But Then they all laughed again.

“We aren’t joking,” I said. Then they all started with a shocked look on all their faces.

“Yeah right I would like to see you try!!” Said BRVR. a sec after he said that his body split in half.

They all watched as it happened. Even jane was shocked. “When did you get that strong jeff?”

“It all from devouring Slenderman.” I answered. “Y-Y-You did what?” Said X. “Your bluffing! That’s not even possible!! You’re a human being, and Slenderman’s a creature beyond your level!!” Tails doll ranted. “Tell that to this guy,” I said, then My face turned blank revealing I had slender man inside me.

“When I ate slender man I got all his powers so, if i’m not mistaken if i devour any of you… I’ll have your powers as well,” I said in an eerie tone. “That’s if you catch us. Then they all jumped back into their game consoles.

“You think your safe from me in there?!” I yelled then I jumped at one of the tv’s that let me phase right through it and right into the game. I was first in the ben drowned game; I looked around for a while searching for him but it was almost impossible to find him.

He had his whole game to thank for that; he could hide anywhere.

But I wasn’t about to waste anymore time. So I shot my tendrils all around me, turning them all into giant blades, and started cutting everything down; until finally I heard his voice.

“Knock it off!” Said Ben.

Then finally he appeared in front of me. “Ok That’s it!” Then as soon as he said that I cut off his head.

Didn’t even give him a chance to fight. Then I pulled him out of the game with me, threw him onto the ground and started chowing on his corpse. Then after that I jumped into the other 2 games and did the same with Lost silver, and Tails doll.

After eating a couple of them I started adjusting to their world’s a little better. And then after I got into the Pokémon black game, it didn’t take me long to find the ghost Pokémon.

“Don’t look behind you,” I said to the ghost Pokémon.

And of course he looked behind him anyways,only to see me dragging him out of his game. But since he was made of vapor, I sucked him up like chicken noodle soup.

“Mmmm very smooth texture-”

Jane looked at me in concern for a second but then realized it was no big deal.

Then she said, “Let me deal with BRVR; You go kill Sonic.exe,” then I gave her a toothy grin. “With Pleasure.” Then finally I jumped into sonic.exe’s game.

He was the last one standing… But somehow this was different.

“Oh EXE! come out, come out and play!” I was standing on a very ominous platform with blood all over it, the sky was all red, and I saw knuckles corpse lying on the ground.

Or at least I thought it was a corpse. “Don’t you dare come anywhere near our master!” The corpse suddenly said. Then he ran straight at me and tried to punch me in the face, but I saw it coming, and without a thought; I cut him to shreds. “Oh my god EXE would you just show yourself and fight me! I don’t need to lessen you on slaves,” Then all his slaves appeared at once.

“Well that’s to bad.” They all said.

Then they all ran at me and start kicking my a*s. But unfortunately; they could only do that.

And then *Slish!! Sclishh!!! Shing!!* Went my tendrils as the went threw all those lackies.

“Uhg… well they gave it their best shot,” I said. Then right behind me someone shoved their hand threw my back and out threw my chest. “Do I have to do everything myself!” said EXE. then I started spitting blood.

“Wow… *Coff!*, *Coff!* I’m really impressed! You actually damaged me,” I said.

“Now get you hand out of my chest!” I yelled as I hit him with one of my tendrils. He flung right off the platform for a sec, which gave me some time to heal. Then appeared again after a minute again and said “Let’s play!” at that sec we both flew at each other with such force we actually caused a crater when we both hit each other.

So he punched me, and I punch him, and then he punched me, and then I punched him, and then he punched me, and then I punch him, and then he said, “What the point of this?!”

Then I said, “Your death!” Then he said, “Oh yeah that’s right!”

So we continued the fighting, till we both got tired.

Then he looked at me, and I looked at him, and then I grabbed him and chucked him out of the TV, and I jumped out with him, and started stabbing him up with my tentacles.

Then before I killed him.

He then said to me.

“I hate you!”

and I looked at him in an odd way; while saying


Then I proceed to rip him apart. Then after I gobbled up his remains. Jane came jumped out of the tv at that rate. I asked her, “How did it go?” Then she said, “Your right… they are delicious.” I then looked at her and said,

“You  didn’t….” Then  she said,

“Yeah, at first I was wondering if you were just a crazy cannibal, but now I see you’re a genius! Plus now I might have BRVR’s Abilities.”

