Crimson Jeff – Part 3

Hello again. Welcome back to another chapter of this ongoing series.

Now were we left off, I decided to find someplace to hide out until I finally got a reaction from slenderman, but so far… nothing has happened.

“Did he take the hint or what!!?” I yelled at myself. I kept looking on TV and the internet to see if I can find anything out, but so far I didn’t find out anything new.

Frustrated with myself I slammed the computer against the wall and walked out of my room.

“What am I even doing this for? the guy probably thinks I’m just a fraud because I look like a wanna-be-fan-creation of Jeff the killer!!” I said.

After that I took my mask off and decided to go for a walk.

“You know what? if creepypasta never existed, I probably wouldn’t be here today! and maybe… my family wouldn’t be…” I decided to stop talking because I didn’t feel like crying.

Then I heard a voice in my head.

“Basically why we need to get rid of them all!”

I was shocked. “Who said that?!” I shouted.

“Who do you think?” I turned around to see the mask lying on the ground.

“W-what? You can talk?”

“Only to you ,because we are connected…”

Said the mask. “Why can’t I have space from you for one day!?” I shouted.

“Like I said, we are connected, bonded forever, you will never be rid of me, not until your job is done,” said the mask.

“This isn’t what I wanted when I said I wanted to escape, now leave me alone!” I then ran away.

“You cannot escape!” The mask yelled.

but I didn’t care ; I just ran and ran and ran far away until I stopped hearing the mask’s horrid laugh. “I… need help…” Jeff muttered.

“Mom, Dad where are you… I need you.” I said.

I then started crying as I remembered the last words my mother said, “Jeff that’s enough.”

Later that day I walked back to my apartment only to find the most obvious thing to happen. Slenderman symbols. Written everywhere. “Oh… I guess he got the message, but who vandalized my apartment?” Then after analyzing the markings on the symbols I realized they were fresh.

I wasn’t alone.

“Ok who’s the B**t-Stabber this time?” I shouted.


I then looked around a bit till I found my mask, then I looked in the bathroom, and that’s when I saw it.

“Oh Jeess!!” I shouted when I saw it.

The dead body of the landlord was found in his bathtub. “Welp guess I’m moving out.” And after closely analyzing it, he saw that his kidneys were missing. Then all a sudden he felt a pointy object poking his back. “Oh who would have thought it was you… jack!” he slowly turned around to see the black hooded figure. Who stood there expressionless.

“You had the nerve of killing of members of the tribe 12, two of us are just fine, but when you kill the observer you better hope we won’t be coming for you,” said Jack.

“You know I kinda knew this was gonna happen but I got to say, it’s very cliché,” I said.

“As long as I get to kill you I’m fine with it,” he shrugged.

“Yeah that’s not gonna happen you’ll be dead before you even attempt to.” I said. ” What ever.Even if you kill me, you are no match for slender man,” he said.

“Is that what you believe? Or is that what you’ve been told?” I asked. “Ok that’s enough out of you, die!”

Jack thrusted his knife forward but I dodged it and got the mask on fast. Eyeless does a couple hits across the face, across his knees ,and across his belly.

”Ah-ow!! That hurt… Kinding!!” I yelled. I shot a tendril into his arm. And made him drop his knife.

Blood gushed from his wrist as he cried out in pain. “Ah! F**k! Damn you little-” I punched him into the mouth. “Watch your language fool!”

Eyeless jack wasn’t done after that he grabbed me by the throat and threw me to the ground and started punching me in the face with his other hand until I started getting sick off it.

”AAAAAAHHHWWW!! Ah!!! oh god!!!” I bit off his hand like it was a hamburger.

“OWW!! MY HAND!!!!” Jack screamed in pain.

“Hmm that all you got to say? Oh well good bye!” Then I shot a hundred tendrils at him sticking them all through his body, then pulled back and watched as I tore eyeless jack apart.

“Well Now that’s over,” I said as I took off the mask. Then I looked at the blown up pieces.

“Woah… Ok… Yep,”

I said as he ran to the toilet to throw up. “Ugh… when will this stop?” I said to himself. “I don’t want anymore of this, I just want things to go back to the way they used to,”I said. “Hmm you know what? How about after I defeat slender man I’ll just hang up my mask forever! Yeah no more of these killings just me living my life in peace,” promising words coming from an unfortunate boy.

A few days later I was walking back to Koals house when- “Why did you kill him?” said a voice coming at me. I looked for a quick sec to see hoodies partner-in-crime finally show up.

“Oh hi Masky… Uhm well technically I didn’t kill him it was this lizard guy and-” Masky rushes at him with his knife, “Ugh! Another fight!? I don’t got time for this s**t!” I said in an annoyed tone. I got my mask on and this time didn’t waste any time; I rushed at Masky and started tearing him to shreds.

And there laid maskey’s body torn into a thousand pieces all over the ground.

“Wow, I’m getting good at this,” I said.

With that over with I continued walking up the hill, but then- “You stole my kill you b*****d!” A voice shouted out. Then I swirled around to see. A creature about two feet taller than me, all inky black with a white bag over his head, and with a zipper to form a mouth. “Who are you zipper mouth?” I asked.

“My name doesn’t matter ,Because I don’t need one.But that’s not important right now ,you just stole my kill! Now you need to die!” said the nameless creature.

“Well in that case I’ll just call you ‘Zippermouth’ then ,oh and just try to kill me,” I said.

“Your pretty cocky for a stupid kid!” said Zippermouth.

“Ok let’s go!” I said.

And like that they fought, I flew at him and tried to rip off his arm but somehow it grew back on. Then the guy ripped me in half.

But then I regenerated too.

After that the fight just went on and on and on until abruptly- “That’s enough!” a familiar voice said. Then out of the shadows Koal the cat appeared with the lizard guy again.

“What the heck are you guys doing here?! This is my fight, stay out of it!” I said.

“Jeff! Look you both are obviously at the same power level so there’s no point, and also- that guy is one of us!” said Koal.

“Wai-what?!” I said in a shocked tone.

“Koal you know this a*****e?!” Zippermouth asked.

“Oh yeah same for you Zippy!!” I said back.

“You better take that back Clown face!” Zippermouth threatened.

“Hey! I said that’s enough!! No more fighting!” Koal shouted.

“Ugh… fine I wasn’t trying to fight anyway,” I said.

“What ever kill stealer,” said Zippermouth.

So then we all went back to Koals place to meet more people that seemed to also come from the same asylum I was from.

“Ok Jeff meet ‘blood rush’, and Scarlet Jane” said Koal.



They said.

“Uhm hi… to you too… eh he he Koal can I talk to you?” I asked.

“What about?” Koal asked. “Uh… well… what are you doing with all these people Koal? You forming a cult?” I asked. “Uh… More or less?” said Koal.

“Ok… fine your forming a cult… uhm why?!”

I asked sternly.

“To help you.” Answered Koal.

“To help me what?” I asked.

“Uh you know to help you-… Finish… Your… mission?” Koal answered sheepishly.

“WUT?”I said.

“Well I kinda thought maybe you were having trouble keeping this burden to yourself, So I thought, “Why should you?” Maybe you don’t have to. Maybe… I could help,” Koal said.

I looked thoroughly at Koal for a second. “Forget it I’m out of here!” I said.

I then ran out the door into the woods.

“Wait Jeff come back!” Koal said.

“No Koal I don’t need help, I’ve been getting good this far and i’m not stopping now!!” I yelled. “Please Jeff Don’t do this on your own. I can still help… Please just listen to me-”

“NO! I was a lone wolf from the beginning and I’m still one now. Now leave me alone Koal! This is my job not yours!” I yelled as I walked away. Koal looked at me as I faded into the darkness feeling sad… and alone.

A few days later as I was camping in the woods I thought I heard something. I looked around for a bit to see if there was anyone there but saw nothing. “Hmmp… It might be him.” I said. “Him? More like Her, Jeff.” said a voice.
I turned around to see a girl wearing a mask and all dresses in black. “OH! If it isn’t Jane!” I said. “Did you come to fight because if you did… you won’t like the end.”

“No… I didn’t come to fight,” said jane.

“What?! You didn’t? Then what did you come for?” I asked.

“I wanted to thank you… I heard about what you did… You actually killed him right?”

Jane said.

“Oh You mean Jeff the killer? Oh-yeah! I nailed his head to a tree to make sure too.” I answered.

“Oh well I guess I don’t need to be doing this stuff anymore. Although I should say that might not be last time you’ll hear about him.”

Jane said.

“What are you talking about? I really did kill him! I even took photos to prove it.”

I said.

“You don’t Know Jeff like I do, he has died a lot of times before, And somehow comes back. Trust me! He will always find a way,” Jane said.

And like that she disappeared.

But after that I still was wondering. “What if he comes back?”

All that pondering got me distracted that I didn’t even notice my surroundings.

Then out of nowhere.

The man I was looking for finally revealed himself.

“So you got the hint after all. SLENDERMAN!”

Jeff shouted.

“So we meet again ‘Jeffery Rogue’. I hope your ready to die after I make you suffer.”

Slender said.

“Let’s just see who dies in the end ok? Let’s not make any bets,” Jeff said.

“Oh I wasn’t betting. I’m counting on it,” Slenderman threatened.

“You don’t even have a mouth but I wish you would just zip it!”

Jeff said.

And so they fought.

Slenderman made it hard at first , he uses his teleporting ability to confuse me a lot.

But then I knew I can do that too. then I used my teleporting ability to catch up with slender man’s movements giving Slenderman no choice but to hit me with a hallucination to keep me off him.

I saw my family, once again still alive, but then their faces all began to melt off while they said, “Jeff, Why did you do it?” I was frightened, “Do what?!” then his mom said, “You know what you did!” then they all laughed and disappeared.

Then when I realised what happened it was too late. Slenderman teleported in front of me to give me a paralysing stare.

But just before I could lose consciousness.

A knife flew threw the forest into Slenderman’s face. Making him jump in shock.

“GAAAAAH!!!” he shouted. I turned around to see his friend Koal standing ten feet behind him. “Jeff get out of here!” Koal shouted. Jeff gave Koal an angry look.