I then started to look at her with a disgusted face.

“You do know only i can do that to evolve my mask right?”

Then she replied “you mean…..”

Then I said.

“yeah… you just ate someone for no reason.”

then after i said that she hurled all those body parts on the floor.

“Hey uhm… this might be a bad time but, I was thinking, maybe after this we could like… uhm,”

then she replied, “Go on a date?” I then looked at her in a blushing way, “Uhm… yes that,” I replied.

Then I took off my mask as she turned back to her human form.

“Uh… maybe… I guess so”. Then without a warning the basement door burst open revealing a not so smiling face.

“I thought you killed him!!” she said. “So did I!”

Then smile dog started charging at me not giving me enough time to put on my mask. And pounced me to the ground. “Die! Die! die!DI-*Ect*!” Jane transformed into her creature form just in time to slice of his head once again. But she didn’t stop there.

She then began to chop the dog up into tiny like meat slices till there was nothing left then said, “Enjoy.” To me I was disgusted looking at this normally. So I got the mask on and started chowing on smile dog’s remains. Then after all that mayhem we started cleaning up the house. I put the tv’s down in the basement along with putting all the game consoles down therein a box.

Then we to the cartridges and cds outside to a bin lit a fire the started chucking every single one of the game into the fire then said. “You shall never harm humanity in anymore.” Then I was thinking of throwing the mask into the fire then she said

“Wait stop! don’t do that!!” Then I looked at her shocked

“Why not? I got rid of the problems, and now people can play video games in peace, so I don’t need this anymore!”

She then replied. “That’s not what I meant; You’re right we did do all that, but you can’t destroy that mask.”

Then again I asked, “Why not!?”

Then she looked at me like she was about to say something, but fortunately she finally got the courage to say it. “You won’t believe me if I say this- uhm let’s go inside!” she said.

We then proceeded to go inside the house , then she started going around the house and closing shades, locking doors, and ect. Then finally she sat down. I then said, “Ok what’s this all about?”

She then answered. “It’s all a lie!!”

I then looked at her in shocked confusion, “What are you talking about?” Then she answered.

“Everything! This house, this town, your life, my life, and even our memories!!”

“Jill what are you saying!?” I asked in concern.

“Jeff there’s no such thing as creepypasta! It’s all made up! We are not in the real world, we are in this simulation of an experiment on the existence of creepypasta, also koal is not dead!” I stared in total shock.

“What?…” I stared at her in full shock this time.

“But my parents, my family, I actually saw them all die.” Then she said, “Wrong. That wasn’t your real family, your family in real life doesn’t even know where you are right now, in fact none of our families know where we are.”

“Where are we right now?” I asked, “All seven of us are in simulation tubes, asleep for who knows how long.” she answered. “Seven? ok who are the seven people here besides you and me?” I asked.

“There’s you, me, Koal, Joe, Brian, Ripley, and-” “That’s enough of that!!” said a very familiar voice. We both turned around to find “Zalgo” arising from the ground like he did so many years ago.

“Zalgo!! Jill get back!!” I yelled as I put on my mask. “Well, well, well… it’s seams little miss Jill has been blabbering too much am I right?” said Zalgo. “You stay away from her! fight me!”

“Uhg… you are not worth my time boy,” then he wacked the mask of my face changing me back somehow. And pushed me aside to grab Jill and escape.


“Not gonna happen, also she’s never coming back, good bye!”

“JEFF!!! HELP ME!!!”

she said as she was pulled into that dark void Zalgo jumped into. I stared in sadness.

“JILL NO!!!!!!!”

and that’s the end of part 4.

Author’s Note:

Holy s**t that took forever to do. Thanks for reading my pasta’s. I’ve been thinking about ending the series soon because it is starting to get very boring to make, cause I have to take my time a lot because I don’t want to mess anything up, and also because these stories usually take me a whole year to make so if you don’t like my stories too bad! My advice is to just take what you can get because I have been working my but off to finish this series. So when I finish up with the last one this will finally come to an end. See you all in the last chapter!

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