“No Koal! You get out of here!” I said.

“What? I just saved your life!” Koal yelled.
“No you did not! You just put yourself in more danger than you can handle now go!!” I shouted.
“No!! I can’t let you die; you need me!!” Koal yelled again. “No I don’t now go!!” I yelled getting more angry. “What about that time when we defeated Jeff the Killer.  We defeated him together, so we can also-” I then interrupt. “ I’m sorry, we? All I remember you doing is planting that knife in his head. I’m the one who actually killed him!”

“I helped!” Koal yelled.

“Oh like how you just planted a knife in Slender’s face, you didn’t help kill him, you just pissed him off!!” I said.

“Oh and what makes you an expert huh?!” Koal asked.

“I’ve been doing this much longer than you Koal I don’t have to prove anything!!” I yelled

“B******t!! Jeff I’ve been fighting as long as you have!!” Koal said.

“Oh yeah prove it!!!” I said as I pounced at Koal.

And what would have been a fight between Slenderman and me, turned into the battle of friends. I pined Koal the cat to the ground and started punching him in the face over and over then threw him up in the air with my tendrils and then started stabbed him constantly with them, but just before I could finished off Koal.

Slenderman intervened. Stabbing both me and Koal with his tendrils. “I think that’s just enough of that, killers don’t argue!”

“Good point!” we both said as we both broke loose from his tendrils then flew at him with such fury and sucker-punched him in the face.

Then he disappeared again.

Me and Koal automatically started working together. Both of us stood back to back watching each others back. “Just so you know; this is a one time thing. Got it?” I said. “Got it,” Koal responses.

Both of us focused on our surrounding, waiting for him to show up again. “Ok… now what?” Koal asked. Then Koal the cat is pushed onto the ground by an invisible force, as i tried to turn my head to see what happened I get pushed back too.


I said.

Slender man flies at me and throws me back onto the ground. Then when Koal tried to help he teleported behind Koal and stabbed him through his back into his heart. “Ah!-” koal shouts in pain.

Then he fell down on the ground, barely even breathing, and bleeding out. I stared in shock.

“You- you b*****d!!” I yell. Then Slenderman teleported to me, then stabbed me with a tentacle, and made everything went black. But before I could lose consciousness,

“Grraaaaaaaahhh!” I yelled in a fury. Then I ripped out that one tentacles that was jabbed in his gut.

Smoke flair out of the torn stump on Slenderman’s back, as he shriveled in pain. Then he looked to see me change even further than before.

My clothes tore off as my body became bigger. my claws became longer and my tentacles transformed into demon wings, and my hair grew down my back and sprouted a hairy demon tail, my snout stretched out even more, And my eye’s became longer and bigger and with that I grew horns.
I have become “total berserk Crimson Jeff”.

I then lost control of myself and jumped at Slenderman. then as Slenderman tried to escape by teleporting ,I grabbed him and threw him into one of the trees.

Slenderman fought back with his tentacles but then I quickly grabbed them all and tore them off, real fast that it hurt.
“Ahhhh!! No!! How this is possible?!!! You are nothing but a stupid kid!! How can someone like you harm me?!!” Slenderman yelled.

Then I grabbed Slenderman in both hands and slowly tore him in half. “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!-” Slenderman said as he was torn in half.

Black blood spurted out of his body.
“Heh! no more stalking for you. Oh wait I’m not done, you’re still conscious!” I shouted.


I said as I continued ripping pieces of Slenderman’s body up and I didn’t stop for a seconduntil he was all torn to shredded meat. And then I ate up all the remains until there was nothing left “MMMM- that’s an irony flavor!!” I said with such pleasure.
Then after that I turned back to normal; then I was about to walk away Then I almost forgot about Koal.

“Oh shoot!!- Koal!!” I said as I went to Koal.
“Koal come on don’t do this to me I know I was mad before but we’re past that, just please wake up!!” I yelled.
but Koal didn’t respond. ” Wake up Koal!!… Please don’t do this to me!! KOAL!! KOAL!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”. I said As I held Koal’s dead corpse in my arms.

The next morning I got my stuff packed and ready to move out of Koal’s house since Koal was gone I had no way to pay for the house. So I had to move on.

“Jeff wait!!” said a voice behind me.

I turned around to see Joe the Lizardman running up to me. “Go away!!” I said. “Jeff look I’m sorry about what happen to Koal. I just want to help.”

“Yeah well it’s better if you didn’t. Only I know what I’m doing and I don’t need anymore people getting hurt,” I said.

“You know you can’t keep doing this on your own. I-I promise I’ll be different from Koal. I’m not killable like him-”

“You can’t replace him ok!! He was my first friend… and I just lost him.” I said as I walked away. Joe stood there as I walked down the road and out of sight.

“I just wanted to be your friend.” Joe said to himself. And so I wandered the world to mourn over the death of My fallen friend ”Koal”, on a path no one can follow. Because only I can do this. because-



Alright screw this narration b******t!!

This is my curse!

And no one needs to get hurt!

Therefore that’s why I got to do this, on my own.

Because I’m the only one who can…

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